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The Polar Continental Shelf Project (PCSP) or Polar shelf


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The first Logistic support system set up by the Canadian government to support research in the high Arctic

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The Polar Continental Shelf Project (PCSP) or Polar shelf

  1. 1. …or how to claim sovereignty on the cheap …ou la souvereineté à bon marché! “we can assert our presence in the Arctic Islands with scientists, they work hard and are inexpensive” (A federal DM)
  2. 2. Dr. E.F. (Fred) Roots 1st Director PCSP 1er Directeur de l’EPCP
  3. 3. Resolute 1959
  4. 4. Isachsen 1959
  5. 5. Frank Hunt Pre-eminent surveyor And all around nice guy. Don Smith (gravity) Adam Kerr (hydrography) Frank Hunt Cape Isachsen Ellef Ringnes Island
  6. 6. Dr. Art Collin in charge of field operations 1960 and Denis St-Onge
  7. 7. The idiot machine! The Rat!
  8. 8. DS and Dick Moskal
  9. 9. Doug Granger and DS at a Decca site
  10. 10. Some elements of the landscape of Ellef Ringnes A CUESTA
  11. 11. Hogback
  12. 12. Sandstone pillars
  13. 13. Adam and Eve
  14. 14. He mistook a man in a sleeping bag for a seal!
  15. 15. The “Tuk” base
  16. 16. Polar Shelf Eureka, Ellesmere Island
  17. 17. Some old (?) timers: Frank Hunt, Chris Barmig, Denis St-Onge, George Hobson & Fred Roots
  18. 18. 1959 Merci Thank you Nah ko rhami So little change!