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NetEase - Story of a Transformation

How NetEase has transformed itself from a PC gaming company to a global PC/Mobile gaming company.

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NetEase - Story of a Transformation

  1. 1. Game Platform Transformation David Ting 9/27/2015
  2. 2. Who is NetEase
  3. 3. 1997 2000 2001 2002 2003 Founded PCU=1.26 M User=310 M PCU=2.71 M 2011 2009 User=80 M User=100 M Online Game NASDAQ:NTES 2014 All in Mobile Going Global 2008-now Blizzard Partner Company History
  4. 4. Service RankWebsites & Apps No.1Email No.1News No.1Education No.2Music No.3IM NetEase: Leading Services Provider
  5. 5. Overseas Publishing Self-development Investment Co-developmentLicensed Game Publishing Provide the TOP quality Game Content to Our Users Top Game Developer & Publisher Game First, Game Everywhere
  6. 6. 100+ Top 10 Game Company in the World The Largest Game Developer in China: 5000+ engineers Rich Pipeline
  7. 7. Developer Room Apple Store Event Featured Titles(15+) Recognition from App Store
  8. 8. Best of 2014 in App Store Best of 2014 in App Store Product Page of Fantasy Westward Journey Top Products in 2014 and 2015
  9. 9. 310 Million (Population of USA)Registered Users 2.71 Million (Population of Chicago)PCU 23 MillionRegistered Users 2.04 MillionPCU $313 Million USDGross Revenue First 60 days: Transition a PC Success to Mobile
  10. 10. Game Grossing No. 4 in Global App Store, April 2015 Company Grossing No. 5 in Global App Store, April 2015 Based on AppAnnie Now a Top Grossing Publisher
  11. 11. Amazing Response in US Fantasy Westward Journey has reached a high of 27 on the US Games overall grossing chart without any marketing and translation
  12. 12. Mobile PC growth slows, and mobile growth is explosive Mobile is casual, fragmented game play sessions, smaller emphasis on social elements Platform DifferencesShift in Demand Platform Transition
  13. 13. Achievement Esteem Love/belonging Safety Fulfillment Development Belonging Subsistence Top-level player High-class player Ordinary player Fulfill Diversified Demands Game Design Meet the Demand PK Competition Clan War Cross-server PK Top PK Competition Achievements Home Marriage Clan Friend Avatar Daily Play Benefits Money Fully Interactive World
  14. 14. Jade Gold Silver ¥1 = 10 Jade 1 Jade = 100 Gold 100 Silver = 1 Gold Stable Game Society Stable Economic System Stable Currency Value Tradable Currency RMB purchase Players produce Control the amount of Gold to maintain a stable currency value Economy Design Each player can only purchase 200 gold chests per day, and only 10,000 chests are available each day per server
  15. 15. • Need house before marriage • House needs decoration • Friends invited to a party • Need money to raise family Non-violent game play strongly appeals to both genders. “The Sims” Based in Chinese Myth
  16. 16. Skill Requirement on Social Activity
  17. 17. • Rich Gameplay Pets Fishing Chess SchoolProtection Guilds Clans Banking Marriage Give Birth Buy House Construction Quests Raw Materials FengShuei Tailor Farm Forge Furniture Cook Trade Craft Gems Duel … Medicine Dye Hunt Ghosts Trade Treasure Hunt Casual Games Raise kids Crafting Division of Labor Produce and Consume Sense of Accomplishment Make Social Interation Core Player Stickiness Player Stickiness Virtual Society
  18. 18. Mobile Feature Changes: - Simplify control: Path finding, auto-combat, chests open automatically, auto-provisioning - Common UI components - Optimize the experience on smaller screen (ie: Trading) - Shorten combat duration - Added auto leveling • Based on mobile design pattern Designed for Mobile
  19. 19. Mobile Differences: - Many events require teams - Large number of clan activities - Improve the chat system. Added in voice chat, lowered level requirement for chat and changed tradition mobiles simulated social interaction to real-time interaction • Require real-time social and team interaction Deviation from Mobile Cliché
  20. 20. Mobile Art Changes: • Modernized the Art. Example, Goddess of Forgetfulness Modernize
  21. 21. Mobile Stickiness Stable Economy Create durable and stable PC game on mobile Encouraging results Rare pet listed for trade:$1,100 USD Similar to PC, many items are above $1,000 USD Built for Stability
  22. 22. Continue With an Eye to Innovation
  23. 23. Speedy Ninja Launch
  24. 24. Launched at PAX
  25. 25. Culturalization The image on the left is too similar to the western Chewing Gum brand “5 Gum”. The new image shown right. These weapons are both too close to the intellectual property of Apple, and Lucasarts. Our revised images are shown on the right. Changes to adhere to IP and copyright law: Replacing single character words with symbols: These images from the game can’t be represented by a single english word. We replaced them with symbols that are understandable and will not require further translation. The first image is from a projectile in the game. This is too similar to the Nazi Swastika, and so we had to change it. Correcting culturally offensive assets: Due to app store policies, and the general perception of smoking in the west, we also removed the cigarette from Archimedes (who we call Clucky)
  26. 26. How Do We Select The Name Ninja Must Die 2 Survey results: Respondents are not attracted to ‘Ninja Must Die 2’ as a mobile game name. Approximately 40% of respondents from all countries indicated they were ‘not at all’ attracted to this name. After seeing a description of the game respondents either did not change their original rating or lowered it. One-third of parents would not let their child play a game with this name. Over 80% of respondents misunderstood the theme of the game based solely on seeing the name ‘Ninja Must Die 2’ ‘Killing Ninjas’ was the assumed theme of the game given by 47% of those extremely likely to play the game.
  27. 27. Sample Test Icons for Speedy Ninja Control Icon (China) App Store Icons - Art Reference
  28. 28. 5 Star Weapons 1/200 Chance $840 or 5208 RMB x50 1/227 Chance (Each) $4,828 x20 1/274 Chance (Each) $2,336 x280 $4.20 Character Skin x30 $0.43 Epic Chest Fish Lotto $7,164 or 44,417 RMB Overall, the price range for items inside the game are priced considerably higher than what western players are comfortable and experienced paying. In our analysis for the game economy, we found that getting high quality items can cost as much as $840, and unlocking the most rare Skins for a character can cost thousands of dollars. One of our major goals in our launch is tuning and balancing the game economy, so that players feel that they get good value for their money. Economy Balance
  29. 29. 谢谢! Thank you! David Ting NetEase General Manager, North America