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The Sony Nex 7:The Future of DSLR Cameras


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After reading this review, you will see why the Sony NEX 7 is one of the most sought-after DSLR cameras of all time!

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The Sony Nex 7:The Future of DSLR Cameras

  1. 1. The Sony NEX 7 is the Future of DSLR Cameras The NEX-7 Could be the Most Anticipated New DSLR of All Time Click the link below to visit our website: http://dslrdeals.orgThis has been brought to you by DSLR Deals – Visit our site at
  2. 2. The Sony NEX 7 is a pocket camera has the capability of a standard DSLR. The camera’s impressivespecifications exceed the expectations of experts in this field. Camera enthusiasts will enjoy the 24.3megapixel resolution. This camera also has the capability of interchanging lenses, 10 fps shooting andHD movie recording in 1920 x 1080 resolution.Features:• 24.3 Megapixel Sony Exmor Sensor• Tre-Finder OLED Electronic Viewfinder• Highest Resolution of Any Camera in its Class• Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution• Shortest Release Time in the Industry at 0.02 Seconds• 400 Shots on a Single Charge• Face Detection Technology• Intelligent Scene Detection• Optical SteadyShot• 11 Picture Effect ModesThe photographs are rendered in the most impressive detail with the 24.3 megapixel sensor. Picturequality is determined by sensor size. The APS C class sensor renders 58% more area than the MicroFour-Thirds sensors. Additionally, the APS C class sensor is 13 times the area of a point and shootimage sensor.As of 2011, this camera possessed the highest resolution of any camera in its class. This is not the onlyfirst for this camera. Sony Nex 7 also has the world’s first Tre-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder.In the size, speed and brightness categories, this camera performs exceptionally well. Photographersconcerned with depth and motion blur reduction will find this camera a true lifesaver. The adjustmentsmade to the camera will be made in real time. Photographers will realize the results in the photographsthrough the superior color and detail.Full HD movies may be captured with this camera. Photographers have the choice of standard 60i, 60por cinematic 24p full HD movie capture. Each mode may be shot at Full HD 1920x1080 resolution.The Sony Exmor CMOS sensor minimizes image noise in low light using column parallel A/Dconverters to produce high resolutions and high frame rates. Sony NEX 7 has one of the shortestrelease times in the world. A release time of 0.02 seconds allows clients capture fast moving objects onfilm.The release time describes the delay between pressing the shutter release button and the time the actualphotograph is shot. The faster the shutter release, the more likely you will capture the photograph.Twenty five sensors will cover a wide area of the scene, even when the subject is far away from thecenter of the frame. The camera also includes an HDMI output.Cameras of this capacity typically drain battery life quickly Consumers can take up to 400 shots on asingle charge with this camera’s Sony lithium ion stamina battery power. The InfoLithium batterysystem allows clients to determine the amount of power remaining on the battery so that clients maycapture photographs in confidence.This has been brought to you by DSLR Deals – Visit our site at
  3. 3. The dials on the camera are available to set the aperture, ISO and exposure compensation. A built-inpop-up flash is also available on the camera to help photographers obtain the best photographs. Thereare also other flashes available that the photographer may select to improve their shot. A full range ofSony A mount lenses are available to the photographer. These lenses may be connected with the use ofLA-EA1 and EA2 adapters.This camera also features Face Detection technology, Intelligent Scene Recognition and OpticalSteadyShot image stabilization. All of these features may be accessed without leaving the auto mode.This will allow the best shot possible. Photographers may also access any of the 11 picture effectmodes which includes: Posterization, Retro Photo, Pop Color, Partial Color, High ContrastMonochrome, Soft Focus, Toy Camera, HDR Painting, Miniature and Rich-tone Monochrome.ConclusionThe Sony Nex 7 DSLR camera has some impressive features that even a professional photographer canappreciate. The portability of the camera is coveted by many photographers as well. Though the camerais not yet released is expected to cost $1,199.99 for body only, and $1349.99 with lens.This has been brought to you by DSLR Deals – Visit our site at
  4. 4. Click the link below to visit our website: http://dslrdeals.orgThis has been brought to you by DSLR Deals – Visit our site at