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Polar shelf


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An overview of the early days of the Polar Continental Shelf Project, the science logistic support project for scientists working in the Canadian Arctic

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Polar shelf

  1. 1. “we can assert our presence in the ArcticIslands with scientists, they work hard andare inexpensive” (A federal DM)…or how to claim sovereignty on the cheap…ou la souvereineté à bon marché!
  2. 2. Dr. E.F. (Fred) Roots1st Director PCSP1erDirecteur de l’EPCP
  3. 3. Resolute 1959
  4. 4. Air stripIsachsen
  5. 5. Isachsen 1959
  6. 6. Frank Huntpre-eminent surveyor.Don Smith (gravity)Adam Kerr (hydrography)Frank HuntCape IsachsenEllef Ringnes Island
  7. 7. DECCA Navigation System
  8. 8. Raising a “DECCA Master mast1959 SE of Isachsen“The tallest man-made structurein the Canadian Arctic!”
  9. 9. Doug Granger and DS at a Decca site
  10. 10. The idiot machine!The Rat!
  11. 11. DS and Dick Moskal
  12. 12. Louise Fjord, June 25 1959Dick Moskal, Don Smith, René Bataille & Denis
  13. 13. Beaufort Formation N of Louise Fjord
  14. 14. Wade Reinhardt and Don Smith
  15. 15. Vic Lalonde buildinga dam to measure flowon a small stream northof Isachsen.
  16. 16. Dr. Art Collin in charge of field operations 1960 and Denis St-Onge
  17. 17. All around nice guy
  18. 18. An EXPANDED Vision
  19. 19. Some elements of the landscape of Ellef RingnesA CUESTA
  20. 20. Hogback
  21. 21. Sandstone pillars
  22. 22. Adam and Eve
  23. 23. He mistook a man in a sleeping bag for a seal!
  24. 24. The “Tuk” base
  25. 25. Polar Shelf Eureka, Ellesmere Island
  26. 26. Some old (?) timers:Frank Hunt, Chris Barmig, Denis St-Onge, George Hobson & Fred Roots
  27. 27. 1959So littlechange!MerciThank youNah ko rhami