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Microsoft Flow - Easy Desktop Integration


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Introduction to Microsoft Flow, presented by Dan Toomey to the Brisbane Azure User Group, using several slides by Charles Lamanna (Microsoft)

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Microsoft Flow - Easy Desktop Integration

  1. 1. Microsoft Flow Easy Desktop Integration Dan Toomey Mexia Consulting
  2. 2. Enabling the Digital Enterprise Who am I? • Senior Consultant / Integration Architect • MCT, MCPD, MCTS BizTalk & Azure • Pluralsight Author • • @daniel2me
  3. 3. Acknowledgements Charles Lamanna Principal Group Engineering Manager, Microsoft @clamanna
  4. 4. Microsoft Flow helps non-developers work smarter by automating workflows across apps and services Get notifications Synchronize files Collect data Automate approvals
  5. 5. Automate advanced scenarios with multiple steps, branching conditions, and more
  6. 6. Click-to-code for integrating the systems you’re already using… even custom APIs. New services being added every week!
  7. 7. Get started quickly with hundreds useful templates
  8. 8. • Templates focus on the services involved (and not the backing workflow) • Community can publish templates for all Flow users • Per company / organization templates later this year Simple explanation + landing page for templates
  9. 9. Easily share templates via social media or email with your colleagues or friends See how much this template has been used and who published it Detailed description of what the template does and needs Select Use this template to sign up/sign in and configure the template Simple explanation + landing page for templates
  10. 10. Sending an Exchange email when a new file is added in Dropbox Authenticate to your O365 account. Build email Subject and Body Choose to include properties from previous step (Dropbox file) to improve relevance Specify Send To email address and additional properties (optional): From, CC, BCC and ImportanceConnected to Authenticate to your Dropbox account. Select folder to monitor PowerApps Build your own flow from scratch
  11. 11. See detailed inputs / outputs for each step Save visual representation as building / creation time Debug any flow if needed
  12. 12. Same list of connections is shared between PowerApps and Flow so you only have to sign in once If your password changes or you revoke the application access you can come here to sign-in again and fix it Delete connections if you no longer want Flow and PowerApps to be able to access that data Consolidated list of all connectors
  13. 13. • Integration is a problem that spans the enterprise • Limited resources / time for central Integration specialists; unmet need for office workers • Flow enables “self-service” for simple integrations Why are we talking about Flow?
  14. 14. Flow focus: Business Users & Specialists BizTalk & Logic Apps focus: IT Pro / Developers Who is the audience for Flow?
  15. 15. Grow-Up Story from Flow • Flow is good for simple integrations and empowering users to do integrations without going through devs + IT • However, sometimes IT / devs need to take over when the Flow gets too advanced or becomes business-critical • Any Flow can be converted to a Logic App (will be one-click later this year)
  16. 16. • Enriching or pushing data to existing store; e.g. • take customer information from SalesForce / CRM and add it to a SharePoint list • Approval workflows for common administrative tasks; e.g. • resume screening; vacation requests; etc. • Capturing data for better visualizations • take data from an “unsupported” database and push it into Power BI (using Excel or SQL connectors) Example Use Cases
  17. 17. from Daniel Laskewitz (here) Flow + SharePoint
  18. 18. from John White (here) Flow + PowerBI
  19. 19. • Embedding where it makes sense • Focusing on information products (not dev tools) • SharePoint Online is in private preview Flow available for Office workers
  20. 20. • In addition to flows being available in SharePoint Online, you will be able to embed Flow directly into custom applications • Includes the ability to browse flow templates + create them • as well as.. the ability to kick off a create-from- template Your App Embedding directly into applications
  21. 21. • Easily create mobile-optimized applications • Connect to your data where it resides, access a wide variety of data sources, from SharePoint lists to Excel files • Integrate apps with larger processes; trigger workflows across your Enterprise based on user actions PowerApps
  22. 22. AUTOMATE Flow ACT PowerApps Connectors to Data and APIs
  23. 23. • Common question about Flows – since it is a multi-tenant, SaaS product • Standard practices: data sovereignty (e.g. EU customers stay in the EU), encryption of sensitive data at rest (e.g. keys / tokens); etc. • In the future: will allow organizations to enable / disable particular connectors or templates, so that users cannot unintentionally violate a security boundary (e.g. copy SharePoint files to Dropbox) What about security?
  24. 24. • For example: financial or payments data, or mission critical B2B data • Reason to move to Logic Apps / BizTalk instead of Flow (e.g. development in production would be very risky) • Azure has a lot of enterprise / compliance controls: Azure Cloud Policy, Azure Security Center, Azure Audit Logs, and more For very tight security
  25. 25. Recap • Microsoft Flow brings Integration to non-developers / non-IT – big opportunity & change in large organizations • BizTalk + Logic Apps cover different, advanced scenarios • Investments you make in BizTalk 2016 + Logic Apps will also pay dividends with Flow
  26. 26. Resources • Service Website: – • Browse Documentation: – • Blog (with multiple posts each week): – • Community User Group: – • Videos: – • Twitter: – @MicrosoftFlow – #MicrosoftFlow
  27. 27. Thank you.