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Set Retrieval 2.0

  1. Set Retrieval 2.0 Daniel Tunkelang Chief Scientist, Endeca
  2. let’s quickly review some history…
  3. 1947: Hans Peter Luhn
  4. 1968: Gerald Salton
  5. 1972: Karen Spärck Jones
  6. 1980s: lots of progress
  7. 1990s – 2000s: WWW
  8. today
  9. so, do we all feel lucky?
  10. recession? what recession?
  11. ask the users…
  12. selection bias?
  13. the rebuttal "Tell us what to do, and we will do it."
  14. besides, search is 90% solved
  15. let’s go back to the 80s for a moment
  16. requirements
  17. transparency
  18. control
  19. guidance
  20. set retrieval precision = fraction of retrieved documents that are relevant recall = fraction of relevant documents that are retrieved retrieved documents relevant documents
  21. the classic trade-off recall precision
  22. set retrieval: 2 out of 3
  23. set retrieval 2.0 = set retrieval + guidance Did you mean : guidance Related Searches Guidance Counselor Salary Guidance Counselor Job Description Definition of Guidance Guidance Counseling History of Guidance Counseling Child Guidance Career Guidance What Is the Meaning of Guidance Free Marriage Counseling Problems in Marriage Career Exploration Role of School Counselor
  24. so where does guidance come from?
  25. it’s people!
  26. hcir cheats the trade-off recall precision
  27. but how do we get there?
  28. faceted search guides refinement
  29. showing the right facets: microwaves
  30. showing the right facets: ceiling fans
  31. results-driven clarification before refinement Search : storage
  32. taxonomies are so 1990s
  33. facets populated using entity extraction apple production
  34. bootstrap on folksonomies
  35. or learn from users