Wind Development & Land Use in Minnesota - Intro & Overview


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This presentation was part of a meeting put on by SW CERT ( in Redwood Falls, MN on wind energy development and land use in Minnesota. Annette set the stage for the meeting by providing a brief overview of wind in general, who regulates wind, installed capacities in MN from 1999 to 2009, project scale, wind resource maps & locations of state and local permitted turbines in MN, the generator interconnection queue map, transmission line map, provided indicators of how you might know a project is looking to develop in your area, and a list of resources that may be useful.

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  • With the advanced technology that we are enjoying right now, we are already consuming more than enough electricity that results to a power outage when the power supply runs out. That's the problem. So, we must think of a source that can provide us an unlimited supply. This was seen in wind energy, our renewable energy resources that is clean. There's no health hazards that goes with it. Aside form the fact that it's just for free.
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Wind Development & Land Use in Minnesota - Intro & Overview

  1. 1. Minnesota Wind Development and Land Use Welcome April 26, 2010 Redwood Falls, MN
  2. 2. Wind Development and Land Use 1:00 • Introduction and overview 1:15 • State Energy Facility Permitting • Break 3:00 • Panel Local Experience Q and A 4:15 • Next Steps? 4:30 • Adjourn
  3. 3. Wind Siting Act Minnesota Statutes Chapter 216F and Minnesota Rules Chapter 7836
  4. 4. WHO REGULATES WIND? >5 MW = Public Utilities Commission < 5 MW = Local government (exceptions) • 15 Jan 2008: counties may choose to permit <25 MW • The State will determine the size of a Project Photo by Netty Bair
  5. 5. /externalDocs/Commerce/M ap_Wind_Turbine_Locations _022409111000_WindTurbin eMap.pdf
  6. 6. Generator Interconnection Queue map Feb 2010 MISO
  7. 7. How do you know a wind development project is looking to develop in your area? • Community rumors • Met tower • Recorders office busy with wind leases • Developer comes to speak with you • Units of Government - draft site permit • Public meetings (Public hearings ) comment •E-911 (now included) •Fire protection (changing?) •Road Agreement?
  8. 8. Annette “Netty” Bair SW Regional Development Commission SW Clean Energy Resource Team 507.836.8547 ext 101