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Opera Mail – An Alternative to Thunderbird


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Opera Mail – An Alternative to Thunderbird

  1. 1. Opera Mail – An Alternative to ThunderbirdOpera MailThis article is a summary of my experiences on Opera Mail as a good alternative toThunderbird (my previous mail client).A few days ago I had serious performance problems with my OpenSuSE Linux systems and Isoon discovered that is was due to Thunderbird using most of my machine resources (at somepoints ps showed 101% of the cpu and more than 60% of memory used by Thunderbird,I found on the Internet that this may happen when some of the mail folders have beencorrupted. Thunderbird stores all data in a profile directory that on my Linux installation wascalled ,thunderbird and was stored in my home account. I tried to rename the profile directory.thunderbird.old, to re-install Thunderbird and then tried to copy the mail folders from the old tothe new profile.However I had problems with the data copied from the Local Folders and finally. after readingthat Mozilla is pulling the plug on Thunderbird, its popular email client. I decided to try somealternatives. 1/5
  2. 2. Opera Mail comes integrated into the Opera web browser. It provides a powerful collection ofintegrated options for organising messages. It is not an open source program but it is free andworks on many platforms including Linux.Opera Mail InstallationThe installation of Opera Mail is pretty simple and didn’t give me any trouble. When I started 2/5
  3. 3. Opera I found an option to add email accounts and I used it to re-create all my mail accountsstored on my servers. When I accessed them they accessed correctly all my previous email inboth the received and sent boxes.I then decided to copy the emails stored previously in the Thunderbird Local Folders and I coulddo that by using the import functions provided by Opera.To start, one clicks on the Opera button at the top and select Mail and Chat accounts from thecontext menu and then clicks on Add > Import email > Import from Thunderbird.On the following screen, one needs to click on browse and select the Thunderbird prefs.js filethat is found in the Thunderbird profile folder (in my case the.profile.old that I had saved frommy previous Thunderbird installation) 3/5
  4. 4. Opera will import all messages from the selected mail folder but not the underlying folderstructure.Therefore I could not import directly from the ‘Local Folders’ directory, but I had to do that foreach sub-dictory. after re-creating the folder in the Opera environment.Importing may take a few minutes depending on the number of emails that are stored in eachmail folder. It took about three or four minutes to import about 20,000 emails from one account.Opera Mail DifferencesThunderbird creates individual email folders for each email box and Local Folder’ whereasOpera uses a unified approach based on Views. Mails are centrally stored but may be accessedby email account by using one of the provided views.Opera Mail displays a unified mailbox at the top where messages from all accounts are listed 4/5
  5. 5. in. The email sidebar furthermore lists mailing lists that you are subscribed to or are receiving messages from, labels, attachments sorted by type, and after that inbox and sent folders for all accounts individually. The attachment view allows to access directly attachments received with the emails. Generally I found that you can manage emails and attachments in a faster way compared with Thunderbird. For instance in Thinderbird I had to view each mail account individually, whereas with Opera I found that I could read immediately all my mails and that I needed to access single email accounts only for special searches. Another important difference is that Opera was designed to run well even on low-end and small computers, and with a commitment to computer accessibility for users who may have visual or mobility impairments. Conclusions Generally I am pretty happy with my Opera Mail client and also the mail management seems to be more natural and faster Moreover I found that Opera Mail uses much less computer resources than my previous Thunderbird installation and the response times are better. References Thunderbird Alternative Opera Mail from Thunderbird alternatives from Opera Mail Tutorial 5/5Powered by TCPDF (