PHP 5 Magic Methods

David StocktonSr VP of Technology at i3logix
PHP 5 Magic Functions,[object Object],Front Range PHP Users Group,[object Object],,[object Object],February 10, 2010,[object Object]
PHP 5 Magic Functions,[object Object],All functions start with __,[object Object],PHP reserves all function names starting with __,[object Object],Don’t define them unless you want the magic functionality,[object Object]
Magic Methods in this Presentation,[object Object],__construct(),[object Object],__destruct(),[object Object],__toString(),[object Object],__get(),[object Object],__set(),[object Object],__isset(),[object Object],__unset(),[object Object],__call(),[object Object],__clone,[object Object],__set_state(),[object Object]
Magic Methods briefly covered,[object Object],__callStatic(),[object Object],__sleep(),[object Object],__wakeup(),[object Object],__invoke(),[object Object],__autoload(),[object Object]
New to PHP 5,[object Object],Magic functions (in general) allow you to define class functionality without needing to duplicate code,[object Object],I say in general since some of them don’t really seem to follow that definition and I didn’t find a definition that covers them all.,[object Object]
__construct(),[object Object],If you’ve done any OOP in PHP5, you’ve probably run into this method.,[object Object],Used to initialize an object.,[object Object],Best practices say to make sure you don’t do work in the constructor.,[object Object],Just assign values,[object Object],… and remember Dependency Injection (coming up next),[object Object]
__construct(),[object Object],Constructor is setting values, but not doing work,[object Object]
__construct(),[object Object],Doing work in constructors makes it harder to reuse the class.,[object Object]
__construct(),[object Object],If you don’t provide a constructor method, and extend a class, the parent constructor will be called automatically.,[object Object],If you do provide a constructor, and want the parent constructor called, you must called parent::__construct(),[object Object]
__construct(),[object Object],By making the constructor inaccessible, you can prevent external instantiation.,[object Object],For example, implementing the singleton pattern, we don’t want external instantiation since we cannot control how many objects are created.,[object Object]
__destruct(),[object Object],__destruct() is called when ,[object Object],all references to an object are removed,[object Object],object is explicitly destroyed,[object Object],shutdown sequence is initiated,[object Object]
__destruct(),[object Object],Parent destructors must be called explicitly if destructor is provided,[object Object]
__destruct(),[object Object],You could use this method to ensure an object logs itself.,[object Object]
__destruct(),[object Object],The destructor is called even if a script exits due to a call to exit(),[object Object],However, if you call exit() in a destructor, the other destructors will be skipped.,[object Object],Throwing an exception in the destructor is a fatal error.,[object Object]
__toString(),[object Object],Called whenever you try to use an object in a string context,[object Object]
__toString(),[object Object]
__toString(),[object Object],You can invoke via echo, print, *printf,[object Object],Cast to string,[object Object],$var = (string)$obj;,[object Object]
__toString(),[object Object],__toString() cannot throw an exception – results in a fatal error,[object Object],If you call functions or methods in your __toString() that can throw an exception, make sure you handle it within the __toString()  method,[object Object]
__get(),[object Object],Called when code tries to access non-accessible properties,[object Object]
__get(),[object Object],Non-accessible can mean either the property is not defined or that it is not public,[object Object],If it’s not defined, then __get() will be called from both inside and outside of the class context,[object Object]
__get(),[object Object]
__get(),[object Object]
__get(),[object Object],Classes don’t even have to have properties,[object Object]
__get(),[object Object],You could even use it to process values…,[object Object]
__set(),[object Object],Called when code tries to set a property that is not accessible.,[object Object],Not accessible can mean not defined or not public,[object Object]
__set(),[object Object]
__set(),[object Object],If __set() is used to set a property that doesn’t exist, the new property will be public.,[object Object],If it is used on a property that is not public, the accessibility will not change,[object Object]
__set(),[object Object],Use it to validate values as they are passed in,[object Object]
__set(),[object Object],If you want only the values you defined to be used in a class, set that behavior in __set().,[object Object]
__isset(),[object Object],Called when isset() is called on an inaccessible property,[object Object],If you’re using __set() and __get(), not defining __isset() can lead to some really weird errors.,[object Object]
__isset(),[object Object]
__isset(),[object Object],How can this be?,[object Object],You can retrieve the value, but it’s not set?,[object Object],Must define ,[object Object],__isset(),[object Object]
__unset(),[object Object],Called when code tries to unset a non-accessible value.,[object Object],Without __unset(),[object Object]
__unset(),[object Object],With __unset(),[object Object]
__call(),[object Object],Called when a method is called that is not accessible.,[object Object]
__call(),[object Object],Use it to extend a class and make everything public…,[object Object]
__call(),[object Object],Yes, I didn’t extend anything in that example, but the principle is the same,[object Object]
__call(),[object Object],Virtual Getters and Setters,[object Object]
__call(),[object Object],All sorts of other uses for __call(),[object Object]
__clone(),[object Object],Used if custom clone() behavior is needed,[object Object],If clone() is called on an object that contains other objects, both the clone and the original contain the same objects.,[object Object],Define __clone() to define what happens when an object is cloned,[object Object]
__clone(),[object Object],Default Clone behavior,[object Object],Using === to show they are the same,[object Object]
__clone(),[object Object],Now with custom __clone(),[object Object]
__clone(),[object Object],In the previous example we are comparing the objects,[object Object],Even if the number value is the same, there are still two different objects,[object Object]
__set_state(),[object Object],Used to set the state of an object when var_export code is used.,[object Object]
__set_state(),[object Object],var_export() creates runnable PHP code.,[object Object],So what happens when we run it?,[object Object]
__set_state(),[object Object],So let’s define it,[object Object]
__set_state(),[object Object],Why the differences?,[object Object],stdClass doesn’t have a __set_state(),[object Object],Since $val is protected, I need a setter.,[object Object],Plus it shows how to deal with non-public stuff,[object Object]
Brief Look at other magic methods,[object Object],You’ve already seen 48 slides, and chances are it’s getting close to an hour…,[object Object],So here’s a quick overview of a few more of the magic methods,[object Object]
__callStatic(),[object Object],New in PHP 5.3,[object Object],Very similar to __call(),[object Object],Intended for when a method is called in a static context (inaccessible method),[object Object],SomeClass::protectedStaticMethod();,[object Object]
__sleep(),[object Object],Called when an object is serialized with PHP’s serialize.,[object Object],Can be used to shutdown and remove resources (like database connections) which cannot be serialized,[object Object]
__wakeup(),[object Object],Called when an object is unserialized.,[object Object],Can be used to re-establish connections and re-initialize resources,[object Object],ie, reconnect to the database,[object Object]
__invoke(),[object Object],New in PHP 5.3,[object Object],Allows you to treat an object like a function,[object Object]
__autoload(),[object Object],Everyone using PHP 5 should be using this, or at least some form of autoloading.,[object Object],Allows you to automatically load PHP files when they are needed.,[object Object],No more need for require_once or include_once in your scripts,[object Object]
Q & A	,[object Object],Any questions?,[object Object]
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