Stress sucks! with it you make no money!


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Stress sucks! with it you make no money!

  1. 1. Stress Sucks! With it you make NO Money!
  2. 2. Preface / IntroductionTraining for Success is important but struggling with stress will Kill the mood and effort when youwork. Follow along and work to remove or reduce the stress, it will improve your financial incomewhen you love what you do and will not allow you to survive life and business.Get your free Marketing review with an Internet Marketing expert: $100 value for you!Denis Darling - President & Worldprofit Dealer==> Call me at ==> Email me at ==> Visit my online office ==> The Ultimate home business youve been looking for is ourVIP Platinum Home Business Package! This Turn-Key package includes EVERYTHING you needto make money online NOW!==> a special bonus for registering youll get these goodies...* 50,000 Visitors To ANY Website! * Access to live, DAILY, online WEBCAST Presentations soyou can learn from the master himself.
  3. 3. Table of Contents1. Effectiveness Of Support Groups For Depression And Anxiety2. Exercise To Relieve Stress And Lose Weight3. Relieve Stress - With Simple Physical Exercise
  4. 4. Stress Sucks! With it you make NO Money!Effectiveness Of Support Groups For Depression AndAnxietyWhen dealing with depression and anxiety, group therapy and support groups can help in therecovery process. Group discussions and treatments can help raise self-esteem and lets you knowthat you are not alone in your affliction.It is often a relief to know that others are suffering from depression and anxiety and that you are notalone. Depressed people sometimes have feelings of shame and hopelessness and this can increasetheir depression. Group therapy encourages them to discuss their feelings with others.They can also learn new ways to cope with their depression and anxiety. Your doctor can helprecommend which form of group therapy would benefit you moist. Sometimes it is gender or issuerelated, so it is best to be in a group that has the same issues. There is no shame in trying outdifferent groups until you find the one that is right for you.If individual therapy is not for you, then group therapy may be the outlet you need. It can oftenallow the person to open up more as they are in a room filled with people with the same afflictionand experiencing the same emotions and feelings. Group therapy is often sought after by people whoare suffering from depression and anxiety. Therapists have even suggested group therapy as a followup to treatment for depression. It allows the patient to feel normal and helps them to adjust to theworld with their renewed views and emotions. Group therapy can be found for all levels of severityfor depression and anxiety.Support groups are another, more informal form of treatment for depression and anxiety. Supportgroups are effective in all levels of these illnesses. Functioning normally is not the case when itcomes to the moderate to severe forms of depression and anxiety. This is when support groups areneeded most. They offer coping skills and moral support when your own negative thoughts areoverwhelming.Social interactions can help you think more positively and want to get out of the house. One of thebiggest symptoms of depression and anxiety is the want or need to isolate yourself from the rest ofsociety. Support groups do not allow this. They have weekly meeting and phone buddies to whomyou can call whenever in need. This type of support is as much a relief to you as it is to the othergroup members. They are helping you and you are helping them, which boosts everyone?sself-esteem and mood. Your group members understand and relate to what you are going throughand can help with your treatment, or seek further treatment if necessary.Support groups are often facilitated by medical professionals. They offer activities for behaviormodification, lifestyle changes, health education, counseling, as well as many types of therapies ?both individual and group. Support groups often have goals to achieve so that its members can findrelief from their afflictions. It is important that all members of the support group participate so thesegoals can be achieved.Support groups are an effective treatment to aid in overcoming depression and anxiety. They helpyou to learn confidence, coping skills, and build new supportive friendships. With all this said, yourdoctor should also still be consulted. S/he will be able to help you monitor your affliction and makesure your treatment is the most effective it can be. Copyright Denis Darling - 2012 4 of 7
  5. 5. Stress Sucks! With it you make NO Money!Exercise To Relieve Stress And Lose WeightIf you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have probably noticed two things: peopleare getting heavier, and they are experiencing a lot more stress. Its hard to imagine that this is asimple coincidence. In fact, a lot of of the complications of obesity and stress are the same. The goodnews is that there may be a single solution to both problems, and that is exercise. Exercise can helpyou lose weight by burning calories, and it can also help relieve stress by releasing feel-goodchemicals known as endorphins. Lets look at both of these benefits of exercise in a bit more detail.The more you weigh, the more physical stress you will put on your body. The question is whether ornot that physical stress translates into mental stress. Unfortunately, there is no solid answer to thatquestion yet. However, there is plenty of evidence that losing weight is one of the most importantthings you can do to improve your health. And you can only lose weight by burning more caloriesthan you take in. One way to accomplish this is through exercise. You dont even have to do thatmuch of it. As few as 30 minutes per day, most days of the week, can start to add up. What you dofor exercise isnt all that important. What counts is that you are getting active and burning off someof those extra calories.Exercise can also reduce your level of stress by releasing endorphins. These are chemical that makeyou feel good, and are responsible for whats known as "runners high". Endorphins are somewhatsimilar to morphine, and will help to relieve stress.When you make exercise a part of your normal routine, the endorphins will be released more often,and you will get the stress-relieving benefits more often, too. This good feeling isnt just there duringthe workout, but it can last for several hours after you are finished exercising. There is alsosomething therapeutic about exercise, as it helps you blow of steam. All of those little frustrationsyou face every day suddenly start to vanish. This beats the alternative of letting all of the frustrationbuild up until you explode in an uncontrollable (and potentially dangerous) fit of rage.Getting rid of frustration in a healthy manner is so much better than doing other things. Exercise is anatural way to handle stress, so theres no need to take questionable medications or engage in riskybehaviors to forget about your troubles. If you have a lot of stress to get rid of, then have a moreintensive workout. On the other hand, if you would just like to have a lower level of stress overall,then regular exercise is a smart choice. It can help you lose weight, relieve stress and be healthier,too. Copyright Denis Darling - 2012 5 of 7
  6. 6. Stress Sucks! With it you make NO Money!Relieve Stress - With Simple Physical ExerciseIt is really ironic how there is a correlation between obesity and stress in our society. However, thereis relief for these two problems and it is called exercise. You can relieve stress by exercising on adaily basis. It is very true. As you exercise your body releases endorphins which can help to relaxyou and put you more at ease resulting in a feeling similar to euphoria. Many refer to this as the"runners high." Endorphins are similar structurally to morphine. When you exercise on a regularbasis these endorphins are released into your system and can calm the feeling of stress that you maybe having. Long after you have left the gym the feeling of euphoria will still be with you. Anotherbenefit of exercise is the stress busting factor, it will allow you to get rid of any pent up frustrationthat you may have. The daily frustrations that we endure can add up and over time we turn into onebig stress ball. Eventually we can literally explode from all the built up stress. A regular exerciseroutine can get the stress to leave your system in a safe and healthy manner. When we push that pentup energy into something constructive, such as running, we can get relief from stress in a naturalway without getting into trouble. Doing some high intensity exercise when you are angry can reallymake you feel so much better. If you still feel upset after spending a little time at the gym then mostpeople will feel better after some more vigorous exercise. By converting angry energy into aphysical workout, you can melt away a lot of stress and anger. One other reason that exercise is agreat way to relieve stress is because as you work out you receive a higher self esteem. If we feel aninsecurity with ourselves we are on high alert and on a low simmer the vast majority of time. Thestress that we face can be very much self induced. Sometimes it is our very own doubt or insecuritythat can cause the stress. Instead of doubts and securities being another stress factor you can useexercise to improve mental well being and your physical self. If you feel good about yourself, if youfeel strong and in control and confident, then you are less likely to get stressed over some of thedaily ups and downs of life. Exercise is a winning scenario. You can become physically healthy,lose weight and relieve stress. Exercise can help to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. As aresult you will be happier and lose some extra weight that you might have. Copyright Denis Darling - 2012 6 of 7
  7. 7. Stress Sucks! With it you make NO Money!ResourceRepublished with authors permission by Denis Darling Copyright Denis Darling - 2012 7 of 7