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DTW Metro Airport Limo - website


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The highly sought DMAL Limo and Car Service is in Detroit, MI with the best luxury sedan and SUV cars. Students should look no further for transportation to Ann Arbor. DTW Metro Airport and Detroit Area is their specialization but they also provide limo and car transportation around Toledo, OH. Their limousine cars rival the Metro Car ground transportation service. Call 1-800-734-1750 Now for a quick quote and memorable ride!

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DTW Metro Airport Limo - website

  1. 1. Detroit DTW Metro Airport Limo Car Service | DMAL Detroit DT Metro Car is now DTW METRO AIRPORT LIMO Like 266 Metro Detroit - DTW Metro Airport - Limo Car Service Call DMAL Detroit Now! Home | Limo Services | Fleet | DTW Airport | Prices | Online Reservations | Quote | Corporate | Contact Us LIMOS : Serving METRO DETROIT & DTW METRO AIRPORT The highly sought DMAL Limo and Car Service is in Detroit, MI with the best luxury sedan and SUV cars. Students should look no further for transportation to Ann Arbor. DTW Metro Airport and Detroit Area is our specialization but we also Name: provide limo and car transportation around Toledo, OH. Our limousine cars rival Phone: the Metro Car ground transportation service. Call 1-800-734-1750 Now for a Time: to quick quote and memorable ride! What We Offer Metro Airport Limo Service Wedding and Prom Limo Services Corporate/Executive Limo Detroit City Tour, Club and Party Transportation Limousines1 of 3 12/14/2011 2:53 PM
  2. 2. Detroit DTW Metro Airport Limo Car Service | DMAL Detroit Ann Arbor -DTW $54 Troy -DTW $75 Northville -DTW $55 Royal Oak -DTW $69 Birmingham -DTW $65 Downtown Detroit -DTW $59 Canton -DTW $38 Sterling Heights -DTW $81 Farmington Hills -DTW $55 Bloomfield -DTW $79 Dexter -DTW $65 We Accept Blog Delta announces additional Detroit -Paris flight 12-02-2011 Starting next summer, travelers planning to visit the city of love can now travel with ease and flexibility as Delta announces launch of additional flight to Paris from Detroit. This move comes in lieu of increase traffic in this route . Delta already offers a daily flight service by partnering with Air France. DTW (Detro Metropolitan Wayne County Airport) serves as the largest hub of Delta along with its regional partners. This news will futher boost the metro Detroit area ,hoping to capitalise on DTW’s reputation as world’s leading transportation hub. While awailling of this flight service , count on us for your on time DTW transportation . Our metro airport cars are driven by highly professional drivers , who are well acquainted in local routes ensuring that you catch your flight on time. Maharaja’s Limousine up for grabs!! 11-25-2011 Eager for a taste of Royalty?? Foe the ardent limousine fans, here’s a vintage offering which is hard to resist. Maharajah of Rewa’s specially built 1912 Lancaster State Limousine is being auctioned. The Indian nobility were very partial to this type of limousine, a fact evident by increased sale to the sub continent during that time period. It features a removable top along with the driver’s canopy and was a source of pride for its owner who later ordered a 40hp Lancaster. With its red coach lining it formed a part of the famous ‘jewel in the crown” collection of cars. This vintage piece has generated considerable buzz leading it to attract a pre-sale estimate of $80,000 to 100,000. DTW Metro Airport limousine service provides 24 hour service to and from the DTW metro Airport. Distinguished Clown Corps Greet Travelers at DTW 11-18-2011 Travelers visiting the motor city this month are in for a surprise. On their arrival at DTW(Detroit Metropolitan Airport) they may find themselves being welcomed by members of the Distinguished Clown Corps, which comprises of local business and community leaders dressed up as clowns for the celebrated America’s Thanksgiving parade held annually in downtown Detroit. The parade was started by the J.L. Hudson Company in 1924 and is one of the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade in the country. Apart from the musical bands, floats and balloons, the most distinguishing part of this parade are the Papier Mache heads also called the Head Corps which have been imported from Italy since the time of the first parade, the Clown Corps and a visit by Santa himself at the very end of the parade to officially start the Christmas season. Remember us for your Limousine travel needs when you take part in this great American tradition. Airport Limo Detroit 11-05-2011 Looking for a dependable yet stylish limousine service to and from the metro airport in Detroit, well, look no further. Our fleet has all the latest limousine models at competitive prices. Apart from our regular discount given to students2 of 3 12/14/2011 2:53 PM
  3. 3. Detroit DTW Metro Airport Limo Car Service | DMAL Detroit booking via phone, people booking online and corporate account holders, we are offering football season discount of an extra 10%. Needless to say, we offer you great value for your money. We, at DTW Metro Airport Limo also take pride in our local Detroit drivers who apart from being well versed in professional conduct can handle traffic delays more efficiently by taking alternate local routes giving you one less reason to worry. Stress free travel goes a long way in the general productivity of your trip and we at DTW Metro Airport Limo strive for it. Your hassle free Metro Detroit travel is our goal. Airplane phobia? Consider limousine transportation. 06-30-2011 Does the mention of flying make you dizzy? According to Martin Seif, a clinical psychologist in New York and associate director of the Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center for White Plains Hospital Center, you should avoid all rituals, charms and yes, alcohol before air-travel. They simply reinforce your fear of air-travel. About 10%-25% people are afraid of flying. Actually air-travel is far safer than driving. But if simply trying to relax in the airplane isnt cutting it for you, consider driving! With DTW Metro Airport Limo. We provide limousine and sedan transportation to and from Metro Detroit and will take you almost anywhere. In fact limousines are far more comfortable than airplane seats and you are so much more in control of your journey. Call 734 968 7516 and travel fear free! DETROIT LIMOUSINE BACKGROUND 06-09-2011 So if you are in the auto city of Detroit or plan to be-heres something youd love to know. The first limo built in 1902, was designed so that the driver could be seated separately in a covered compartment. The word Limousine comes from the French region Limousin because the shepherds there wear cloak hoods that look like limousine compartments. In current times, a large percentage of contemporary limousines are Lincolns. However, the limo market may change considerably soon as Lincoln Towncar production is likely to stop in 2012 and . Detroit is focused on turning around so lets see what becomes of the iconic Lincoln brand. HIRING A LIMOUSINE SERVICE 05-18-2010 You should consider several things before you hire a limousine service. Each company usually charges a different price. Sometimes there may be hidden costs written in fine print. It may be a good idea to get a quote in writing which includes all final costs. Also consider the type of limo that is being used. Is it a new model or an outdated one? Are the amenities you need included? Is the limousine well maintained? Needless to say the backbone of your experience is the driver of the limousine. It is important that he or she has good knowledge of the local routes to avoid traffic hiccups. A polite and punctual driver will take away some of your worries instead of adding to them. We at DTW Metro Airport Limo offer almost all new limousines at excellent prices. Our drivers are local and have a long experience with Metro Detroit routes. They are professional, courteous and will go a long way to solving any unexpected problems. Give us a call at 1.800.791.5580 for a smooth journey to your next destination. We are committed to providing great service! Detroit Weather | Airlines | Detroit Attractions | Blog | Sitemap Terms & Conditions Copyright © 2011. DTW Metro Airport Limo, Canton MI. All Rights Reserved.3 of 3 12/14/2011 2:53 PM