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Apple TV presentation for VMUG


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I gave a presentation to the Victoria Mac Users Group (VMUG) at the May general meeting. While I had a few hiccups with the technology, this is the presentation I prepared to accompany my talk. I also used a live connection to my Apple TV to demonstrate some of the things talked about on the slides.

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Apple TV presentation for VMUG

  1. 1. Apple TV Getting your digital content on the big screen
  2. 2. Our line-up tonight • Setting up the Apple TV • Uploading your digital content • Adding photos to the picture • Making the most of your music
  3. 3. Setting up the Apple TV • Starting up for the first time • Setting up wireless (or wired) network • The ITunes store • Demo of the content available • Movies, TV shows, Podcasts, Music, YouTube, Photos
  4. 4. Adding digital content ITunes store
  5. 5. Adding digital content • Exploring the ITunes Store • Movies, TV shows, Music, Podcasts • Rip your own DVDs - Handbrake,VLC • Adding metadata - MetaX
  6. 6. Rip your own VideoLAN - VLC media player
  7. 7. Add Metadata MetaX: Tag Your Moo-vies Right!
  8. 8. Photos • Your Photos (from your computer)
  9. 9. Music • Rip your CDs into ITunes • Available on the ATV • Sharing the speakers
  10. 10. Questions?