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× - Anti-SPAM feasibility study Template


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This is a template to conduct a paper-based feasibility study to identify an Anti-Spam tool or service that meets the Spam filtering needs.

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  1. 1. Product 1 Product 2Feature Description Weight Rating Rank Comments Rating Rank Comments 1-51. Architechture FlexibilityProduct scaling How well does the product scale? 4O/S & Exchange versions What operating system does the product support 2supported (Windows, Solaris, Linux) / What Exchange versions are supported (5.5, 2k, 2k3)?Administrator Privileges Can an administrator modify/delete and/or forward Spam e- 2 mail or addresses?Admin role base support & Admin console access methods and differences (HTTPS, 4console access FTP, Term Server )? Is role based admin supported?Server H/W requirements What are the recommended server requirements/upgrades 2 to operate the product?Threshold Options What Anti-Spam sensitivity threshold options are available 3 to the administrators?Catagorization Does the product provide for categorization of Spam (adult, 3 gaming, advertisement)Automatic update Does the product support automatic 24x7 rule updates to 4frequency & procedure the Spam engine (no admin intervention required)?Architechture Flexibility 242. End User SupportFalse positive rate What is the false positive rate per million messages? 5False negative rate % of the SPAM that filters capture 5End-user complaint system Does the user have access to his/her Spam email in the 5 quarantine folderWhite/Black Lists Does the user have the ability to set their own filters 5 (white/blacklists)Quarantine folder storage Where are messages stored in the quarantine folder (mail 3location box, public folder, NT file share)? How long it can be stored? Can admin configure duration?Notification Digest Does the product support per-user quarantine/false positive 5 summary emails? (once a day, with links)Message format Does the product support attachment scanning? 3Customizable Spam Alert Does the product support customizable alert messaging 2 with original Spam text attachments by policy, group, individual, etc?Attachment removal Does the product support attachment removal? 2Client level filtering Does the product support user-level managed white/black 3 lists?End User Subtotal 383. FilteringAttachment filtering Does the product support filtering of attachments (.doc, xls, 4 ppt)?Spam message handling What are the options for message identified as SPAM? 4 (Tag, quarantine to local disk, exchange mailbox, public folder, web server)Adult content filtering Pornography filtering by text, image or both 5Anti-virus filtering Does the product support Anti-Virus filtering? 2Appending trailers Ability to append subject, body and header trailers 2 (disclaimers)?Scan rate What is the average number of messages scanned per 3 second?Filter rule changes Does the product provide the ability to set enterprise, 3 business unit and end-user Spam preferences using pre- existing groups? How are rules/filters created, tuned, updated?Keyword Search Does the product support keyword searches in the subject 3 line, body and supports header analysis?DHA/Dictionary Protection Does the product protect against Directory Harvest Attack, 3 denial of service and Dictionary Attacks?Pattern Matching/Heuristic Does the product support Matching/Heuristic, Bayesian, 3Analysis Pattern Matching and Distributed Networks analysis?Engine training Does the product have training capability (i.e., identified 3(identification) SPAM or false positives to be included in the rule sets) What type of training mechanisms does the product support?Statistical Ranking Does the product utilize a numeric probability or ranking of 4 Spam likelihood? (user, pre-existing groups or enterprise)Filtering Techniques 394. ReportingActivity logging/reporting What administrative activities are logged and reportable 4 (specifically for troubleshooting.Report generation Are customizable, graphical reports available? Can they be 3 exported? Are reports viewable via the web?Server impact What is the processing overheard effect to mail delivery 3 during reporting?Statistical analysis/Metrics Does the product provide real time statistical performance 3 measurements for troubleshooting, turning?Reporting Subtotal 13 Grand Total 114