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Building A High Converting Landing Page & How To A/B Test It


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This talk goes into how you look at building your high converting landing page that will grow your business. It also looks at A/B testing and how you can do it.

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Building A High Converting Landing Page & How To A/B Test It

  1. 1. Agenda ●Your Landing Page ●Message Match ●A/B Testing
  2. 2. USP = Unique Selling Proposition
  3. 3. USP = Unique Selling Proposition
  4. 4. Hero Shot
  5. 5. 1. Visual represent your offer 2. Gets your customer to place themselves in your scenario 3. Can be a photo or video The Hero Shot The right picture is truly worth a thousand words. Make the right first impression. @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  6. 6. FAB
  7. 7. The benefits describes the problem your course will solve. Features help you tell potential customers what this course will do for them. Features And Benefits Keep features to 3 - 5 bullet points. Don’t want to overwhelm your audience. @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  8. 8. Social Proof
  9. 9. Social Proof ● Customer testimony ● Third party review ● Number of customers ● Industry awards ● Mentions on Twitter/FB ● Major brand partners
  10. 10. Attention Ratio
  11. 11. Don’t distract your customers from completing the one goal you really want them to do. Attention Ratio One Goal. One Action. One Goal To Rule Them All. @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  12. 12. Think Mobile
  13. 13. In very rare cases... mobile does not make up the majority of traffic that a site receives. When it does... How do you capitalize on that? Mobile Is The Default Mobile isn’t an option. It’s a must in 2016. However, tablets should be less of a focus. @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  14. 14. Message Match
  15. 15. Message Match
  16. 16. Message Match
  17. 17. A/B Testing
  18. 18. How do you capitalize on that - Hypothesis: ● In science, a hypothesis is an idea or explanation that you then test through study and experimentation. ● What do you think will happen? ● ...ok to be wrong. What To A/B Test? @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  19. 19. Know what the end looks like: ● Once a test is live. Netflix starts tracking success metrics: Streaming Hours AND Retention ○ Increased sales ○ Increased VOV ○ More downloads ○ Better lead ● Let data lead the way… no HIPPO or loudest person in the room. Define Success @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  20. 20. ● Sample size ○ Size of Opportunity ● Confidence level: 95%? ● Control vs non-control group Opportunity @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  21. 21. ● Changing a button or colours ○ Can you, sure? Should you? ● Small changes VS large changes ● Radical different designs helps drive faster change as you can see what works A/B Tests 201 @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  22. 22. ● Create better experiences for your customers Better Experiences @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  23. 23. @DuaneBrown @unbounce Old Design New Design Conversion Rate 2.3 % VS 8.7%
  24. 24. ● Be data informed; not gut or personal opinion. ○ Netflix = Hours of play & retention ○ Unbounce = customer signups ● Don’t test to much at once. Dirty data Netflix: m/presentations/quasi-experimentation-at- netflix-beyond-a-b-testing recommendations-beyond-the-5-stars A/B Testing Tips @DuaneBrown @unbounce
  25. 25. The End