CCNA Router and IOS Basics Questions


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CCNA Router and IOS Basics Questions

  1. 1. Chapter 5True/FalseIndicate whether the statement is true or false.____ 1. Routers operate at the Application layer of the OSI reference model.____ 2. In addition to the AUX and the console ports, you can use five virtual terminals (VTY) to configure a Cisco router.____ 3. The system configuration dialog presents a series of prompts that guide you through the initial configuration for the router.____ 4. The enable password is stored in an encrypted form for increased security.____ 5. The content of ROM is maintained even when the router is rebooted.Multiple ChoiceIdentify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.____ 6. Network administrators typically access the router directly through the console port (also known as the ____) located on the back of the router. a. DB-9 c. console b. VTY d. AUX____ 7. The console port connects directly to a PC through a(n) ____ rollover cable a. RJ-45 to RJ-10 c. RJ-9 to RJ-45 b. RJ-45 to RJ-45 d. RJ-9 to RJ-10____ 8. The ____ port allows a remote administrator to dial into the router through an external modem. a. auxiliary c. virtual b. console d. terminal____ 9. You can access the system configuration dialog by typing the ____ command at the privileged EXEC prompt. a. init c. dialog b. config d. setup____ 10. By default, a Cisco router’s host name is ____. a. host c. cisco01 b. router d. tiger____ 11. When the prompt displayed is the greater than symbol, the router is in ____ EXEC mode. a. privileged c. superuser b. admin d. user____ 12. User mode does not allow you to configure the router. To do this, you must go into the ____ EXEC mode. a. privileged c. user b. config d. router____ 13. To enter privileged EXEC, you can type the ____ command at the user mode prompt. a. sudo c. enable
  2. 2. b. setup d. privileged____ 14. With ____ configuration mode, you can configure the virtual terminals, console, and AUX lines that let you access the router. a. global c. router b. interface d. line____ 15. If you want to remove the enable secret password, you can type ____ at the global configuration mode prompt. a. enable secret off c. no enable secret b. enable off d. no secret____ 16. The editing command ____ moves the cursor to the end of the current line. a. Ctrl+E c. Esc+B b. Ctrl+F d. Esc+F____ 17. The editing command ____ moves the cursor one character to the right. a. Ctrl+E c. Esc+B b. Ctrl+F d. Esc+F____ 18. The ____ command is typically used as a legal means of warning anyone who accesses the banner that they will be held accountable. a. banner legal c. banner motd b. legal motd d. motd on____ 19. You can configure a description for each of the interfaces physically attached to your router by using the ____ command. a. banner c. motd b. description d. interface____ 20. Use the ____ command in enable mode to configure the time. a. clock set c. clock on b. time set d. time on____ 21. ____ is a type of erasable, programmable, read-only memory (EPROM). a. ROM c. DRAM b. NVRAM d. Flash memory____ 22. ____ contains the working copy of the current Cisco IOS and is the component that initializes the IOS for normal router operations. a. ROM c. DRAM b. Flash memory d. NVRAM____ 23. ____ is a special type of RAM that is not cleared when the router is rebooted. a. DRAM c. ROM b. Flash memory d. NVRAM____ 24. The startup configuration file for the router is stored in ____ by default. a. NVRAM c. flash memory b. ROM d. DRAM____ 25. Random access memory (RAM), also known as ____, is a volatile hardware component because its information is not maintained in the event of a router reboot. a. ROM c. DRAM
  3. 3. b. NVRAM d. EPROM____ 26. The command ____ displays the current startup configuration file on the router, which is stored in NVRAM. a. show running-config c. show buffers b. show memory d. show startup-configCompletionComplete each statement. 27. Network administrators commonly configure and interact with a Cisco router via the Cisco ____________________. 28. Privileged EXEC mode is called ____________________ mode because you must enter the enable command to access it. 29. You can turn off the enhanced editing features by typing ____________________ at either the user EXEC or the privileged EXEC prompts. 30. When entering the time zone, you must include the name of the time zone and the offset from the ____________________. 31. A router’s ____________________ loads the bootstrap program that initializes the router’s basic hardware components.Matching Match each item with a statement below: a. Cisco IOS f. login command b. EXEC g. Ctrl+A c. CiscoWorks h. Banner d. Global configuration mode i. Interface description e. Interface configuration mode____ 32. specifies that users must log in when they access the console line____ 33. helps you remember which network the interface services____ 34. network management software used to manage Cisco routers____ 35. allows you to configure the Ethernet and serial interfaces on your router____ 36. editing command that moves the cursor to the beginning of the current line____ 37. the software that interprets the Cisco IOS commands____ 38. basic configuration mode in Cisco IOS____ 39. provides a command-line interface (CLI), which allows network operators to check the status of the router and network administrators to manage and configure the router____ 40. message that you can configure to display each time someone attempts to log in to the router
  4. 4. Short Answer 41. What are some of the benefits of routing? 42. What are some of the tasks that can be performed at the privileged EXEC mode? 43. How can you set both the enable password and the enable secret password? 44. Describe the command history feature. 45. How can you configure a router host name? 46. How can you configure a router’s banner? 47. Describe the router’s ROM. 48. Describe a router’s flash memory. 49. Describe a router’s NVRAM component. 50. What are some of the types of interfaces in a Cisco router?