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Metro CERTs - One Year in Review


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This presentation was given at the April 15, 2009 Metro Clean Energy Resource Teams Resource and Networking Event

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Metro CERTs - One Year in Review

  1. 1. A Year in Review… Diana McKeown April 15th, 2009 Science Museum of Minnesota
  2. 2. Our Mission Giving community members a voice in energy planning by connecting them with the technical resources necessary to identify and implement community-scale energy efficiency and renewable energy projects
  3. 3. Unique Partnership • University: U of M Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships • Nonprofit: The Minnesota Project & Green Institute • Government: MN Dept. of Commerce, SW Regional Development Commission
  4. 4. CERTs Structure
  5. 5. The Green Institute • Founded in 1993 out of an environmental justice movement against the expansion of a waste transfer station. • Mission is to “sustain the environment and our communities through practical innovation” • Solutions-oriented approach • About 25 employees • Programs include: – Green Buildings – ReUse Center/Deconstruction Services – Community Energy/Metro CERTs
  6. 6. ReUse/Deconstruction
  7. 7. Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center
  8. 8. Green Institute Staff
  9. 9. Metro CERTs goals • Create a network to support and encourage collaboration among Twin Cities community- based energy projects and planning efforts • Provide organizing support to help local efforts get off the ground • Connect local efforts with technical resources • Help the State of Minnesota achieve its energy efficiency and renewable energy goals
  10. 10. Metro CERTs Current Staff Team • Diana McKeown, Metro CERTs Coordinator • Nancy Kelly, Community Energy Project Manager • Agatha Vaaler, Metro CERTs support staff • Kai Bosworth, Macalester Intern
  11. 11. Key Accomplishments • Established Metro CERTs Structure • Established Metro CERTs Steering Committee • 20 Metro CERTs affiliates • Over 30 speaking engagements reaching nearly 2000 people • Participated in projects • Raised foundation funds (Carolyn Foundation, Bush Foundation)
  12. 12. Metro CERTs Steering Committee • Neely Crane-Smith- CEE • Paul Hoff- MAGI • Chris Duffrin- NEC • Jennifer McLoughlin- Woodbury • Chris Gilchrist- OES • Philipp Muessig- MPCA • Sean Gosiewski- AFORS • Lissa Pawlisch- UM RSDP/CERTs • Tony Hainault-MEPC • Lola Schoenrich- GPISD
  13. 13. Community Projects • Shoreview/SummerHouse • Lake Elmo Rotary • One Stop Residential- Longfellow • St. Anthony Park, St. Paul
  14. 14. Statewide CERTs Programs • Schools Cutting Carbon • GreenStep Cities • Clean Energy Census • Refrigerator Roundup
  15. 15. Schools Cutting Carbon We are working with 36 schools in the Metro CERTs Region to help them save money and reduce their carbon footprints!
  16. 16. GreenStep Cities GreenStep Cities provides cities with a pathway toward sustainability through best practices in: • Buildings • Transportation • Land use and planning • Environmental management The program outlines common and effective approaches for local governments to save energy and work toward sustainability
  17. 17. Clean Energy Census • The Clean Energy Census is an effort to reach Minnesotans door to door and at events and determine what they need and to connect them to a wide array of energy resources such as utility rebates, renewable energy incentives, community energy programs etc.
  18. 18. Refrigerator Round Up • CERTs is working in partnership with the Office of Energy Security to make sure that there are programs all over the state to trade in and harvest old refrigerators as people take advantage of new rebates for energy efficient appliances
  19. 19. What Next? • Taking our SummerHouse model to other senior living facilities • Working with Center for Energy and Environment on a Residential Energy Program • Supporting state wide CERTs initiatives such as Clean Energy Census and Refrigerator Roundup • Piloting more projects in communities • Helping you?
  20. 20. Contact Diana McKeown Metro CERTs Coordinator The Green Institute 612-278-7125