How visual life logging is changing photography


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My talk from SXSW Interactive 2014

What happens when you take a photo of every fragment of your life?

All those micro moments that are recorded and analysed. Has your visual existence been enhanced? What would you learn from your signature photographic aesthetic?

This talk will explore the notion that an 'unexamined (visual) life is not worth living'.

My talk will explore the implications of what mainstream visual life logging means for individuals, culture and photography.

The talk will use data from my trial of a leading visual life logging wearable camera.

I will mix quantified self analytics with ‘qualified self’ data to interpret my visual record and its signature aesthetic.

I will contrast the culture of visual life logging with the rituals of analogue photographic albums to gain a better understanding of how we are changing the way we preserve and narrate memories and share experiences across the social graph.

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How visual life logging is changing photography

  1. How is visual life logging changing photography? by David McNamara 08/02/14 @deemac99 #sigvisuals
  2. The past is a story we tell ourselves about ourselves
  3. 100 Source: Eric Kessels 1,000,000+
  4. Visual life logging: the act of visually recording your life
  5. Source: National Media Museum
  6. Eugene Atget Vivian Maier Master collectors Source: Atget / Walker Evans / Vivian Maier Walker Evans
  7. “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates, 470 – 399BC
  8. “learning by being” Source: Steve Mann in ‘Lifeloggers The Movie’ by Narrative
  9. Quantified (Objective) Make better decisions Science (truth) Art (meaning) Reach higher goals Visual life logging Create meaning Find insights Qualified (Subjective)
  10. Capturing unguarded private moments
  11. Averaged 687 photos per day Total 49k photos Total 58 days #Commute #Food #Ceiling #Nappies #desk
  12. Reflection Recall Retrieval Life logging is hard work Source: Inspired by Cathal Gurrin Reminiscence
  13. Passive Active Un-composed Composed Objective Subjective Authorless Narrative
  14. Source: @deemac99
  15. 1 trillion+ photos will be taken in 2014 Source: Yahoo / Ellen DeGeneres
  16. “…the desire to photograph the whole world is not an attempt to recover or create memories… It is a need to affirm experience as expressible and to create an aura of talismanic protection. Sometimes to gain that affirmation you have to give up pursuing it.” Will Steacy Source: Photographs Not Taken, Will Steacy
  17. “…finding highlights key differences between people’s memory and the camera’s “memory” and suggests that the additional attentional and cognitive processes engaged by this focused activity can eliminate the photo-taking-impairment effect.” Taking photos can impair your ability to remember… Source: Linda Henkel, Fairfield University, Point and Shoot Memories, 2014
  18. …but can digital archives make memories more ‘true’? Source: Scott Fraser
  19. We need a Search Engine For The Self Source: Memory Mesh: Cognitive Psychology Linking for Ememories / Cathal Gurrin
  20. Expressive & Intimate Source: Yang Yong, Fancy in Tunnel
  21. The New Aesthetic Source: John Rafman / 9 Eyes
  22. Explorable Mindscapes Source: Kwan Alan
  23. Source: Chino Otsuka / Imagine Finding Me
  24. Source: ‘Her’ Warner Bros
  25. Personal AI agents Source: Cognea
  26. Curation can save us all!
  27. data context creativity Algorithmic Photography
  28. From real EXIF data… Source: @deemac99 …to ememory meta data
  29. Life Curation Agent The  Life  Cura,on  Agent  is  your  complete   visual  life  logging  pla9orm.     It  can  integrate  with  all  your  tracking   devices,  auto  curate  your  life  and  enhance   your  life  stories.       Choose  your  cura,on  avatar  type  that  will   learn  how  to  explore  and  find  the  paBerns   of  significance  in  your  archive.     Source: @deemac99 / Creative Commons
  30. Source: @deemac99 / Creative Commons
  31. Find your halo moments Source: @deemac99
  32. Source: @deemac99 / Creative Commons
  33. From libraries… …to exhibitions.
  34. Algorithmic Photography is a new lens for a new world
  35. Log life not data
  36. Thankyou @deemac99 #sigvisuals
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