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  • Every business should look into designing a mobile site for their products and services. There are many website developers that are stressing the importance of rolling out their client’s mobile site first. Along with many advantages always come disadvantages that will be visited later. As well as we will go in to more detail about the use of smartphone and tablets has increased for purchases and searches.
  • These are two mobile sites that I personally use on a daily basis. They are convenient , fast and easy to use. I recommend developing a mobile site for Collins catering for not only current clients to use but future clients to benefit from as well. Picture ladies at brunch planning their next event for a girlfriends wedding shower or even the wedding itself. Someone says “google it” Your site is the first that comes up, but…. You are not mobile ready so they move on to the next that they do not have to zoom in and out or wait for the whole website to load.
  • Everybody is on life’s stopwatch. No matter who you are you are pressed for time. People check their phones while waiting in line or on a whim to complete a particular search. So since people live by their watch your mobile site will be a little different than what we are proposing for your website. With the development of your mobile site the bells and whistles will have to be site aside and content will be focused on.
  • Smartphones are taking over. Some people don’t even own PCs they only use their smartphones. 84% of people use their smartphones at home. 80% during miscellaneous times during the day, 74% waiting in lines, 64% at work.
  • For your mobile site to be functional and interactive with the users. This is so the site is quickly read and what they are looking for. If you have too many images the sight becomes slower to load and harder to access. Hence you’ll lose your one and only shot for interaction with future clients.
  • We are lucky today to have better development programs to make our mobile site integrations with mobile devices to make payments, process requests and receive updates and promos by texts. With these functions available to your clients your interaction with them. Even though man of the components play an important part none plays a more vital role than the text.
  • It’s time to step into the present and catch up on missed opportunities, optimize on current potential and interact with clients on a daily basis.
  • Week4 darcy denisegilbert

    1. 1. COLLINS CATERING,GOING MOBILEThis could be the answer….
    2. 2. Mobile first Some start with Mobile sites Many advantages and minimal disadvantages There are essentials to applying such a roll out Studies show that tablets and smartphone usage is higher than desktops
    3. 3. Start with Mobile Sites Banks have mobile sites for their clients to have easy access. At&t has developed a mobile site for their customers to easily access their accounts.
    4. 4. There for a reason…. Quick Fast And in a Hurry
    5. 5. More reasons why Mobile is experiencing explosive growth Mobile forces you to focus Your capabilities are extended by mobile
    6. 6. Statistics Number of Smartphones exceeds the number of PCs sold It’s been noted that the number of Smartphones sold will dwarf the number of PCs sold
    7. 7. The Essentials to the Layout Focus on Content Remove excessive images All components of your site need to be functional
    8. 8. Integration is better Mobile sites now have better integration with phone function  Marketing opportunities  Direct orders by phone  Sending promo texts by messages
    9. 9. Recap Use Mobile devices to reach all potential clientele Concentrate on text content Move forward with the mobile site and acquire more clientele and stay in contact with current clients
    10. 10. Collins Events and CateringGo mobile Let’s move into the future together and integrate with the smartphone world!!
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