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Positive thinking


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Positive thinking

  2. 2.  Focus on positive outcomes desired for youth,not on negative outcomes to prevent. Provide programs that are available to all youngpeople. Youth are seen as “central actors in their owndevelopment.” Develop the whole person – not just a singlecharacteristic or problem.
  3. 3.  Safety and structure Sense of belonging and membership Closeness and several goodrelationships Experience of gaining competenceand mastering skills
  4. 4.  Independence and control over somepart of their lives Self-awareness and ability andopportunities to act on thatunderstanding Sense of self-worth and ability andopportunities to contribute
  5. 5.  Is an intentional process Promotes positive outcomes for youngpeople Provides opportunities, relationships andthe support to fully participate. Takes place in families, peer groups,schools, neighborhoods andcommunities.