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Turn Key Linux Software Appliances V2


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TurnKey Linux is a community-oriented open source project dedicated to providing high quality software appliances to the no charge.

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Turn Key Linux Software Appliances V2

  1. 1. TurnKey Linux Software Appliances Anything that can be easy, should be easy! Daryl Stokes TurnKey Linux Marketing TurnKey Screencast, May 8, 2009
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Open Source Software Appliances Premium Service Offerings Summary / Call to Action
  3. 3. Introduction – What is TurnKey Linux? TurnKey Linux: ● A community-oriented open source project ● Founders - Alon Swartz and Liraz Siri. ● Rooted in the “Humanity Towards Others” mantra, embodied by Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community Goals: ● Tap into the great potential of open source software ● Develop high quality software appliances ● Drive Linux adoption rates TurnKey Linux Provides: ● Open source software appliances − Based on the most popular open source applications − Built on top of Ubuntu Server LTS ● Custom built software appliances as part of a Premium Services offering − For internal deployment and portability − For Commercial deployment − For Commercial distribution
  4. 4. Value Proposition ISVs: Reduce development costs and time to market, assist sales by making a product ● easier to demo, evaluate and deploy on-site VARs: Improve implementation efficiencies by leveraging pre-integration of common ● elements to reduce the potential for human error and the quantity and quality of labor required to provide a solution OEMs: Why sell bland commodity hardware when you can differentiate from ● competitors and add value by selling purpose built hardware appliances instead? IHVs: Add value to high-end systems that are built for virtualization by providing a mix of ● open source, and your own custom commercial appliance offerings IT departments: Increase agility and cut costs by improving deployment efficiencies of ● targeted and custom desktop or server solutions in your organization
  5. 5. Agenda Introduction Open Source Software Appliances Premium Service Offerings Summary / Call to Action
  6. 6. Software Appliances Joomla Appliance LAMP Appliance Drupal Appliance Rails Appliance Mediawiki Appliance App Engine Appliance django Appliance WordPress Appliance LAPP Appliance MySQL Appliance phpBB Appliance PostgreSQL Appliance Tomcat Appliance TurnKey Core Bootstrap JeOS
  7. 7. TurnKey Appliance Features TurnKey Core ● − Based on Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS − Includes the live installer − Configuration console − Web interface − Automatic daily package updates − All other common features − Small Footprint (~102MB) Runs on physical hardware ● Ready to deploy in your virtual environment ● − Supports most types of virtual machines including VMware, VirtualBox, Xen and KVM − Perfect for your public or private cloud implementation Supports running as a Live CD in a non-persistent (demo) mode ● Supports installation to any available storage device ●
  8. 8. Web Management Interface Listens on port 12321 (uses SSL) ● Mac OS X themed ● Network modules ● − Firewall configuration (with example configuration) − Network configuration System modules ● − Configure time, date and timezone − Configure users and groups − Manage software packages − Change passwords − System logs Tool modules ● − Text editor − Shell commands − Simple file upload/download − File manager (needs support for Java in browser) − Custom commands
  9. 9. Community Support Options Community Documentation Installation Guides Tutorials Appliance notes Web Forums Feedback on end-user experience using a software appliance Vehicle for providing or receiving help Idea Sharing Subscribe to the Mailing Lists Receive announcements Request assistance Provide feedback Discuss issues Share ideas Technical Q&A Ask a question on the Launchpad Answers system Search through previously answered questions
  10. 10. Agenda Introduction Open Source Software Appliances Premium Service Offerings Summary / Call to Action
  11. 11. Premium Services Offerings Custom Built Appliances ● Reduce unnecessary friction ● Leverage cost-effective, on-demand infrastructure (Datacenter or Cloud Deployment) ● Significant, proven experience ● Choice of starting points Build on top of an existing open source TurnKey appliance (such as TurnKey Core) or − Design and build a new appliance from scratch − True contract development services ● You are not charged per-seat − You are not charged for what has already been developed − You are not sold an expensive Do-It-Yourself Software Developer Kit (SDK) − You are not charged for access to proprietary package repositories − You are only charged for development work that needs to be done − Maintenance and Support Includes revisions, updates and support ● Pay by the Month or by the hour ● Contact TurnKey Linux for a no-obligation quote ●
  12. 12. Agenda Introduction Open Source Software Appliances Premium Service Offerings Summary / Call to Action
  13. 13. Summary – Call to Action TurnKey Linux provides open source software appliances at no charge ● − Visit TurnKey Linux provides community support for open source appliances ● − Visit TurnKey Linux provides Premium Services offerings ● − Custom built appliances − Maintenance and support − Visit Contact TurnKey Linux for more information on Open Source Appliances, Premium ● Services or the topic of your liking − Visit
  14. 14. Daryl Stokes TurnKey Linux Marketing At TurnKey Linux, we believe that everything that can be easy, should be easy! Thank You Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.