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This is my small Assignment on Library System, It is based on Spring MVC. Working Demo is shown on link below.

Demo URL :

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  1. 1. Library Project Made By : Deep Shah Demo :
  2. 2. Database EER-Model
  3. 3. Books View All Books Book Update Book Delete View As PDF Book Availability Search by Book Id. Search by Book Name. Search by Book Author Name. Combination of Any of Above Three. View Result in PDF. Checkout Book (Issue a Book). Checkin Book
  4. 4. View All Books Librarian can view all books of the Library. Book Update A Librarian can update a Book Title. Here it will be “Cascade Update”. And all data from all tables that contains book_id as primary key will be updated Book Delete A Librarian can delete a Book. Here it will be “Cascade Delete”. And all data from all tables that contains book_id as primary key will be deleted View List in PDF User can view the List of All Books in PDF and can save the PDF.
  5. 5. Book Availability Able to search for a book, given any combination of book Id, Title, and/or author Name. Also supports substring matching. It displays Book Id, Book Name, Branch Id, Branch Name,Total Number Of Copies in that Branch ,Book Issued in that Branch and Available number of book copies at each branch. Can Also Display the Result of Search in PDF.
  6. 6. Book Checkout Librarian has to enter Book Id,Branch Id and Card No. To issue a book. Here Book Due Date and Checkout Date will be automatically added by the system. Book’s Due Date is after 14 Days of Day Out. A Borrower can issue at the most 3 books. No more than 3 books can be issued on a single card no. If there are no copies left in Library. Then no more books of that copy can be issued.
  7. 7. Check Out Book Search Checkin Issued Books by Book Id, Card No, Borrower First Name or Borrower Last Name. Display the List in PDF. Librarian can checkout out issued book from the list.
  8. 8. Borrower Add New Borrower. List All Borrower. Update Borrower Delete Borrower
  9. 9. Adding New Borrower Librarian Can Add new Borrower by entering borrower First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone Numbers. Borrower Id will be automatically Updated. There is validation in the all the fields. No field can be null while inserting.
  10. 10. List All Borrower Librarian can delete a Borrower. Librarian can also update any borrower details except Card No. Librarian can view list of all Borrowers in PDF.
  11. 11. Branch Add New Branch List All Branch
  12. 12. Add New Branch Librarian can add new Branch bye entering branch name and Address All fields are validated. Here Branch Id is automatically generated by the system.
  13. 13. List All Branch Librarian can update branch details. All Branch Details except Branch Id can be updated. Here it is cascading. And so all data which librarian updates will be updated in other tables also. Librarian can also delete a branch. Librarian can view list of all branaches in PDF and can save it.