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Microsoft Azure News - 2019 May


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Monthly news roundup as delivered to the Brisbane Azure User Group by Damien Berry

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Microsoft Azure News - 2019 May

  1. 1. @BrisbaneAzureUG
  2. 2. Microsoft Azure News May 2019
  3. 3. Sponsorship Update
  4. 4. Upcoming Presentations Month Presenter(s) Topic December 2018 Various UNCONVENTION 2018.1 January 2019 Heinrich Braasch Low-and-slow Weber control from anywhere in the world using Azure IOT February 2019 Troy Hunt Clouds, Codes and Cybers March 2019 Ryan Davis How not to translate a videogame April 2019 Errol Leboydre SignalR as a Service May 2019 Adam Stephensen Exploring Container Offerings in Azure June 2019 Dan Toomey Ben Parker ISE: Integration Service Environments Azure Optimisations; Ask for your EOFY Bonus July 2019 Bronwen Zande 50 Shades of Grey - Ethics In A World of Ever-Growing AI August 2019 September 2019 October 2019 November 2019 Got Topic? Send message on Meetup or email
  5. 5. Azure SQL with managed identities preview easier/?ocid=AID765057&wt.mc_id=CFID0452 Configuration only way to use managed Identities for connecting to Azure SQL 3 changes to the config file <section name="SqlAuthenticationProviders" type="System.Data.SqlClient.SqlAuthenticationProviderConfigurationSection, System.Data, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" /> <SqlAuthenticationProviders> <providers> <add name="Active Directory Interactive" type="Microsoft.Azure.Services.AppAuthentication.SqlAppAuthenticationProvider, Microsoft.Azure.Services.AppAuthentication" /> </providers> </SqlAuthenticationProviders> <add name="MyDbConnection" connectionString="server=[Your SQL Server Name];database=[Your SQL DB name];UID=AnyString;Authentication=Active Directory Interactive" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"
  6. 6. Azure Government Secret private preview Two new Azure Government Secret regions, now in private preview and pending accreditation.
  7. 7. Cost Management for Pay-As-You-Go (GA) • Azure Usage Download for invoice reconciliation • Cost analysis • Budgets • Exports
  8. 8. SQL Data Warehouse reserved capacity (GA) • Save up to 65 percent on your Azure SQL Data Warehouse workloads • Reserved capacity is purchased in increments of 100 cDWU. Multiple warehouses in the same region can use a single pool of Reserved Capacity. The fully elastic properties of the service remain and operations beyond the reserved capacity will be billed using pay-as-you-go pricing.
  9. 9. Azure Backup support to move Recovery Services vaults (GA) • Key benefits • Flexibility to move across subscriptions and resource groups • No impact to old restore points and settings in the vault • Restore support independent of the VM in the old subscription
  10. 10. Exploring Container Offerings in Azure Adam Stephensen ( is a Technology Solutions Professional in Azure Application Development at Microsoft. When he's not writing code or helping companies deliver software, he's probably training, presenting or mentoring on new technologies, writing better code and the lessons he's learnt to help companies deliver software. Adam Stephensen