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What Is Delightful Remarketing & How You Can Do It Too


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A lot of people find remarketing creepy and weird. They don't get why they are seeing those ads around the internet.... let alone how to make them stop showing.

This talk will focus on the different between remarketing & creating delightful remarketing that can help grow the revenue & profit at a company and not piss customers off. 50% of US marketers don't use remarketing according to eMarketer (2013).

- What Is The Difference Between Remarketing vs Delightful Remarketing?

- We'll talk about a travel brand using a burn code pixel to not remarket to people who have completed a transaction after having been an abandoned shopping cart user previously. Over 60% of customers abandon a shopping cart each year (

- We'll talk about a SaaS company using retargeting to get people on a 30 days trial to upgrade to a paid product.. or move to a higher monthly plan. This remarketing helps show your products sticky features while showing off your benefits.

- The Dos: Why using frequency & recency capping, variety of creatives & a tighter look back window creates delightful remarketing.

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What Is Delightful Remarketing & How You Can Do It Too

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  8. 8. What Is Delightful Remarketing? #MozCon @DuaneBrown
  9. 9. How Do We Create Delightful Remarketing? #MozCon @DuaneBrown
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  14. 14. The Dos Of Delightful Remarketing #MozCon @DuaneBrown
  15. 15. Frequency #MozCon @DuaneBrown
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  17. 17. Location #MozCon @DuaneBrown
  18. 18. Look Back Window #MozCon @DuaneBrown
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