Our Case Studies: An Overview - dsp


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dsp have worked with many highly reputable and well-known clients, and have achieved incredibly successful results on all projects.

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Our Case Studies: An Overview - dsp

  1. 1. 08701 999 377
  2. 2. METROLINE Summary 08701 999 377 The IT department at Metroline ensures the technology infrastructure is in place so that the company can run their fleet of over 1,200 buses and carry over 250 million passengers each year in one of the world’s busiest cities. dsp were chosen not only for the management of the upgrade, but to also provide continuous managed services. This enabled Metroline to improve their business processes, maintain critical systems whilst managing budget expectations.
  3. 3. METROLINE Requirement 08701 999 377 Metroline needed assistance in overcoming a myriad of issues such as the limited resources to cover the maintenance of the E-Business Suite which caused difficulties when key staff were away as well as there being no automated monitoring or altering taking place to manage the system. Metroline essentially needed access to the skills of an experienced DBA and not have to employ them on a full time basis. Underpinning this was the need for guidance on Oracle backup and disaster recovery.
  4. 4. METROLINE Solutions 08701 999 377 The initial objective for dsp was to ensure that the application and database were seamlessly upgraded and the necessary backup and recovery solutions were implemented. The delivery of this was on time and to budget which gave Metroline the confidence that dsp were the right technology partner for them. The second phase was to ensure that there was a level of support provided to maintain the systems and databases.
  5. 5. METROLINE Business Results 08701 999 377 One of the core benefits of the Managed Service offering for Metroline was the priority 24/7 access to pool of expertise. This catered for all fluctuations in the resources which included the impact from holidays, sickness and training leave. The second key benefit was the cost savings due to the need for an extra E-Business Suite DBA, developer and functional consultant was eliminated. Above all, Metroline had the peace of mind that they were managed by an experienced team of professionals.
  6. 6. 08701 999 377 “dsp have become our Oracle partner of choice. They are committed to providing quality consultants, advice and support and do so in a professional and caring fashion. With a recent successful upgrade of the E- Business Suite, we certainly feel very comfortable with dsp.”
  7. 7. IISS Background 08701 999 377 Systems failure is simply not an option for the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), which is the world’s leading authority on politcal- military conflict. Behind the scenes private meetings and public global conferences attended by world bodies are facilitated by IISS. They depend on access to real- time applications; cross global communications; and an IT infrastructure that is always on and does not lose data – ever. As non-profit organisation, conference hosting and organisation offers IISS a critical revenue stream.
  8. 8. IISS Background 08701 999 377 In 2011, IISS set out to build a high availability architecture for the enterprise, based on Citrix Xen Desktop 5 and VMware 4 as a virtualization solution, capable of transforming desktops and applications into an on-demand service for the several thousands of users that can access the system at conference time. This architecture underpins the whole business. It has a crucial role in supporting the real-time availability of the applications which facilitate the conferences.
  9. 9. IISS The requirement 08701 999 377 dsp first set out to understand IISS’ goal. This was to achieve availability which was tolerant of a site outage- whether caused by a network communications failure, loss of a server, a storage area network (SAN) or complete data centre. The requirements specified 100 per cent data recovery in under one minute delivered as a scalable solution on a standardised platform.
  10. 10. IISS The solution 08701 999 377 Working with the hardware and infrastructure that IISS had already purchased, dsp carried out an assessment and recommended a geo cluster solution featuring geographically dispersed servers that can failover from one to another or from one data centre to another within 30 seconds, which is as fast as the technology allows. The solution was designed and built based on a four node Multi Instance Failover Cluster using SQL Server 2008 R2. Technically challenging to design and build, geo clusters are often described as “high availability Nirvana for Windows.”
  11. 11. IISS Business Benefits 08701 999 377 Benefits at a glance: • 100 per cent availability • Failover in 30 seconds • 60 per cent reduction in hardware • 60 per cent reduction in database instances and software costs • Tenfold increase in performance • Standardised, and easier to support • Self-funding from savings
  12. 12. 08701 999 377 “Over the years we’ve worked with many third parties. dsp is one of the most professional- once timescales were agreed they were met every step of the way.”
  13. 13. 08701 999 377 www.dsp.co.uk 14 Floral Street Covent Garden London WC2E 9DH United Kingdom