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The Britax Marathon 70 is all that and more. See why it's the top choice in safe car seats out there today!

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Britax marathon 70

  1. 1. Britax Marathon 70-G3Convertible Car Seat -ReviewsTo download now please click the link below. with comfort and safety features, the BRITAXMARATHON 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat is designed with360-degree protection to keep your child secure in theevent of a crash. It offers high-density comfort foam forextra support, a cushiony cover, and an EZ-Buckle systemfor convenience when harnessing your child. TheMARATHON 70-G3accommodates childrenrear facing from 5 to 40pounds and forward facingfrom 20 to 70 pounds.Side Impact ProtectionSystem Diverts CrashForcesThe BRITAX Side ImpactProtection system includes
  2. 2. a rigid shell with deep sidewalls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam to contain your childs head and bodyand divert crash force energy while creating a barrieragainst possible intruding objects. This system alsoprotects your childs head and chest.SafeCell Technology for Advanced ProtectionThe base of the MARATHON 70-G3 includes SafeCellTechnology comprised of SafeCells, an engineeredmaterial designed to compress in a crash. Thiscompression lowers the center of gravity to counteractforward rotation of the seat, helping to minimize the riskof head injury during a collision.Located in the sides of the seat shell, integrated steel barsstrengthen the connection to the vehicle and preventforward flexing of the seat during a crash to reduce the riskof head injury.In the event of a sudden stop, the Energy-AbsorbingVersa-Tether strap restricts forward movement andreduces crash forces with patented staged-release webbingand a 2-point attachment. This webbing securely anchorsthe top of your child seat to your vehicle in either rear- orforward-facing positions.No-Rethread Harness System and ComfortFeaturesThe tangle-free, five-point harness allows for multipleheight positions and can be adjusted without dismantlingthe harness or removing the car seat from the vehicle. Two
  3. 3. buckle positions provide a snug, comfortable fit as yourchild grows. The seats harness holders prevent the strapsfrom getting in the way when youre putting your child inthe seat, while the EZ-Buckle system maintains theharness buckle in a forward position to prevent your childfrom sitting on it when first entering the seat. Rear- andforward-facing recline options, as well as high-densityfoam cushioning, help your child relax on the journey. Andthe plush cover comes with matching comfort pads and aninfant body pillow to keep children of all ages comfortableand secure.Easy Installation and Airplane-Approved DesignThe MARATHON 70-G3 takes the guesswork out ofinstalling your car seat thanks to a range of conveniencefeatures. An anti-slip, contoured base grips and protectsthe vehicle seat. Premium lower LATCH connectors makefor a quick, simple, and tight installation, while the push-button allows you to easily uninstall the car seat. And easy-to-access built-in lock-offs provide a secure installationwhen using the vehicle lap and shoulder belt.The MARATHON 70-G3 has a durable cover that can beremoved for easy cleaning without uninstalling the carseat. Its also approved for airplane travel.Product and Warranty InformationThe BRITAX MARATHON 70-G3 is made in the USA, hasa seven-year life, and is backed by a manufacturerslimited one-year warranty.
  4. 4. ReviewsAnother great seat from BritaxWe own a Britax Marathon 70 so I decided to put it next tothe Marathon 70-G3 for a side by side comparison. For themost part the seats are practically identical with a fewsmall differences. The harness adjustor straps releasemechanism is the same, and I still find it awkward whencompared to the Marathon and Roundabout 55 classicseats. Instead of pressing down, you need to press up.After nearly 11 years of dealing with seats that have easierreleases, I still find this to be awkward. Harness heightadjustment on this seat is a snap compared to the seatswhere you need to rethread the harness. You simply haveto squeeze and pull (or push) to adjust the height of theharness straps. The ease of use for this function is on parwith the simple adjustment of the back on a GracoTurboBooster. Parents who travel frequently and findthemselves lugging their child seat through airports willappreciate the added touch of an area to clip the versatether strap to be used as a carry handle.Overall, this is a great quality seat that will keep your littleone safe, comfortable and secure for many years. In thenearly eleven years that Ive been using Britax seats, I havefound each of them to be worth the price.
  5. 5. Super Safe SeatA little wider than other car seats but not overly wide. It isextremely cushy, I wish I could ride in it. Extremely easy toinstall, adjust and buckle. I have a 15 month old girl andshe loves and we just took our first road trip with it andshe slept for hours.Love this carseat!!Our little guy loves this carseat! Its worth every penny andmore reasonable in Amazon than anywhere else. My son isvery comfortable in this seat. I would recommend Britax toeveryone! They are the beat made carseat and have beenused by my family for a long time and will continue to beusedTo download now please click the link below.