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Sales Team 2.0 - How To Make Sales Agile


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Here are the slides for my talk at SaaStr Europa in Paris (15-06-2018).

I delivered a 30 minutes keynote presentation on introducing Agile tools and best practice into the sales process in order to increase team collaboration, sharing of best practice and improve overall sales performance.

The first part of the talk focuses on the problems associated with "conventional" sales team (i.e. incredibly hight attraction rates, leading to very low knowledge retention and overall poor sales performance) and how to build a sales org that avoids them.

The second half of the presentation covers tools and best practice that you can leverage in order to build more cohesive sales culture, but will also help you massively when it comes to achieving better team alignment, improving visibility and predictability/forecasting.

Throughout the talk, I refer to real-life examples taken from my time managing the European Sales team at Stack Overflow, which makes this applicable to any sales leader looking to manage a rapidly growing inside SaaS sales team.

The talk should be up on the official SaaStr Youtube channel in the coming weeks.

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