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Presentation St Bernards SS P and C


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Presentation St Bernards SS P and C

Published in: Technology
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Presentation St Bernards SS P and C

  1. 1. Presenter: Damon Taylor Presented to:St Bernards State School P and C Executive 4 June 2012
  2. 2. From the Beginning… I’m here to answer questions about Safe Newsletters I’m here as a parent I’m here as a former school principal I’m local and can offer immediate an onsite support I’m offering the service free of charge I want to assist school and student performance I’m here to help
  3. 3. My Role Here… I’m here to clarify and assist I am here to lend my expertise if you want it I am not the boss I’m here to facilitate a transition I’m here to assist change management I’m here to assist performance I’m here as part of a team I want my kids to have the best education that we can provide for them
  4. 4. The School Nightmare… Maintaining an email list List too big and won’t send No Privacy safe guards (ie all parents email addresses) Show example email1 and email2 Interruptions MS Outlook failing Email Bounces Inefficient and time consuming Ineffective communication. Cranky parents.
  5. 5. The Parent Frustration… The school website is unhelpful Can’t self subscribe or unsubscribe Not secure (email addresses sometimes visible) example Can’t add dates show example Doesn’t contain useful and relevant links show example Doesn’t have a phone number Newsletter difficult to read Can’t easily segment the list (ie distribution lists)
  6. 6. The Students Miss Out…Because parents don’t always get effective communication… Students miss excursions Students miss events Students are unprepared for events Because they are unprepared, students get anxious and stressed.
  7. 7. The School Perception…Poor technology and communication leads to unwanted school perception. For example parents might say… School has poor communication School has poor web access to resources.. School is disorganized School is poorly promoted School doesn’t celebrate achievements School has a declining reputation WE DON’T WANT THIS!!
  8. 8. Questions I’m often Asked… How does it work Is it secure and safe? Can parents see everyone elses email address? Do you attach the newsletter? Do I have control over the email list Is there advertising in the email? Is there any advertising at all? Can the school (or P and C) generate advertising revenue? Can anyone subscribe?
  9. 9. Questions I’m often Asked… Can teachers and students subscribe? Can I bulk import existing email addresses? Is it easy to use? Are there setup costs? Do you offer support? Is there any downtime? Can I export my email list? Can I add a subscribe form to our website? Is it SPAM compliant?
  10. 10. SPAM Consent ie permission Identification – who is sending the message Unsubscribe – a functional means to unsubscribe. Education is exempt from consent and unsubscribe providing its message is not commercial but it MUST identify itself. We manage SPAM for you. Show example
  11. 11. What we offer Fast, secure, reliable electronic newsletter distribution School surveys Increased School capability and performance Improved School Business Intelligence SMS messaging (coming soon) School engagement School community Connectedness. Integration (ie facebook) Effective, efficient, economic and environmental
  12. 12. Privacy Email address are stored on a secure server Email addresses are NEVER sold or rented Email is delivered one at a time, NEVER as a bulk email distribution list, further safe guarding addresses. Addresses are deleted upon unsubscribe Addresses are NEVER used for SPAM
  13. 13. Permission By giving your email address to a school, you give them permission to send you newsletters. Some schools use MS Outlook, webmail, email software, online apps etc… to distribute newsletters. At a school management level, schools procure the most efficient, cost effective and least disruptive method of newsletter distribution. Safe Newsletters is a permission based system that operates under stringent permission processes.
  14. 14. How we work We act as an email distribution agent for Australian schools. We are a 3rd party provider independent of government contracts. Our infrastructure is Australian. We are a subscription business We operate in the education technology/marketing space.
  15. 15. 3rd Party ProvidersImagine a world without 3rd party providers?? EQ mail servers, web hosting Facebook Twitter Flickr, Picasa Youtube, Google Microsoft Exchange…
  16. 16. What to Expect… We improve the QUALITY of your exiting distribution We reduce parent communication frustration We reduce school interruptions We improve school governance using surveys We help improve school transparency by placing easy access information in front of parents.
  17. 17. A word on Advertising… The FREE version of Safe Newsletters contains advertising during collection. Show example Advertising on the PRO version is optional. Revenue goes to the school or P and C, apart from a small slice that goes to Safe Newsletters to cover costs. Advertising is inline, which means that it is not part of the newsletter. Show example.
  18. 18. Schools have many components Schools are the culmination of many working parts Schools utilize:  Other departments  NGOs  Volunteers  Retailers (Books, software etc…)  Trades (electricians, builders etc…)  Other 3rd party providers
  19. 19. When Schools Get Started… When schools get started the first thing they ask me is… I already have an email list. Do I have to type in each email address one by one… OR Can I bulk import them in one go?? There is always a sigh of relief when I say… Yes!
  20. 20. WIN WIN Migrating to Safe Newsletters is a Win Win It doesn’t cost the school anything Its efficient and easy to use. It has inbuilt safety so that email isn’t seen by other parents. The school P and C can make money from advertising It engages the school community Its professional … and you get support from me.