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David v silvaggio (4)

  1. 1. DAVID V. SILVAGGIO Job Qualifications and Experiences 2012
  2. 2. PERSONAL INFORMATIONMarried to my beautiful wife Laurie for 19 years. My wife has been aneducator with the Clark County School District for the past 15 yearswhere she currently teaches 4th grade.
  3. 3. PERSONAL INFORMATIONMy wife and I were blessed with triplets; Dominic, David, and Olivia.There are currently 11 years of age.
  4. 4. CAREER OBJECTIVE To obtain a long term position with a reputable company in which I can utilize my education, extensive knowledge, and managerial and supervisory skills. I seek to collaborate with other directors and a team of dedicated employees to foster a sense of community goodwill, set high standards, and to ensure attention to detail in all responsibilities and practices.OBJECTIVE Extensive work experience and education in the horticulture, landscape, and construction industries; strong sales, management, and supervisory skills; excellent problem-solving and reporting skills; budgeting and analysis experience; able to maintain positive relationships with colleagues and employees through effective communication skills and the exercise of integrity and mutual respect.
  5. 5. • Manage a staff of 65 team members which include Horticulture and FloralHorticulture Manager, Departments. Directly responsible for hiring, time clock editing, scheduling, discipline, training, safety, customer/guest services and coaching teams in theirMGM Las Vegas daily tasks to achieve the overall goals of the respective departments. Report to Director of Horticulture and Vice President of Facilities.Las Vegas, NV.November 2011 to Present • Responsible for all exterior landscape projects which include establishing/maintaining vendor relations, design, bidding, negotiating contracts, and insuring the projects are completed on budget and on time.“I was able to be promoted • Responsible for directing exterior landscape staff in all aspects of exteriorto manager at MGM Grand grounds including turf management, plant and tree heath care, Integrated Pestwithin a relative short period Management, irrigation maintenance/scheduling, and proper fertilizing practices.due to my diligent work ethic • Implemented Green Waste Program for Horticulture Department. Programand the ability to connect included the recycling of approximately 3000 yards of green waste material per year into usable mulch and soil amendments for use at property.with people, especially myco-workers and team • Implement sustainability practices in landscape as determined by LEED and themembers.” USGBC. Practices include waste water reduction through water efficient landscape, storm water control, use of gray water in landscape irrigation, and reuse of landscape materials. • Decreased previous year budget by 20% by renegotiating vendor contracts, reducing outsourcing for specific projects and the creation of departmental positions, and the reduction/replacement of plant material with more sustainable material.CAREER HIGHLIGHTS
  6. 6. Exterior Lead Manage and supervise a staff of 25 team members. Duties include implementation of daily tasks, implementation of safety programs and policy and procedures, waterGardener, City Center management, irrigation development, monitoring, and repairs, Integrated Pest Management, fertigation programs and operations, soils analysis, establishing andMGM Grand working with budgets to improve efficiently, and purchasing utilizing the Stratton Warren purchasing system.International, Las Responsible for the procurement of all plant specimens and project materials. DutiesVegas, NV. included selecting materials utilizing design standards in conjunction with plant characteristics/project requirements, cost analysis as it pertains to project budgets,October 2009 to November 2011 generating purchase orders and purchase requisitions, delivery and scheduling, inspection of delivered items, and tracking vendor payments through the purchasing department“It was a great achievement toopen a second major resort Report directly to department director on a weekly basis. Reports included issuesproperty on the Las Vegas Strip effecting the landscape and the proper procedure to rectify the problems, budgetwithin a two year period. analysis, safety protocols, value engineering recommendations, employee performance, systems analysis, staff hiring recommendations and all reporting thatWorking at City Center gave me effects the daily operation of the Horticulture Department.valuable hands on knowledgepertaining to LEED Certification Interpret architectural renderings to ensure the desired architectural guidelines areand sustainability building being met and maintained. Interpret construction drawings, and engineering specifications to ensure proper mechanical installation and maintenance are beingpractices .” followed. Procure the proper training guidelines through the establishment of guidelines and manuals pertaining to the Horticulture Industry. Implement the desired guidelines through employee training classes and field training. Responsible for all safety programs, including employee training, as dictated through departmental and OSHA standards. Director of Fleet Management and Equipment Maintenance. Responsible for maintenance, repair, and purchasing of all equipment, tools, and vehicles utilized in the daily operations of the department.CAREER HIGHLIGHTS
  7. 7. • Responsible for all aspects of horticulture maintenance for the EncoreExterior Horticulture including: planting, pruning, and trimming all trees, shrubs, and annuals; pestGardner, Wynn management; irrigation installation and repair; and soil and fertilizer preparation.Resorts, Las Vegas, • Test and analyze soil, plants and trees, and water consumption; prepareNV. detailed reports for all tests and analyses for presentation to management;November 2008 to October 2009 maintain pest management logs; address issues and rectify problems as needed.“After having to close my • Work directly with outside contractors to ensure that all installations and workbusiness in St. George, UT. when performed meet established guidelines for Wynn Resorts.the economy declined, I was ableto secure a job with Wynn • Implement and maintain the company’s core values in all work activities both independently and with other team members; schedule daily protocols andResorts. This turned out to be a additional site work, as needed, with supervisors and managers Responsiblegreat opportunity due to the fact I for all aspects of horticulture maintenance for the Encore including: planting,was able to open the Encore pruning, and trimming all trees, shrubs, and annuals; pest management; irrigation installation and repair; and soil and fertilizer preparation.Property. In doing so, I workeddirectly with Valley Crest during • Test and analyze soil, plants and trees, and water consumption; preparethe construction phase detailed reports for all tests and analyses for presentation to management;increasing my knowledge related maintain pest management logs; address issues and rectify problems asto Landscape Construction and needed.Horticulture.” • Work directly with outside contractors to ensure that all installations and work performed meet established guidelines for Wynn Resorts. • Implement and maintain the company’s core values in all work activities both independently and with other team members; schedule daily protocols and additional site work, as needed, with supervisors and managersCAREER HIGHLIGHTS
  8. 8. Acquired, bid, and completed landscape installation and designPresident, Noble projects including: Dixie State College; Cracker BarrelLandscape Inc., St. Restaurant; and approximately 85 high-end residences with project costs ranging from $45,000 to over $100,000.George, UT.October 2004 to November 2008 Interpreted and produced architectural renderings, site preparation and grading maps, and irrigation design/installation plans; selected and installed trees, shrubs, masonry and“Having the confidence and concrete.knowledge to open my ownbusiness and see it succeed in a Maintained positive customer relations via timely project completion, rapid response to customer needs, daily supervisionplace that was unfamiliar was a of employees in the field, material purchase negotiation, and thegreat experience for personal creation of realistic project budgets.growth. I was able to expand myknowledge of landscape as it Performed daily maintenance activities including: turfapplies to a different region and management, tree and shrub care, pest management, irrigationclimate. My family enjoyed the repair, and strategic implementation of water-saving practices.opportunity to spend 4 years insuch a beautiful place.” Hired and supervised 15 to 25 employees; maintained low employee turnover and high morale using incentive-based compensation programs and establishing mutual respect. Prepared and maintained all licenses, insurance certifications, employee records, and bookkeeping and tax documents; complied with all state and local construction codes and applicable lawsCAREER HIGHLIGHTS
  9. 9.  Responsible for all field and architectural renderingsVice-President, Sahara including plant, shrub, and annual selections, irrigationand Associates Inc. & plans, and proper implementation of working drawings.Sahara Landscape Inc.  Prepared and executed all marketing plans, salesLas Vegas, NV 1998-2004 presentations, and sales contracts for a particular project.“It was a honor to continue whatmy father started with respect to  Responsible for daily maintenance activities which included turf management, tree and shrub care, pestGeneral Building in Nevada in management, irrigation repair, and strategic1968. After building single family implementation of water saving practices.homes for over 5 years, wedecided to focus our attention on  Directly supervised all work related phases of thelandscape, concrete, and construction process, met with sub-trades and City andmasonry. Due to diligent County Building departments to ensure compliance withmarketing, excellent design and appropriate guidelines and architecturalinstallation work, and superb requirements.customer service, Saharaconsistently had annual income  Directly responsible for all customer service andin excess of 2.5 mill.” warranty issues after a particular project was completed  Trained and supervised all employees with crews ranging from 8 to 35 individuals.CAREER HIGHLIGHTS
  10. 10. • Co-produced and implemented Goodwill’s satellite donation location program in Southern Nevada; created opportunitiesDirector of Donations, for growth including obtaining 10 new sites which generatedGoodwill Industries of enough resources to open 6 retails outlets and to create over 100 jobs for disabled individuals.Southern Nevada, LasVegas, NV. • Supervised and performed the construction of all retail locations which required a thorough knowledge ofJuly 1995- May 1997 construction documents, building codes, and zoning ordinances while maintaining a favorable working relationship between Goodwill and all governmental and local“One of my initial tasks was to agencies.establish the Attended DonationCenter concept in Southern • Managed property-related items including, but not limited to,Nevada. I was able to property site maintenance and landscape.successfully do this due to myvast knowledge of marketing, • Trained and supervised a crew of 25, reviewed daily work performance, and reported directly to the company presidentsales, a strong desire to help on a daily basis.others, and utilizing my clientalbase that I established over 40 • Created and implemented marketing campaigns to increaseyrs. living in the Las Vegas private donations.Valley. I was able to the see thefruits of our labor everyday.”CAREER HIGHLIGHTS