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Google Tech Talk: Reconsidering Relevance

  1. Reconsidering Relevance Daniel Tunkelang Chief Scientist, Endeca
  2. but first let’s set the stage
  3. iconic businesses of the 20 th and 21 st centuries I’m Feeling Lucky
  4. process and scale orchestration
  5. but there’s a dark side
  6. users are satisfied
  7. we need more definitions
  8. a relevance-centric approach information Need query select from results rank using IR model USER: SYSTEM: tf-idf PageRank
  9. queries are misinterpreted Results 1-10 out of about 344,000,000 for ir
  10. ranked lists are inefficient
  11. can we do better?
  12. human computer information retrieval
  13. google him!
  14. google scholar him?
  15. rexa him?
  16. getting better
  17. hcir-inspired interface
  18. tags provide summarization and guidance
  19. my information need evolves as i learn
  20. hcir – implementing the vision
  21. scatter/gather: a search for “star”
  22. faceted search
  23. showing the right facets: microwaves
  24. showing the right facets: ceiling fans
  25. results-driven clarification before refinement Search : storage
  26. crowd-sourcing to tag documents
  27. hcir cheats the precision / recall trade-off recall precision
  28. one more thing
  29. “ Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.”
  30. organizer or referee?

Editor's Notes

  1. Friends, Countrymen, Googlers, I come to bury relevance, not to praise it. Well, that’s overstating the case. But I am here today to challenge your approach to information access, and more importantly to tease out and question its philosophical underpinnings. I realize that I’m singling you out as Googlers for holding a belief that is far more widely held, but you are the standard bearers of relevance. And you invited me.  Notes: this presentation was delivered at the Google NYC office on 1/7/09. The title is an allusion to Tefko Saracevic’s article, “Relevance Reconsidered”. If you are interested in learning more about the history of relevance I highly recommend his 2007 Lazerow Memorial Lecture on “Relevance in information science” (