Coding Dojo Introduction


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A quick introduction to Coding Dojos

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Coding Dojo Introduction

  1. 1. Coding DojoIntroductionDanilo Sato (@dtsato)www.dtsato.comMariana Bravo (@marivb)Reunião 1 - 12 Jul 2007
  2. 2. MotivationProgrammers don’t practice!
  3. 3. BackgroundKata » Coding Dojo
  4. 4. Principles Continuous Learning Safe Environment:– Non-competitive– Collaborative– Inclusive Fail and Redundancy Baby Steps
  5. 5. General Rules Computer + Projector TDD (red » green » refactor) Everyone should be able to follow Always start from scratch
  6. 6. Formats Prepared Kata– Presentation of a solution from scratch– Everyone should be able to reproduce– Interruptions allowed to answer questions
  7. 7. Formats Randori– Pair Programming– Time-boxed roudns– On each turn (5-7 min.):• Navigator becomes driver• Driver returns to audience• A new navigator joins from the audience– Comments and suggestions only on green
  8. 8. Agenda 19h00 19h15 Discussion/Intro 19h15 20h45 Programming Session 20h45 21h00 Retrospective