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Final Synthesis Quest on Mobility

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  • At the beginning of class, my scores indicated that I was a reflective learner and an active learner. I also benefited from a more global learning approach and verbal learning. My reflective scores were 7, my active scores were 11 and my global scores were at 11 as well. The rest of my scores were pretty much right in the middle. At the end of class, when I think about what kind of learning I would most benefit from, I look to these preferences and think about what would modality of learning would best suit my learning. I can really see how it makes a difference in what sort of knowledge I retain, and what sort of knowledge just kind of slips away when studying or during lectures. I feel that since I know what kind of learning best suits me personally, I can really tune into those ideas and ideals and make my learning more personal, meaningful and ultimately fun.
  • At the beginning of the class, I chose to be a learning sage. I think that in the end, I was able to understand more of the capabilities and technologies that we have access to as learners. For me, I know that I want to someday be an educator, and being able to have a better understanding of all of the capabilities that exist and have developed a broader sense of what lies out there and what I can see working for me in the context of education. With that being said, I think that toward the end of the course I ended up really viewing myself as a learning guide. I would often end up showing my friends some sort of technology that I saw in class and showing them how we could use it in a project. I ended up using googledocs several times this semester as a result of this course. I think that since I started to get a better understanding of the different mobile technologies, I wanted to share that knowledge and ultimately lead others to be more productive.
  • I really think that the screen casts and PowerPoint presentations gave me a broader understanding about certain mobile technologies. For some of the pieces mentioned in the course, prior to me seeing the videos or presentations, I had really no idea of what they were, but those presentations really filled me in on the broader sense. When looking to develop and gain a deeper understanding for subject matter, I think that the level two activities were the best. The activities really showed what the level one activity were talking about and gave real life examples of things that exist, and showed them from many different perspectives, which were really cool. Some of the level 2 activities I didn’t like, but there were many different options that you could choose from to see how it could be used in various contexts. When learning with others, I think that the delicious feeds as well as the forum posts were great. The forum posts directly related us to students and when we had questions, we could ask our peers for insight or draw upon their knowledge of subject matter. I felt like I could help participate too since I helped in subjects that I was more knowledgeable in. It was really cool.
  • A quest that I used in my own learning was the iPod and mp3 player quest. I think that this quest really opened my eyes to utilizing my own iPod and seeing it more as a device for learning that just something that I could load music onto. I bought a little microphone for my iPod so that I could use it to record lectures in classes. I could use the pre-recorded lecture to go back and listen to what the teacher had said and focus on main concepts and ideas that were emphasized in the course or class. I really benefit from the ability to hear things multiple times to really understand them. I can apply these ideas since I’m a reflective learner too, to make really good connections with the notes that I took from my recorded lectures and wrote short summaries to really drive the concepts home.
  • It was through me using my new microphone for recording lectures, that I really started to see the value of the podcast for learning. This modality could be used with an MP3 player to really help drive home concepts home. This semester I was enrolled in a chemistry class, and I was having some trouble relating to concepts that were spoken about, even if I recorded the lectures. After hearing about the potential educational gains that could be achieved through using podcasts, I signed up for a subscription to a basic chemistry podcast channel. Not only was it really helpful but also it really appealed to my learning preference as a having verbal preference. I was able to gather a wealth of information from outside of just my professor’s classroom and really take advantage of resources out on the web and propel my own knowledge.
  • In addition to using both podcasts and using my iPod to help with my learning, I also found micro blogs to be a very good resource for gaining information. Micro blogs are a quick and easy way for me to work with others to create discussion or have my questions answered, which related to my reflective preferences when working with groups. I created an account on a micro blog website and invited my peers in a class that I was working on a project with to follow me and I them. If we had questions or comments on individual parts of our collaborative final paper, we just posted something on the feed and we were able to get a push message on our phones. It made working with others really easy and fun.
  • I think that using an iPod as a useful tool for learning really interested me the most this semester. IPods are something that pretty much everyone in our society has access to and I feel that not very many people take advantage of how valuable of an educational device this is. I had no ideal how many podcasts and mp3 downloads were on the Internet that could relate directly to my education. I still don’t necessarily see social networks as the most useful means for education. With that being said I think that there is still room for them to evolve as an educational tool, but as of the moment I think that they are just a fun way to chat and catch up with friends. I would like to learn more about the capabilities of ipads and tablets, but since I don’t really have access to one, I look forward to investigating their use within education more. All in all, I really think that using the iPod to relate to my education worked the best to accommodate to my learning preferences. The iPod is such a valuable tool! I recently found out that there are many trivia games out on iTunes that are educationally based. While my iPod now cannot accommodate this technology, I do look forward to using this to help build my knowledge base and adapt these tools to accommodate my learning preferences. As a reflective learner, the iPod gave me a means to organize notes and lectures in a way that made sense to me, and verbally I was able to record notes that were spoken by the professor and also I was able to dictate notes and later play them back at my leisure. I really appreciated the iPod in this context.
  • I will continue to use iPods and mp3 players and gathering good technologies such as interactive games or apps, and using the iPod as an audio recorder. Also, since there are so many great podcasts out there, I will continue to hunt down podcasts that are relevant to my studies. I think that this can be used at a job for example at professional development meetings to record speakers and replay advice or counseling that they have to offer. I can use the mp3 player to go back and listen to key points from their presentation. The iPod, personally, is a very helpful tool that I will continue to use and pursue its many capabilities. I will continue using my audio recording capabilities on my iPod after this class has completed. As stated, I think that it is a very helpful resource for my own leaning. It really helps me stay organized and appeals to the type of learner that I am. For non-learning purposes I will still continue to utilize social networking as a way for me to stay connected with friends, while pursuing nothing directly educational. I think that I will avoid using MMOG’s after this class I over with. I think that they are distracting and could steal attention from my other studies and into playing a game, even if the game were educational. I think that there is just too much of a distraction overall.
  • Final quest 1

    1. 1. Jonathan LaBeaud Synthesis Quest Mobile LearningJonathan LaBeaud
    2. 2. Introduction Reflective, Active & Global Benefit Differences noticed Ultimately makes learning more funJonathan LaBeaud
    3. 3. Learning Pathway Initially a Sage  Background information Capabilites of Technology Broader sense Changes to Guide  Teaching others  Fundamentals  ProductivityJonathan LaBeaud
    4. 4. Broader Sense Level 1  Screen Casts  PowerPoint presentations Level 2  Peer interaction  Draw upon subject matter  Forum postsJonathan LaBeaud
    5. 5. iPod & Mp3 player Quest Eye Opening Microphone  Lectures  Ability to go back Reflective  Create good notes  Beneficial to my learningJonathan LaBeaud
    6. 6. Podcasts New Concepts Chemistry Class  Many Basic podcasts New Perspectives  Educational Gains Alternate Modalities VerbalJonathan LaBeaud
    7. 7. MicroBlogs Resource Group Project  Following Collaboration Easy & FunJonathan LaBeaud
    8. 8. iPods for Learning & beyond Society Taking advantage of iPod as a tool  Multitude of capabilities Social networks  More for friends Learning capabilities of iPads& tablets  Accessibility Games Note Dictation  ContextualJonathan LaBeaud
    9. 9. Strategies and Uses Work Place  Professional development Counseling  Self benefit and help Education  Audio Dictation  MP3 Social  Social Networks MMOG  DistractionJonathan LaBeaud