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Microsoft Flow (by Susie Moore)


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Presentation as delivered by Susie Moore (Mexia) at the Brisbane Global Integration Bootcamp 2018. Most slides sourced from Microsoft.

Published in: Technology
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Microsoft Flow (by Susie Moore)

  1. 1. #gib2018 2018 - Brisbane GLOBAL INTEGRATION BOOTCAMP Susie Moore | Mexia Microsoft Flow
  2. 2. Susie Moore • Senior Consultant, Mexia • Business/System Analysis & Delivery • Stakeholder Management • @SusieMoo06 Who Am I?
  3. 3. Acknowledgements Anjli Chaudhry Principal Program Manager – Microsoft Integrating the last mile with Microsoft Flow
  4. 4. Most business integration challenges today are met with a single solution
  5. 5. People
  7. 7. Microsoft Flow helps non-developers work smarter by automating workflows across services Get notifications Copy files Collect data Automate approvals
  8. 8. But… why are we talking about Flow?
  9. 9. Who is the audience for Flow? Flow focus: Business Users & Specialists (Office, Dynamics) Logic Apps focus: IT Pro / Developers (Visual Studio, Azure)
  10. 10. What makes up a Flow? Trigger – the event that kicks off the flow: • manually • on a schedule • on an event in the cloud Example: Notification Flow Actions – what the flow does Can use data from the trigger
  11. 11. Connect to cloud and on premises data Over 170 out of the box connectors with new connectors every week Use Custom Connectors to connect to any custom REST endpoint Connect to on-premises data using gateways
  12. 12. Templates help users get started
  13. 13. Verticals for various professions
  14. 14. Verticals for various professions
  15. 15. Automate advanced scenarios with multiple steps, branching conditions, scheduling, looping and more
  16. 16. Authenticate to your O365 account. Build email Subject and Body Choose to include properties from previous step (Dropbox file) to improve relevance Specify Send To email address and additional properties (optional): From, CC, BCC and Importance Connected to Authenticate to your Dropbox account. Select folder to monitor PowerApps Build flows from scratch
  18. 18. Manage your flow • Flow Details
  19. 19. Manage your flow • Flow Details • Flow Analytics
  20. 20. Collaborate with your co-workers • Co-authoring
  21. 21. Create Buttons and share them • What are buttons? • Sharing buttons
  23. 23. Admin center • Environment administration • Data Loss Protection • Local agility, central control
  24. 24. Build a connector to feature on Flow OR custom to your company • Connect to your own services • Custom connectors within an organization
  25. 25. Grow up to Logic Apps • Sometimes IT / devs need to take over when the Flow gets too advanced or becomes business- critical • Because Flow is built on Logic Apps, Logic Apps can do everything that Flow can • Any Flow can be converted to a Logic App
  26. 26. How to get Flow? Anyone can sign up for free with their personal, work or school email Included for free with most Office 365 and Dynamics 365 application SKUs Can be purchased by an individual or an admin 90 free trial available Also included with Dynamics 365 Plans 1 and 2 and PowerApps Plans 1 and 2
  27. 27. Microsoft Flow – Do you have Office 365?...You then have Flow. Microsoft Flow Blog Guided Learning Community Resources