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Deeksha ppt

Various aspect of Computer

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Deeksha ppt

  1. 1. Computer Hardware and Types Submitted by: Deeksha Saxena MBA (TTM) Center For Tourism Management
  2. 2. Computer Hardware And Types  Basically Computer is an machine in which we enter data as input to get processed data as output so that we might save it as information. So I provides us complete relevant data timely with good accuracy.
  3. 3. Computer Organization  Computers go through the five main key elements for computing. These are  Hardware  Software  Data  People  Procedure
  4. 4. Hardware  Hardware is a physical parts of computer, which can be touch. Like as  Keyboard  Mouse  Printer  Scanner  CPU  Monitor
  5. 5. Computer Hardware
  6. 6. Monitor  Monitor is most widely used display unit.  Monitor is the display screen of a desktop which makes us visible all the work/task which will be done by others
  7. 7. Keyboard  Keyboard is the most widely used input devices.  It contains all the letters of the alphabet, numbers and some special symbols.
  8. 8. Mouse  It is a device that is used that is used to control the computer.  When the mouse is moved on a pad,the cursor moves on the screen. orig.jpg
  9. 9. Central Processing Unit(CPU)  It is composed of silicon and contains millions of transistors for e.g dual core.  Processing device means calculation comparisons and decisions. BILk/s1600/CPU.jpg
  10. 10. Printer  A printer is an output device that prints text documents,images,spread sheets etc. as hard copy.  Printers quality is measured in dot per inch(DPI). http://brain-
  11. 11. Scanner  Scanners are used to enter information directly in to the computers memory.  The scanner converts any type of printed or written information including photographs in to digital pulses.
  12. 12. Reference Courses On Computer Concepts Edition-May 2015 Writer-A kumar P Mishra Publication-T Balaji Publication
  13. 13. Thank You…...

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Various aspect of Computer


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