Buy Your Dream Car At Government Auction & Save Big Money


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You can get all the information you need to save as much as 95% on the purchase of your dream car. Visit for all the information and resources you need.

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Buy Your Dream Car At Government Auction & Save Big Money

  1. 1. Get your dream car at Government Auctions sure where to start? Get the FAQ’s here. So just what are Government Car Auctions?As the name suggests, the Government Car Auctions are auctions at which the government offmotor vehicles they have finished with. A handful of the automobiles will be from criminals, stillothers will be cast offs, or replaced cars from government departments such as the police force orlocal government pool cars etc. In the main these cars are sold off at auctions and can more oftenthan not be bought at a low price by anyone at the auction, making these a bona fide bargain. How Do I Find Government Car Auctions?The auctions take place all over the country, and it shouldnt be too hard to find one not too farfrom you. Scour your local newspapers for ads or press releases about local government carauctions, or alternatively search online using your state as part of the search query and you shoulddiscover an auction local to you. There are also online auction finder services to help locateauctions for you. There might be some fees involved but it may well save you a lot of time. Here isone we recommend How do Government Car Auctions Work?This is an excellent question to ask before you arrive at an auction, as there are a few pitfallswhich could easily catch you out. The government car auctions usually work just as any otherauction sale would, you bid on the item (or lot) you wish to buy and when all the bidding is finishedthe highest bid wins. The first caveat as always is take care what you are purchasing. Do yourresearch, ensure you know the expected value of a vehicle you may purchase before you bid overthe price you would pick it up anywhere else. You will have the chance to check over the carsbefore the auction starts, so use it. The fact that you are procuring a car from a government carauction does not mean that the car you will buy will be in perfect condition or that there will be nodefects with it. The government can auction cars that are no longer required but also can auctionvehicles gained from other companies or even criminals which may have not had propermaintenance carried out. You should set out to the auction early, decide upon a car and then begin with the checks. It is amust to check the Vehicle Identification Numbers and ensure they match on the car and thepaperwork. Check it over mechanically, if you dont feel competent to judge for yourself, then see ifa mechanically minded friend would go with you to check the cars with you. Once you are sureabout the cars history, mechanics and suitability for you and you know the top price you are goingto pay you are all set to bid. Once the bidding commences, bear in mind your limits and dont get caught up in the excitementof a bidding war. You dont want to have gone to all the trouble of finding a Government carauction only to pay more for the car than your local used car dealership would have sold you onefor.
  2. 2. Armed with all the pertinent information, using a Government car auction to buy a car could netyou a real bargain. So nows the time to start researching where the nearest auctions are to you ifyou wish to get that government car auction bargain youve read about. Don’t have time to go outto an auction??? No problem, you can find many online auctions. They are informative andefficient. You can get all the information you need to find and buy your dream car at as much as 95% offthe original retail price. Check it out at