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Nxl overview jm

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW Jeff Messano | President O: (877) 285-8760 ext. 101 | F. (248) 409-2520 M. (248) 760-0842 jmessano@nexlinkcommunications.com PROVIDED BY quality phones. guaranteed.
  2. 2. Contact Us (877) 285-8760 Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com ABOUT NEXLINK The Solution Nexlink is a U.S based, industry leader in the distribution of high quality remanufactured and new wireless devices. Our channels of distribution encompass carriers, MVNOs, dealer agents, and insurance providers. Nexlink provides quality products with outstanding customer service; delivering confidence to its customers . “quality phones, guaranteed!” The Mission Our Mission is to be the complete wireless device source, solution and supply chain for our customers; centered around high quality at a competitive price.
  3. 3. Contact Us (877) 285-8760 Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com NEXLINK PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Remanufacturing • Testing and Repair • Forward and Reverse Logistics • Touchscreen Repair ASSET RECOVERY SOLUTIONS DISTRIBUTION • Triage /Screening • Software Solutions • Recycling and Reclamation • Prepaid Programs • Insurance Support • Replacements and Loaners • Custom Painting and Branding • EOL Procurement • Buyback Programs • Auctions and Liquidations • Mobile Phones • Tablets • Accessories • Parts/Components/Digitizers • Components/Digitizers • Kitting and Custom Packaging • On-Demand Fulfillment • Advanced Product Tracking • Direct to Consumer
  4. 4. Contact Us (877) 285-8760 Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com Pending Certification WELCOME TO OUR FACILITIES Our capabilities span all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and multiple Carriers. Our management team has experience with the highest level of repair authorization from industry leading manufacturers. Nexlink Communications LLC. Founding Member
  5. 5. Contact Us (877) 285-8760 Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com OUR CORE CAPABILITIES In order to minimize the chance of being out of stock, we process and stock our most popular models on the shelf for on-demand order fulfillment. Whether your need is for new kits, remanufactured or repaired phones, accessories or parts, we deliver on time and on budget . On-Demand Product By starting with a quality product, we end with a quality product that is far superior to the competition. During initial inspection, our technicians reject any cores that are liquid damaged or beyond quality repair. We believe that using a liquid damaged core will only lead to problems in the future. Remanufacturing & Repair By meticulously controlling logistical operations, we ensure your project is on track from the very beginning. Throughout the project, a customer can remotely track it’s status. This allows the customer to more accurately project timelines internally. Logistics
  6. 6. Contact Us (877) 285-8760 Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com Our customers and partners rest assured that content, data, flashing, and provisioning are all controlled with ISO and R2 compliant procedures and processes. All units are cross-checked by computer controlled programs as well as independent auditors. Nexlink will customize software allowing our customers to remain in control of the user experience from the wake-up to power-down. Software Provisioning Naturally, The process of remanufacturing generates a considerable amount of scrap material. Through our extensive industry contacts, we make sure every piece of scrap material down to the very last screw gets recycled properly. Recycling, Reclamation and BuybackFiltering out failed and questionable batteries is just one of the ways we provide you with not only a quality phone, but a complete, quality kit. Cadex Battery Validation • Device Simulation • Full Life Cycle Testing • Service Maintenance Programs Our Validation Methods OUR CORE CAPABILITIES
  7. 7. Contact Us (877) 285-8760 Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION • Carrier (Tier 2 and Regional) • MVNO/MVNE • Retailer/Dealer Agent • Insurance • Government • ecommerce
  8. 8. Contact Us (877) 285-8760 Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com THE NEXLINK BRAND(S)
  9. 9. CONSIDER REMANUFACTURED. Give your customers an alternative to expensive new phones. Offer a remanufactured device at a fraction of the cost of new. UPGRADES MADE EASY Remanufactured devices are a budget- wise choice when replacing your customer’s lost or stolen device. Remanufactured keeps your overhead low and customer satisfaction high. WARRANTY REPLACEMENTS Reuse is the first and best solution in recycling of any electronic device. Purchase remanufactured and convey the message that you are environmentally conscious and are doing your part to preserve the environment. ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY Smartphones are here to stay. Make sure you are ready when your customers demand a high end smartphone or data device. Remanufactured is your key to success. ADVANCING TECHNOLOGY
  10. 10. WHY YOU SHOULD USE NEXLINK. • Nexlink has a solid track record of success across a wide range of customers with varying requirements. • Robust inventory and warehouse (RITS) management system. • A leadership team with over 20 years of wireless industry experience • Nexlink is willing to invest up-front and absorb the risk of pilot programs and start-up projects. • Nexlink is a industry leader due to innovative solutions within service and repair. • Nexlink has experience and success in both low and high volume triage and repair while maintaining industry leading quality levels. • Nexlink believes in profitable relationships for all parties involved and offer assistance anywhere they can. • Nexlink’s facilities are 100% U.S based and located in Auburn Hills, MI and Eveleth, MN.
  11. 11. Commitment Environmental & Safety Nexlink Communications is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities. Nexlink Communications policies provide a safe, healthful workplace while protecting the environment and conserving energy and natural resources. We are committed to and will: • Provide a safe and healthy workplace and ensure that personnel are properly trained with the appropriate safety equipment. • Be an environmentally responsible resident in the community where we operate. • Correct incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety, or the environment. • Strive to continuously improve our workplace to reduce our environmental footprint. • Continually evaluate our workplace for safer and healthier manufacturing techniques.
  12. 12. FINANCIAL STRENGTH • Regional banking relationships • Long standing relationship with private equity Strong Financial Backing • Industry and Financial references available. Portfolio of Business Partners
  13. 13. SAFE AND SECURE Nexlink’s U.S based manufacturing, inventory, email and financial systems are hosted in a 100% virtual, state-of-the-art hosting center to guarantee uptime and reliability. Features of our secure hosting: • Building access monitored and logged 24x7x365 • Fully redundant power feeds that provide “always-on” reliability regardless of commercial outages. • Diverse bandwidth providers to provide shorter routes, and immunity from outages that affect some of the largest tier1 ISPs. • Multi-layered, independently operable security systems • Constant environmental monitoring to maintain optimal operating conditions. Temperature sensors are located within 4 inches of equipment. • SAS 70 Certified
  14. 14. Contact Us (877) 285-8760 Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com GET IN TOUCH Address: 3355 Bald Mountain Rd. Suite 10 Auburn Hills, MI 48326 USA Phone: Toll Free: (877) 285-8760 Local: (248) 409-2511 Email: Sales@nexlinkcommunications.com Website: www.nexlinkcommunications.com From everyone here at Nexlink, we look forward to a prosperous business relationship! Corporate Offices Auburn Hills, MI