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Socks For Lansing Integrated Marketing Campaign Book

  2. 2. T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S Introduction 1. Memorandum 2. Meet Our Team Research 3. Situation Analysis 4. SWOT Analysis 5. Secondary Research 6. Primary Research Creative 7. Creative Brief 9. Creative Work 30. Media Plan Conclusion 31. Closing 32. Research 34. Sources 1 2 3 4
  4. 4. Memorandum Dear Socks for Lansing, The nine of us at Spearhead would like to extend a thank you for allowing us the opportunity to collaborate and creatively come up with some solutions for your upcoming campaigns. It is truly rewarding to have dedicated a semesters worth of work to such an upstanding cause. As seniors at Michigan State University, it is a pleasure to give back to the Capital Area/Lansing community through your organization. We hope that our efforts contribute to increase awareness for your organization. Also, deliver joy, provide warmth and create comfort for those who need it most. For the last few months we have enjoyed valuable memories in our quest to produce innovative, original, and practical concepts. It has been both a challenging and rewarding adventure for us all. As this proposal has come together, we’ve been able to fine tune our skills and develop a great understanding of the professionals we hope we become. We hope that you are just as excited to see our integrated plan and suggestions, as we are to present them to you. Again, we thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime experience and for allowing our team to give back to the city we have called home for our undergraduate careers. Sincerely, SOCKS for LANSING S P E A R H E A D 1
  5. 5. Meet Our Team S P E A R H E A D 2 Alexandra Borlace Project Manager Samuel Riddle Social Media Coordinator Helen Song Communications Director Diana Steele Data Analyst Maria Langford Public Relations Director Lauren Peterson Account Planner Matt Pacioni Media Planner Kristine Pierce Event Marketing Manager Jessica Grech-Cumbo Creative Director
  6. 6. R E S E A R C H
  7. 7. Situation Analysis 3 Client History Founded in 2013 by two local design students, Socks for Lansing is a new non-profit supporting the community of Lansing. They are in partnership with the City Rescue Mission in Lansing, who operate the largest shelters for men, women, and children in the Michigan capital area. Client Description Focused on providing the Capital area with new pairs of socks, a commonly overlooked donation item, every winter season. Last fall and winter, Socks for Lansing collected over 1000 pairs of socks to those in need. Product Description Competition Currently Socks for Lansing is asking for brand new socks to be donated to their cause. They collect during the colder months, beginning in November and ending early February. In the area, no non-profit is dedicated primarily to the collection and distribution of new socks. However, there are a plethora of non profits focused on providing goods to the needy and homeless in the Lansing area. Target Audience Young adults, local, 20-40 years old SOCKS for LANSING
  8. 8. SWOT Analysis 4 S W O T Strengths: - Focused objective - Good branding and aesthetics across the board - Successful first campaign - 962 pairs of socks already collected - Tapped into a cause that wasn’t getting proper attention in the Lansing and Old Town area - Has social media existence (300+ Facebook friends) Weaknesses: - Small budgets and staff - No revenue stream or funding plan - No corporate or local sponsors - Founders have other jobs and priorities - Time restraints Opportunities: - Target market donates to charities regularly - Lie within the 18-25 age group - Low income - Socks are inexpensive - Convenient - Can make a personal connection through social media - Target will share it both on social media and word of mouth Threats: - Multiple local competitors +Hannah’s House +City Rescue Mission +Salvation Army +Goodwill +Volunteers of America - Lansing area has a lower than average household income, less money and materials to donate - Poor perception of donation bins S P E A R H E A D
  9. 9. Secondary Research People and Households Population: - Lansing: 113, 996 - East Lansing: 48,518 Total Population, Median Age: - 22.70-42.09 % Population, 16 years or older: - 79.01%-81.94% Lansing Demographics - Donations are highest in December and online donations are highest during work hours - Word of mouth is the most powerful form of promotion for charities - Only 14% of respondents stated that they learned about a charity they donated to through an advertisement - About 75 percent of young people who provided data for the 2012 Millennial Impact Report said they gave money to a nonprofit in 2011, while 70 percent said they have helped solicit donations by encouraging colleagues and others to support a cause - Charities rarely make deliberate efforts to solicit young adults because they think people in their 20s and early 30s are unlikely to give - The research indicates that it is important to offer emotional appeals but that this information should be paired with statistics and other confirmable facts - 47% of survey respondents feel that a message to fans/supporters on a social network is an appropriate way to solicit donation Who Donates to Charities & When Estimated median house income: - Lansing $31,975 - Michigan $45,981 Estimated median house or condo value: - Lansing $82,200 - Michigan $118,100 Information recorded during the year of 2012 To find out more about who to target with our campaign, we conducted secondary research on various research databases. Below is a short summary of our findings. 5 SOCKS for LANSING
  10. 10. Primary Research 6 Our agency chose to utilize Qualtric’s survey software to design an easily accessible consumer research platform from which to collect information about potential donors in the Lansing area. In addition to polishing our demographic understanding of Lansing’s charitable market, we were able to collect valuable information including but not limited to subject and frequency of donation, collection preferences, motives and experiences, as well as advertising opportunities and branding considerations for Sock’s for Lansing. Our 17-question survey was distributed online to individuals in the Capital Area and Lansing Community willing to respond at no cost—130 of whom responded with practical data for the purpose of guiding our creative means to an effective end. 85%of people who took our survey were 18-25 years old Money Food Shoes Socks Diapers MiscItems Other 75out of the 130 people have donated to a non-profit in the past half year Participants said the most convenient way to make a donation to a charity is point of purchase at a store. Following that was a person to person in a public space, an outdoor donation bin, and responding via emails. The top charities that come to mind first are Humane Society, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Relay for Life, and Habitat for Humanity. S P E A R H E A D
  11. 11. C R E A T I V E
  12. 12. Creative Brief What We Want Advertising to Do Create more brand awareness, create pride in the Lansing and Capital Area, convince target market to give back to the loval community through donating the unique, forgotten, and affordable article--Socks Who Advertisements are Talking to Young adults, 20-40 years old; Primary focus is locals of the Lansing/East Lansing area Insights About Them Relevant to Campaign Eagerness to promote well-being coupled with active, strained schedules, no or little income, and tight budget. Want donations to be convenient, easy, and results to be transparent Problems Brand is Currently Facing - Small staff and limited budget - No revenue stream or funding plan - No corporate or local sponsorship - Overextended staff with limited time and focus 7 1 2 3 4 SOCKS for LANSING
  13. 13. 8 What Tone We Want to Evoke Key Message & Benefits Advance Socks for Lansing into a well-established non-profit in the Lansing/East Lansing areas; create a strong brand presence and clientele base to keep the organization continually expanding; provide warm socks for those in need throughout the severe winter months. We will benefit through the assistance of the two co-founders, who are advertising professionals and can provide insights into the progression of the campaign How Our Advertising will Address Problems - PR events to raise awareness and funds - Out-of-home advertising - Create consistent, recognizable awareness - Update/create social media such as Twitter and Facebook 5 6The tone for Socks for Lansing should be unique, fresh and conversational. To relate to our target audience, the tone will also be friendly, using informal language and a welcoming voice 7 S P E A R H E A D
  14. 14. Corporate Identity SOCKS for LANSING Primary Logo Color Palette Blair Regular Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 0123456789 Futura Bold Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 0123456789 Baskerville Italic Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 0123456789 Brand Typography Patterns & Textures 9 SOCKS for LANSING
  15. 15. Establishing a corporate and brand identity is very important in any successful campaign. Corporate identities are an expression and reflection of an organizations’s culture, character, personality, and its products and services – inspiring trust with consumers, employees, suppliers, partners and investors. With Socks for Lansing’s corporate identity we are portraying a hip, modern, yet serious feel. 10 S P E A R H E A D
  16. 16. Out of Home 11 We decided to make 6x4 info cards to pass out to the public spreading brand awareness and giving information on what Socks for Lansing is about. Most importantly, we include a call to action, directing consumers to the Socks for Lansing website and social media accounts, hopefully leading to an increase in followers and making Socks for Lansing more well known throughout the Lansing and East Lansing areas. We chose 6x4 cards because they are cheaper to print and easier for people to keep in their pockets or bags, but these could also easily be converted to paper sized fliers as well. Info Cards SOCKS for LANSING
  17. 17. As Lansing is the capital of Michigan there are many people traveling to and from daily. Placing an ad on a billboard that includes a company name and a memorable image of a product or service stays visible 24 hours a day, every day of the week. As of 2010, more than 90 percent of Americans had at least one vehicle, making at least one interstate trip each weekday. These mobile consumers see billboards every day while traveling for business or pleasure. We decided out-of- home was a necessary medium and we made our billboards straight to the point while still being visually appealing and portraying Socks for Lansing in a positive light. There is also a call to action directing consumers to the Socks for Lansing website. 12 Billboards S P E A R H E A D
  18. 18. We thought it’d be in Socks for Lansing’s best interest to redesign their collection bins as well. According to our research, we discovered that a lot of consumers are skeptical when it comes to donating to these collection bins as they look unwelcoming and are uninformative. We decided the best alternative would be to make collection bins out of pallet boards as they are cheap, modern and trendy. There would be an inside lining, to keep the socks from snagging on the wood. These bins would be placed in local Lansing businesses, including Rizzi Designs, doctor and dentist offices, the MSU Union, and so forth. Collection Bins 13 SOCKS for LANSING
  19. 19. SOCKS for LANSING keep lansing warm Guerrilla knitting is considered a non-permanent display of art or graffiti, and was initially almost exclusively about reclaiming and personalizing sterile or cold public places. It is cheap, eye-catching and most importantly will get people wondering. Yarn bombing would be a unique out-of-home guerilla technique that would catch the citizens of Lansing’s attention and would almost literally keep Lansing warm. 14 Guerrilla Knitting S P E A R H E A D
  20. 20. Digital According to our survey, social media is the number one way that people want to be advertised to from a non-profit. To give Socks For Lansing a powerful presence on social media, Spearhead has decided to update Socks for Lansing’s Facebook for their 2014 sock collection campaign and create a @SocksForLansing twitter account that the young professional demographic can engage with year-round. Facebook Increased activity year-round During the 2013 campaign, SFL had strong engagement and activity on Facebook from November to January, but have ceased to update their Facebook since January 13. For the 2014 campaign, activity will happen throughout the year with increased amounts of posts during August - December when the entire campaign is hitting the hardest. Where Have Your Socks Been? Each week SFL’s can share the story of where someone in the Lansing community’s socks have been throughout the world. Highlighting people’s story invites the featured person’s network to the brand while creating positive community relations. Run Contests and Promotions Facebook is an excellent channel to use contests and promotions as a pull strategy to bring consumers to your brand. Creating simple posts that prompt consumers to engage through a ‘Like’, ‘Share’, or ‘Comment’ with the prospect of winning a prize creates positive brand equity and good relationships with consumers. 15 Social Media The goals for the 2014 social media campaign are to: -Engage with fans -Build branding -Channel customer feedback -Build Community SOCKS for LANSING
  21. 21. Twitter #WoolWednesdays Each Wednesday during Lansing’s cold months (October - March), SFL can prompt the community to tweet @SocksForLansing with pictures of their wool socks. This is a good engagement tool that creates sharable content and engages the community. Continue posts with pictures, links and videos A strong suit of the 2013 was that nearly all of the SFL Facebook posts were coupled with copy and pictures, links and videos that consumers could interact with. This strategy also translates well to Twitter, and is something that SFL continue with across all social media platforms. Find tastemakers and key influencers in Lansing With connections at Rizzi Designs and WDBM, SFL’s 2013 campaign was boosted by community influencers in the Lansing community. Continuing with that trend, Socks For Lansing’s Twitter account should build relationships and engage with local tastemaking brands and people with large Twitter followings such as TJ Duckett, Fusion Shows, Old Town Lansing and Michigan State University’s official account. 16 S P E A R H E A D
  22. 22. Smartphone App Socks for Lansing ultimately wants to collect socks and aren’t as interested in collecting money donations and because of this, we thought of an easily accessible smartphone app that consumers can donate socks directly to. With this Socks for Lansing app users will be able to choose between two options, donate now or drop off. If they select donate now they will be directed to a screen where they have three different sock options to choose from then they can simply click one and they will be redirected to a credit card payment screen. The other option, drop off, would drop a pin in their location and automatically find the nearest Socks for Lansing drop off collection bin, thus making the experience much easier and time efficient. 17 SOCKS for LANSING
  23. 23. 18 Website Development Adding to the smartphone app, we decided that it would be beneficial to add the convenience of purchasing socks via online to Socks for Lansing’s website as well. Their Facebook page and all of their ads have links directly toward their website so we feel that adding additional features such as this would improve purchases of socks from consumers. This feature would be sponsored by Meijer or a local store that would be able to supply the specific socks for Socks for Lansing to use. S P E A R H E A D
  24. 24. 19 Viral Video Storyboard Medium Shot: SNOWING WINTER SCENE TYPE: Last winter, temperatures got as low as -11, with over 80 inches of snow Video: Upbeat whistling tune Audio: Close Up: DANCING FEET TYPE: Socks for lansing asked you to donate new pairs of socks to the city of Lansing Close Up: LAYING FEET TYPE: We provided the Lansing City Res- cue Mission 962 pairs Close Up: SHUFFLING FEET TYPE: This winter, please help keep some- one’s feet warm Wide Shot: CAPITAL TYPE: Logo Medium Shot: BRICK WALL TYPE: Website + Social Media Upbeat whistling tune Upbeat whistling tune Upbeat whistling tune Upbeat whistling tune Upbeat whistling tune SOCKS FOR LANSING YOUTUBE: 1:00 NAME:PRE-CAMPAIGN + DURING SOCKS for LANSING
  25. 25. Close Up: FLOWER IN A MEADOW TYPE: Socks are always in need, are not donated, and forgotten Medium Shot: GRABBING SOCK OFF FLOOR TYPE: We reached out to you Lansing, for a few new pairs of socks. You blew us away. Extreme Close Up: PILE OF SOCKS TYPE: This year Socks for Lansing col- lected over _____ pairs of new socks Close Up: SOCKS ON A CLOTHES LINE TYPE: Thank you for providing a little warmth to someone this winter Wide Shot: RED CEDAR TYPE: Logo Medium Shot: SKY TYPE: Website + Social Media Upbeat whistling tune Audio: Upbeat whistling tune Upbeat whistling tune Upbeat whistling tune Upbeat whistling tune Upbeat whistling tune SOCKS FOR LANSING YOUTUBE: 1:00 NAME:POST-CAMPAIGN + RESULTS Video: 20 S P E A R H E A D
  26. 26. Radio For the Socks For Lansing radio campaign, we have tailored three different spots that Socks for Lansing can use throughout 2014 and 2015. Each of the spots ends with the same tag line “With cold streets and warm feet, we are Socks For Lansing” to give each spot some consistency. Every holiday people put their giving shoes on...but what about giving socks? Socks for Lansing is a local non-profit organization that was established in 2013 after it’s founders realized how low donation rates for socks were in the Capital area. During the 2013 campaign, Socks For Lansing collected 962 pairs of socks….and this year they're looking to surpass 2000 pairs collected! The donated socks go directly to the Lansing City Rescue mission, which provides help to low income and homeless families in the Lansing area. You can help Socks For Lansing by donating your unused socks from November to February to at ____ convenient locations. You can find more information at With cold streets and warm feet, we are Socks For Lansing! Pre-Campaign The first spot is a pre-campaign teaser, giving people general information about Socks for Lansing, a recap of last year’s collection campaign, and how to get involved in the 2014-15 campaign. 21 SOCKS FOR LANSING RADIO: 1:00 NAME: PRE-CAMPAIGN SOCKS for LANSING
  27. 27. During the Campaign The second spot is to be run during the entire 2014-15 collection campaign, and will get the longest airtime of the three spots. This spot covers a lot of the same information as the first spot, and gives information on how where exactly you can donate. You know where your feed have been...but what about your neighbors? In 2013, a local non-profit organization was established that would collect a highly useful item, yet rarely donated item...socks! Socks For Lansing is back and currently undergoing its 2014-2015 campaign to collect new, unused socks. Donations go directly to the Lansing City Rescue Mission, which provides help to low income and homeless families in the Capital Area. Your purchased socks are being collected until February at Rizzi Designs, Old Town Marquee, and additional locations that you can find on! You can also follow @SocksForLansing on twitter to get daily updates on how the campaign is going. With cold streets and warm feet, we are Socks For Lansing! 22 SOCKS FOR LANSING RADIO: 1:00 NAME: DURING CAMPAIGN S P E A R H E A D
  28. 28. The third spot is a recap and thank you to everyone who participated in the campaign, letting listeners know how many socks were collected and how to stay involved with Socks for Lansing when collections aren’t taking place. Post Campaign All around Lansing and Michigan State there are cold streets, and warm feet! Socks For Lansing just finished its 2014-2015 campaign by collecting ___ socks, and we would like to thank YOU for helping to keep the Capital Area’s feet warm. With __ donation locations, Mid-Michigan was able to team up and capitalize on the reason for the holiday season, giving back. Though Socks For Lansing’s 2014-2015 collection drive is over, you can still stay involved with the cause by following us on Twitter at @SocksForLansing or liking us on Facebook! With cold streets and warm feet, we are Socks For Lansing! 23 SOCKS FOR LANSING RADIO: 1:00 NAME: POST-CAMPAIGN SOCKS for LANSING
  29. 29. SOCKS for LANSING Promotional Items SOCKS for LANSING SOCKS for LANSING Spearhead decided to go with promotional products that are practical, relevant and creative. We wanted to give products that people will actually use on a daily basis, but are more innovative then just pens and t-shirts. We decided the best items to use for Socks for Lansing would be sock key chains, branded socks, and “Save for socks” coin purse. The sock key chains and coin purse will be a daily reminder of socks and will associate the design with Socks for Lansing. The Socks for Lansing branded socks are original and unique and will appeal to a wide variety of people. The profits for the branded socks will go towards the non- profit organization. Spearhead’s main objective with these promotional items is to create brand awareness for Socks for Lansing. 24 SOCKS for LANSING CKS SING S P E A R H E A D
  30. 30. Public Relations The first strategy of developing a relationship with the media includes: - Press Release outlining the partnership between Michigan State Advertising Students and local non- profit, Socks for Lansing. - Press Release explaining the fundraiser being held on April 9th from 5-9pm at What Up Dawg. - Press Release giving highlights on the outcome of the fundraiser with quantitative data. The goal of this strategy is to get the partnership between Michigan State Advertising students and Socks for Lansing talked about by the media, a big turnout at the fundraising event, and to raise awareness for Socks for Lansing. The second strategy of establishing and maintaining good relations with owners of drop-off donation locations include: - Formal letter requesting permission to use their organization as a Socks for Lansing drop-off donation location. - Formal Thank You letter thanking the organization and owner for their cooperation and support. The letter will also include a status report detailing how many socks have been collected. - A Newsletter/Flyer to be included with the donation box that outlines who Socks for Lansing is, what types of Socks they are collecting, and what their goals are for this season’s sock collection. The purpose of this tactic is to educate the staff of the organizations about the project in case questions for donors arise, and to inform the public of details regarding the sock collection. The goal of this strategy is to create a lasting relationship with the organizations in hopes to establish a long-term drop-off donation location. Strategy One Strategy Two Spearhead wanted to develop not only a Public Relations plan to establish a relationship with the media, but in addition, create a plan to establish and maintain good relations with the organizations of several Socks for Lansing drop-off donation locations. 25 SOCKS for LANSING
  31. 31.                                                                                     For Immediate Release Contact: Maria Langford March 18, 2014 Michigan State Advertising Students Partner with Local Charity for Capstone Class An Opportunity for Students to Exercise Their Knowledge and Help Non- profit, Socks for Lansing   EAST LANSING, MI- Senior advertising students have been working vigorously to develop an advertising campaign for local charity, Socks for Lansing. The students were inspired by the charity’s mission, and wanted to use the knowledge they gained over the past four years at Michigan State University and apply it to a thoroughly developed marketing plan. The goal of the project is for students to practice their skills in a real-world setting while promoting and assisting a charity in need of advertising. “Working with the MSU advertising students was a huge blessing for Socks for Lansing. The opportunity to work with students to grow our program was something we were thrilled about. The energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas provided by the students have been remarkable, said co- founder of Socks for Lansing, Sarah Garner. These students are using their talents to help the people in our city and we are grateful for that!” "It's a wonderful teaching as well as student experience, to have a great real world class company like Protect America helping the student ad agencies go out and in turn help non-profits or other charitable organizations with their branding & advertising initiatives, said Professor David Regan. The working experience is great for the students and the charity usually gets some much needed help too. Truly a win-win-win!" Socks for Lansing is a non-profit organization that collects brand-new packaged socks for men, women and children. Socks for Lansing recognizes that socks are a much needed item, but are often not donated. Donations go directly to City Rescue Mission of Lansing. The City Rescue Mission of Lansing operates one of the largest shelters in Michigan’s capital area. Socks of Lansing is proud that their donations go strictly to local Lansing residents. For more information visit ### Example of immediate press release 26 S P E A R H E A D
  32. 32. Event Marketing Since Socks for Lansing is still so fresh in their development, there has been no implementation of any monetary donation set up thus far. There are still costs that need to be covered in order to stay afloat and proceed with their mission to warm the feet of those sock-less in Lansing. Costs for items such as thank-you cards, business cards, sock donation bins, etc. are not in the current budget due to the lack of monetary donations to the organization. A fundraiser was the perfect quick-fix solution to start funds coming in. What Up Dawg was front and center for the ideal location for the organizations first fundraiser. April 9th was selected as the fundraising event date, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Customers of What Up Dawg during the time block that evening can say when cashing out, that they’re attending for the Socks for Lansing fundraiser event, no need for patrons to bring in a flyer to have their payment go towards the event. 10-15% of total sales from that time block will be donated to Socks for Lansing. A flyer was made relaying the information for the event, to be posted electronically as well as physically around campus and in local businesses. A Facebook event page was created with the details of the event and currently over 1,000 guests have been invited, with hopes of a strong turnout. Closer to the date of the event, chalk advertising with event details will decorate the local streets of East Lansing, in hopes to draw a large crowd of hungry hot-dog eaters. To raise donations further that night, there will be a Socks for Lansing monetary donation box set up along side the cash register, for customers to offer additional donations when cashing out. What Up Dawg Fundraiser 27 SOCKS for LANSING
  33. 33. As the ideas of fundraising to collect monetary donations for Socks for Lansing started coming together, thoughts of more than one fundraiser was motioned to be very beneficial for the organization. Business cards, thank you cards, donation bins for socks, etc. can get expensive, due to a continuous need for their use, so a second fundraiser for monetary donations towards these corporate identity items was a strong focus. After the What Up Dawg fundraiser was set up, we reached out to General Manager, Chris Kluck, to speak with him about a fundraising opportunity at Tom + Chee. Tom + Chee is a brand new restaurant that opened its doors in January of this year. As a new downtown Lansing café, featuring gourmet grilled cheeses and that was showcased on the hit TV series, Shark Tank, the crowds have been flocking to Tom + Chee since opening day. What better place to do a fundraiser, than a place that people are already dying to try? After speaking on the phone with Kluck, he seemed very interested, and asked for a written proposal of a desired fundraiser event. We sent him a descriptive proposal and sent it out Sunday, March 20th. Still awaiting a response on the event confirma- tion, we are anticipating the event and preparing marketing tactics similar to those of the fundrais- er through What Up Dawg. With hopes of this second fundraiser, more monetary funds will help greatly in making the business front of Socks for Lansing more concrete for their future growth. Tom + Chee Fundraiser 28 S P E A R H E A D
  34. 34. The Greek life at MSU has a very strong following. Each house individually, as well as collectively, works with different charities throughout the year to fill their philanthropic duties as fraternities or sororities on campus. Fundraising and awareness events are held weekly throughout the year on campus, ranging from all kinds of events and donations. This is a perfect opportunity for Socks for Lansing to partner up with the Greek community at MSU to strengthen their bond with college-aged men and women in the area. Each year, the Greek community comes together for a period of competition time known as “Greek Week”. During this period of time, many charities (both local and national) pair up with the community to work on donation competitions. Each house competes against the other houses to see who can donate the most to each charity though their specified event. Socks for Lansing could incorporate a sock donation competition in the Greek Week events. Each house would compete against each other to see who could donate the most new socks towards Socks for Lansing. The students take these competitions very seriously, so it would be a great way to have a large amount of new socks donated at one time. Socks for Lansing could pair with the Greek Week committee and create an annual occurrence for this sock donation competition. The Socks for Lansing logo would appear on the Greek Week apparel and banners, helping spread general awareness of the organization. At the final event of Greek Week each year, selected chair people of each charity in partnered has an opportunity to speak in front of the Greek community as a whole, this would be a great chance to tell the story of Socks for Lansing. If targeting to college-aged men and women is in the goal, this would be a perfect opportunity to grab the attention of those men and women. Teaming up with Greek Life 29 GOGREEK SOCKS for LANSING
  35. 35. M E D I A P L A N
  36. 36. The job of media planning involves determining the best combination of media to achieve the marketing campaign objectives. Above is the calendar we came up with showing when each medium would be displayed including out of home, radio, event marketing, public relations, and digital for Socks for Lansing. 30 Out of Home Info Cards Billboards Collection Bins Yarn Bombing Radio Event Marketing Public Relations Promotions Socks Keychains Coin Purses Digital Social Media Website Smartphone App Viral Video 14-Jan 14-Feb 14-Mar 14-Apr 14-May 14-Jun 14-Jul SOCKS for LANSING
  37. 37. 30 14-Aug 14-Sep 14-Oct 14-Nov 14-Dec 15-Jan 15-Feb & beyond S P E A R H E A D
  38. 38. CONCLUSION
  39. 39. Closing 31 In 2013, Socks For Lansing started with the purpose of giving back to community in an unconventional way. Over the past three months, the 9 of us at Spearhead formed a close knit team with the goal of keeping Lansing’s feet warm. Together we developed a comprehensive campaign covering 13 creative facets, spanning from donation box design to a viral video. With each aspect of the campaign aiming for something different, we strived to keep Socks For Lansing’s warm and artsy feel in mind with everything we did. We sincerely hope that Socks For Lansing and Protect America are able to enjoy this project as we enjoyed creating it. SOCKS for LANSING
  40. 40. Primary Research Survey 1. How old are you? -16-18 -18-21 -21-25 -25-30 -30-35 -36 or older 2. What is your annual income? -$20-35,000 -$36-50,000 -$51,000-65,000 -$66,000-75,000 -$75,000 + 3. Please tell us your employment status: -Employed for wages -Self-employed -Out of work and looking for work -Homemaker -Student -Military -Retired -Unable to work 4. Please tell us which activities you like to do most in your free time (Please select 1 or 2): -Attend sporting events -Spend time at home -Go to social evens -Outdoor activities -Spend time with friends/family 32 S P E A R H E A D
  41. 41. -Shop -Out of home entertainment (movies, dine out, concerts, etc.) 5. Whats the first non-profit organization or charity based out of Michigan that comes to mind? 6. When was the last time you made a charitable donation to a non-profit organization? -In the last 6 months -During the past year -Over a year ago -I have not recently made a charitable donation 7. If you have donated personal items to a charity before, what items have you donated? -Money -Food -Shoes -Socks -Diapers -Misc. articles of clothing -Other 8. Please rank the following media forms, from most favorable to least favorable, in regards of being advertised towards by a non-profit: -Social media -Radio -Television -Internet Video -Direct Mail -Email -Other 9. Please rank the following circumstances in order of most convenient way to make a donation to a charity, to least convenient: -Person to person in public space 33 SOCKS for LANSING
  42. 42. -At an outdoor donation bin -Other -Over the phone -Point of purchase at the store (cash or charge) -Responding via direct mail -Responding via email 10. When deciding upon a charity to donate to, what factors are most important? -Convenience -Cost -Collateral received -Personal connection -Relevance -Other 11. What motives you to, or not to, donate items or cash to non-profit organizations? 12. Have you ever had a particularly good, or particularly bad, experience with a non-profit organization that you would like to share? If so, how did this experience affect your loyalty to that part 34 S P E A R H E A D
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