Make Money From Home With Facebook!


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Learn how to earn big money from home just with your Facebook account. Check out!

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Make Money From Home With Facebook!

  1. 1. ==== ====Make Money From Home With Facebook! ====If you are using Facebook to market your business, without using the Facebook pay per clickmarketing system, then you are in for quite a dilemma. In this article I will introduce you to thedilemma and I will tell you what I think you should do when it comes to using Facebook toadvertise your business for free.I must admit that even though I am an Internet marketer, fairly creative and really enjoy testingnew marketing techniques and new methods of communication, most of my friends in the offlineworld had joined Facebook before me.I just didnt understand the benefit of signing up, before I realized that everybody was talkingabout Facebook. And of course, as an Internet marketer, you need to be where the crowd is goingto be. It doesnt matter if its at Google, some discussion forum, MySpace, Twitter or Facebook -you need to be there.The dilemma of using Facebook to market your business came to my mind a few months afterjoining the community. Most people join Facebook because they want to communicate with theirfriends, they want to find old friends, and maybe find some new friends. Its the communicationbetween people that seems to be what its all about, and for this, Facebook is close to perfect.You join Facebook using your real name, most people do that, and when you are using your realname at Facebook, you will "automatically" make a lot of friends. And when it comes to yourbusiness, you will want to use Facebook to communicate with your business partners and yourprospects as well.You have your friends from the offline world and you have the people involved in your business,and when it comes to Facebook, they are all considered as your friends. The dilemma is that mostpeople, me included, dont want to mix friends and business. I dont want my (offline) friends tosee updates of my marketing stuff, I dont want them to see all sorts of images and links tomarketing stuff, I want them to see the results from the Things I Like To Do Naked Quiz (not sureif there is such a quiz, but I think you get my point). The same goes for my business partners andmy prospects. I dont want them to see the results from the "Things I Like To Do Naked Quiz", Iwant them only to see marketing related stuff.So, the Facebook marketing dilemma is really; how can you possibly separate your business andyour private life at Facebook?If youd like to mix business with pleasure when it comes to Facebook, you can almost guaranteethat your business partners and your prospects will be rather confused. Should they see all thestuff that goes on between you and your friends? Do you think that this will benefit your business?
  2. 2. If you are going to solve the Facebook marketing dilemma, you got to do the following:Use only communication applications that your offline friends wont see. Target your businesspartners and your prospects with your communication, and do the other way around with youroffline friends.Events create them and invite your business partners and prospects. You can easily send masse-mails to all the members of an event. You can publish all sorts of information related to theevent, and only people invited to join the event will get all the updates.Messages; compose new messages to your business partners and prospects. You can use it as aregular e-mail, and only the person receiving the message will see it.Chat this is a fairly new application where you can communicate with your Facebook friends inreal-time. You can chose who to communicate with, and the people chatting will be the only onesthat will see the communication.Pages create pages for your business. This is public information about your company. You canuse your pages to promote your business at Facebook, people can become followers, and if theydo, they will get updates on new information added to the pages, and you can use pages tocommunicate with your "followers".Facebook can be a marketing nightmare, but it can also be a blessing. You know that close toeverybody is a member, and that it can be a very effective way of communication. Communicatewith your offline friends and your business partners and prospects, but remember, never mix themand stay focused.About this AuthorJens P. Berget is the author of slymarketing, a blog about creative marketing ideas and innovativepromotions. He has written about many creative ways to use Facebook as an effective way topromote yourself and your business.Article Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====Make Money From Home With Facebook! ====