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DC Treadway


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Published in: Education
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DC Treadway

  1. 1. FindingAnimation Inspiration in Second Life
  2. 2. Watch Second Life video
  3. 3. Download Second Life Viewer• Second Life website
  4. 4. Create AvatarSource:
  5. 5. Finding Animation Inspiration Assignment1. You will visit the virtual art galleries listed: Blue Stocking Interactive Gallery (Maya Paris Interactive Gallery) Kiku Art Gallery (Amatsu Shima) Aho Museum, Northwestern Michigan Campus Moya Art Galleries, Patrick Moya Pirats Art Network Market Place Art Gallery Galeria Mactelo (Color and Faces) University of Delaware Art Gallery (Andy Warhol Exhibit) East Gallery (West Art)
  6. 6. To visit a galleryGo to World menu –SearchType Gallery NameEx. Blue Stocking InteractiveGalleryClick on Teleport
  7. 7. To move within Second Life Walk, Run or Fly
  8. 8. To move within Second Life (cont’d)Walk Run Fly
  9. 9. Blue Stocking Interactive GalleryMaya Paris Interactive Gallery-Interactive and animationgallery owned by Maya Parissince 2009.
  10. 10. Kiku Art GalleyKiku Art Gallery is owned byMasami. Current exhibit isJapanese Christmas Cards byAmatsu Shima.
  11. 11. Aho Museum Northwestern Michigan CampusAho Museum owned (NMC)since 2004.Current exhibit is by ArsSimulacra .
  12. 12. Moya Art GalleryMoya Art Galleries owned byPatrick Moya since 2010.Contemporary Art.
  13. 13. Marketplace Art Gallery Pirats Art NetworkMarketplace Art Gallery isowned by PiRats, a french non-profit organization since 2009.
  14. 14. Galeria MacteloGaleria Mactelo is owned byPoziciti since 2008.One of the current exhibits inColor and Faces (musicianspotraits) by Kami Kuik.
  15. 15. Art Gallery University of DelawareUniversity of Delawaresponsores this art gallerysince 2008.One of the exhibits is AndyWarhol photos.
  16. 16. East GalleryEast Gallery is owned by ErnieFarstrider since 2012.West Art Exhibit is one of theexhibits.
  17. 17. Finding Animation Inspiration Assignment (cont’d from slide 5)2. You will select one piece of art from one of the galleries visited, as inspiration for an animation, include name of piece and artist.3. Write a 300 word document on why the piece of art you selected is good art. Refer to art elements: line, shape, form, value, color, texture, composition, contrast, dominance and EMOTION.
  18. 18. Finding Animation Inspiration Assignment (cont’d from slide 17)4. Create a 15 second 640 x 500 animation in Flash based on this work of art. Save as yourLastname.swf. You will present your animation in critique and talk about the piece of art you selected.