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Microsoft Azure News - September 2020


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Monthly news roundup as delivered to the Brisbane Azure User Group by Damien Berry

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Microsoft Azure News - September 2020

  1. 1. @BrisbaneAzureUG
  2. 2. Microsoft Azure News September 2020
  3. 3. Sponsorship Update
  4. 4. Upcoming Presentations Month Presenter(s) Topic January 2020 Gayatri Guru Sneak Peek into Azure Billing API February 2020 Alex Apergis / Josh Hurn Life in CloudOps March 2020 Valeriia Savenko Azure IoT 101 April 2020 COVID19 Isolation May 2020 Jernej Kavka From Paper to Power using Azure Form Recognition June 2020 Todd Whitehead Best of Build 2020 July 2020 Bill Chesnut Azure Application Insights for Developers August 2020 Wagner Silveira A Lap Around API Management VS Code Extension September 2020 Johannes Strydom Blazor’ing’ly simple secure app development with immutable infrastructure October 2020 Ashish Sentinel Azure Sentinel (catchy title to come) November 2020 December 2020 Various UNCONVENTION NIGHT! Got Topic? Send message on Meetup or email
  5. 5. AWS Cost Management + Billing (GA) You can view your AWS costs within Cost Analysis in the following scopes: AWS Linked accounts under a management Group. AWS Linked account costs. AWS Consolidated account costs. Estimating future spend Setting budgets and alerts for your AWS costs
  6. 6. Azure Spring Cloud (GA) Azure Spring Cloud—a fully managed service for Spring Boot apps—is now generally available. With Azure Spring Cloud, you can focus on building the apps that run your business without the hassle of managing infrastructure. deploy your JARs or code and Azure Spring Cloud will automatically wire your apps with the Spring service runtime. Benefits: secrets management, hybrid deployments, control ingress and egress to apps, distributed tracing, Managed Virtual Network, and secure communications using TLS/SSL.
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  11. 11. On Demand Training - Updates •Azure Fundamentals •Introduction to Azure •Create Serverless Logic with Azure Functions •Designing a Hybrid Cloud in Azure •Docker for Web Developers •Azure AD for Developers •Azure For AWS Experts •Deploying Hybrid Identitity Solutions Using Azure AD •Monitoring Apps with Application Insights
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  13. 13. Blazor'ing'ly Simple Secure App Development with Immutable Infrastructure Speaker: Johannes Strydom Johannes Strydom has over 25 years of across a variety of industries, having served on projects in at least six countries. He is knowledgeable in Azure, DevOps, .NET Core and SQL Server, as well as experienced in SAP R3, APAB/4, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, HTML5, JavaScript and more. He currently works at the Dept. of Justice and Attorney General.