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Get your business not only found, but CHOSEN.

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Local Search

  1. 1. Recycler Local Search
  2. 2. Ask yourself… Where do consumers go to find local businesses when they need a product or service?Recycler Local Search
  3. 3. 82% say they go onlineRecycler Local Search
  4. 4. What is Local Search Marketing? Local Search Marketing is when a business ranks for keywords related to their product or service in their geographic area. Local results will appear in the results page under 2 conditions: The search engine user put a city or state in the search box with their initial search query like “transmission repair Johnson City, TN” The search engine deemed that a generic phrase like “carpet cleaning” should be local in nature so it feeds results from the location of the users IP address.Recycler Local Search
  5. 5. Yellow page use declining every year!Bill Gates Quote: 2007 – 5 Years Ago"When you look for something like plumber thepresentation you get will be far better than what youget in the Yellow Pages," Gates said. "After all, weknow your location and so we can cluster [results]around that. ... Yellow Page usage amongst people intheir, say below 50, will drop to near zero over thenext five years." Recycler Local Search
  6. 6. Reaching out to Active Local BuyersIn years past businessesrelied on their listing in theYellow Pages to be found.In today’s market PlacePages on as many sitesas possible is essentialto being “Found” and“Chosen”Recycler Local Search
  7. 7. Buyers begin their search using a search engine The results from these engines account for about 95% of all local searchesGoogle local, Google maps, Citysearch, Insiderpages, Yahoo local, Yellow pages, MSN local, MSN live search, MSN yellow pages, MSNMaps, AOL local, AOL yellow pages, Yellow pages, SNC yellow pages, True local, Infospace, MapQuest, Superpages, local.com,Anywho.com, 411.com, Areaguides.net, Address.com, YellowAssistance.com.Recycler Local Search
  8. 8. Mobile is the fastest growing media and a Big Player in Local Search65% of mobile users said they usedtheir mobile device to find abusiness to make an in-storepurchase . (Source: Google, 2011)24% of U.S. adult online iPhoneusers and 21% of Android usershave used a shopping application inthe past three months. (Source:Forrester, 2011) Recycler Local Search
  9. 9. Where does your business rank in local search results?Recycler Local Search
  10. 10. We can help your business become more popular with search engines… At home or work online On the Go with mobileRecycler Local Search
  11. 11. First, we create an online ad for your business. YOUR PLACE At Citysearch.com The Most Comprehensive Content in the Industry • We create the most influential content on the Web, including owner’s message, photos, website links, deals, social media links, etc. • Our unique PLACE PAGE displays information in a way known for engaging consumersRecycler Local Search
  12. 12. YOUR PLACE Business Information Sponsored Ad rotates at the top of search results Website Link Social Media, Facebook Likes and Link to Live Twitter Feed Your logo and/or photos Up to 10 Special Offers Map and Directions to your business ReviewsRecycler Local Search
  13. 13. YOUR PLACEOwner Message Your business story tells Active Local Buyers who you are Written using keywords designed to help you appear in more search results Sent to our network partner place pages.Recycler Local Search
  14. 14. YOUR PLACE Reviews  Manage your reputation  NEW Word of Mouth  Incorporate a Review Strategy as part of your marketing plan  Reviews are highly indexed by search enginesRecycler Local Search
  15. 15. YOUR PLACE Special Offers  Promote your Products and/or Services with up to 10 Special Offers  Offers help entice customers to view your Place Page  Offers also appear on CitySearch Deals Page and mobile appRecycler Local Search
  16. 16. Then we send your information to our network. OUR NETWORK The Largest and Most Targeted Distribution in Local • Comprised of hundreds of the most popular websites and mobile apps. • We promote YOUR PLACE throughout the network • We strategically position you across the largest networks focused on finding Active Local Buyers at the point of decision. • By engaging the most qualified local buyers, we provide you with the best return on your investment and show you the results.Recycler Local Search
  17. 17. NETWORKThe network reaches the most users in local and includes all themajor players in the local space plus many more! Unique Monthly Visitors in Millions 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0Recycler Local Search
  18. 18. 300+ Partners Including Directories, Local Guides, and Mobile Apps across the webRecycler Local Search
  19. 19. Then we provide comprehensive tracking that verifies your results!Recycler Local Search
  20. 20. The Bottom Line Is This – You have a business that can take on more customers and we have the network that can deliver them to you, increasing your bottom line! Your Place + Our Network = More SalesRecycler Local Search