Kuwait University                   FEBUARY 2009          Shidadiya, Kuwait          Function Island                      ...
Kuwait University                       Febuary 2009 | Shidadiyah, Kuwait                                                 ...
Function Island                     2008 - 2009 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates3   4                                        ...
465 North Park Drive                          2007 - 2008 | Streeterville, Chicago                                        ...
BMW Sales & Event Center                             Winter 2008 | Design Visualization Pipeline                          ...
tulanegreenbuild.com         Green Build                  Spring 2007 | Central City, New Orleans                         ...
Fall 2006 | Algiers, New Orleans | asitw.org        A Studio In the Woods                                                 ...
The Lagniappe semester examined a post-                                                         Hurricane Katrina study im...
Spring 2006 | 9th Ward, New Orleans        Community Center                                                               ...
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David Siegel\'s Portfolio


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David Siegel\'s Portfolio

  1. 1. Kuwait University FEBUARY 2009 Shidadiya, Kuwait Function Island 2008 - 2009 United Arab Emirates, DubaiDAV I D PORTFOLIOSIEGEL 465 North Park Drive 2007 - 2008 Streeterville, Chicago, IL BMW Sales & Event Center WINTER 2008 Gold Coast, Chicago, IL TULANE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE M. ACRH. I | CLASS OF 2007 Green Build SPRING 2007 Central-City, New Orleans, LA A Studio in the Woods FALL 2006 Algiers, New Orleans, LA Housing Platform SUMMER 2006 Lafitte Corridor, New Orleans, LA Community Center SPRING 2006 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA
  2. 2. Kuwait University Febuary 2009 | Shidadiyah, Kuwait n istratio Admin ter Cultural Cen Angular Facades EAST WING SECTION Library Conference Center WEST WING SECTION Courtyard / Ventilation SUSTIANABLE DESIGN CONCEPTS The use of passive systems and sustain- able strategies form the guiding princi- ples of the design. Energy performance manifests itself through a modern vi- Thermal Mass / Views sion of proven vernacular responses to an intense climate. The building guards itself and the lower public realm from intense high angled sun through respon- sive angled facades reducing solar gains Expansive Roof / Shading The University Library, located directly across the quadrangle from the Central by over 20% in concert with an expan- Admin Building, is one of the main facilities in the new proposed Kuwait University sive roof system, which by being perme- Administration Facilities Complex. The Library has been designed to create an envi- able dually allows for controlled daylight1 2 penetration and buoyancy driven heat ronment conducive to learning, comfort and communication. The central courtyard is directly connected to the main landscape, creating an open and inviting point of to escape. To further take advantage of Photovoltaics access to the library. The courtyard is shaded with a trellis which allows for dappled the climate, solar energy is harnessed light. Glass exteriors and natural light are abundant near reading areas and offices. through a photovoltaic system which Archival materials and library stacks are positioned behind stone walls protect- will generate approximately 4560 MWh ing the sensitive material. The library building strikes a delicate balance between of electricity or equivalent to over inviting and secure spaces to service the needs of both patrons and the archives. 40,000 m² of efficient office program. Green Spaces
  3. 3. Function Island 2008 - 2009 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates3 4 At the base of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates is Function Island; a series of canopies that are designed to incorporate a kitchen, dining and children’s play areas.The roof is clad with rectangular stainless steel panels that transitions to a faceted panel system on the ceiling.The details to the left illustrate how the stainless steel triangulated panels are hung and attached to the main structure.The canopies’ sleek design and impressive cantilevers juxta- posed with the 818 meter tower soaring above generates an unparalleled vision and awe-inspiring experience for its patrons
  4. 4. 465 North Park Drive 2007 - 2008 | Streeterville, Chicago UPPER CANOPY DETAIL UPPER CANOPY NIGHT SHOT5 6 465 North Park Drive is the newest residential high-rise At the top of the podium there is a rooftop pool deck with addition to the flourishing Chicago Streeterville neigh- a fully landscaped green roof. The goal is to achieve LEED borhood. Undergoing a transformation from an industrial silver certification. The footprint of the tower is set back on wasteland to a thriving residential district, a well thought the west side to provide an open green space with the ex- out master plan is crucial. The tower’s exterior is clad with isting park across the street. Striving to be environmentally an aluminum and glass unitized curtain wall system, creating responsible and architecturally alluring, the project will elec- CURTAIN WALL DETAIL a light and airy, sleek aesthetic. trify the character of the Streeterville neighborhood. NORTH-WEST PODIUM NORTH PODIUM NORTH-EAST PODIUM SOUTH-WEST TOWER
  5. 5. BMW Sales & Event Center Winter 2008 | Design Visualization Pipeline SCB’s Design Visualization Pipeline The competitive world of the automotive industry is is a 3ds Max training course driving manufacturing companies to implement new tought by Peter Rybicki, an strategies to market their products, from elaborate Autodesk certified instructor. events to spectacular showrooms. While Formula One racing has been a staple to showcase the The class focused on the develop- industry’s products, architecture has become a signifi- ment and application of digital cant proponent of generating an alluring brand image. skills in the fields of design and architecture including methods The design is comprised of a series of three ascending such as: volumes that house the prominent showroom and a sales area. The main façade parallels the site’s unique • 3D modeling (suface & solid) obtuse angled corner condition, luring visitors • mapping and materials towards the entrance. The glass is also tilted forward, • V-ray cameras improving the views and preventing glare and reflec- tions. The combination of these angles sets up a • V-ray lighting dynamic effect that emphasizes a sense of movement. • entourage The almost transparent glass façade consists of a • post-rendering techniques planar glazing system, with loads transferred through spider fittings that attach to scissor-shaped steel arms that connect to leaning tubular steel columns. The7 8 front wall exhibits a compelling aesthetic that is cohesive with the technologically advanced automo- biles that are showcased. The design is ultimately driven by the building’s function—sales of high perfor- mance, technologically advanced, quality vehicles. ORIGINAL SCHEMATIC SKETCH
  6. 6. tulanegreenbuild.com Green Build Spring 2007 | Central City, New Orleans Tulane Green Build was a two-semester design-build project The studio’s strongest emphasis is on eco-friendly approaches and how those specific under the supervision of Professor Coleman Coker. The fall conditions impact our larger environment over time. This research will develop an semester began with an intensive research period. Research appropriate climatic and cultural prototype, one that could be produced and was conducted in the areas of modular construction and developed by the prefabrication industry for New Orleans. prefabrication processes, with an emphasis on eco-friendly building materials and methods. Findings were collected and Green Features compiled with each building component rated according to • butterfly roof channels rain water into a water collection cistern price, transportability, ease of construction and eco-friendly • GreenBean spray foam insulation qualities. • photo-voltaic panels on the roof • light shelves on the south façade Working as individuals, in small groups and as an entire • cross-ventilation studio team, we spent weeks designing an affordable, eco- AN friendly modular 1200 square foot home. The three • ductless HVAC • natural lighting PL bedroom, two bath, living/kitchen/dining program required us to maximize every square inch of space. Considering the homes modularity the program was divided into three modules to be prefabricated in a warehouse space and shipped to the site. The three modules arranged on a long and narrow lot give careful consideration to solar orienta- tion, privacy, and the scale and character of the surrounding neighborhood. The design is a result of green building9 10 techniques and modularity that can adapted to different sites with ease and at affordable rate. The house was fabricated in the controlled environment of a warehouse space to reduce construction fatigue, improve the level of construction detail, save fabrication time and reduce materials waste, all going to make the home more June 21 - Noon May 21 / July 21 - Noon April 21 / August 21 - Noon March 21 / September 21 - Noon February 21 / October 21 - Noon 50° 50° 63° 63° 74° 74° 85° 85° 82° 82° South Facade Shading Diagram
  7. 7. Fall 2006 | Algiers, New Orleans | asitw.org A Studio In the Woods The new Stewards’ Cottage at A Studio in the Woods will serve as a model for future development on the The Stewards’ Cottage utilizes sustainable principles in a beautiful, but unforgiving, environment. The house will be a “net Gulf Coast, both in its conception and implementation. My design was chosen as the winner of the ASITW zero energy use” structure. Solar photovoltaic panels on the roof will generate power, and net metering through Entergy Design Competition. The design provides a residence for an onsite caretaker for the nine acre bottomland Corp will allow for excess energy produced to be “sold” back to the utility company. The geothermal heat pump system hardwood forest as well as an artists’ retreat. The building will respect and enhance the microenvironment of will minimize energy use for heating and cooling. The passive solar design of the house will also minimize the energy bottomland hardwood forest, resulting from the changes to the regions natural and built environment required. The project is the first in the region to participate in the US Green Building Council, LEED for Homes Pilot wrought by hurricane Katrina. The building slips quietly into the woods, taking advantage of a previously Program, aiming to achieve a Platinum rating. The project is modest, quiet and simple; however, the principles embodied11 12 disturbed area of the site, and helps to define a future entry court to the studio enclave. are powerful, poignant and timely to a region in need of conceptual realignment. GROUND FLOOR PLAN MAIN FLOOR PLAN
  8. 8. The Lagniappe semester examined a post- Hurricane Katrina study implementing housing prototypes for the now vacant part of New Orleans known as the Lafitte Corridor. The platform was broken into six groups investigating Lafitte Housing Projects Summer 2006 | New Orleans different housing case studies: courtyard, mat, slab, point block, Rowhouse, and mixed density schemes. Under the guidance of Associate Profes- TRANSVERSE SECTION sor Scott Bernhard, we applied our hypothetical insertions derived from the original canonical projects. My partners, Mike Kazazis and Maggie Van Dusen, and I analyzed precedents in the slab housing category such as; Unite d’Habitation, Gallaratese Quarter, and the Gifu Kitagata Apart- ment Building. After looking at the basic strategies of the different architects we decided that Sejima’s Gifu Kitagata Apartment building was the most suitable and compelling to employ. Its purpose is to revitalize housing in a low-crime, mixed-income area. The plan allows for the green way to continue through the buildings and over the major streets.The final project was submitted to HUD in a grant proposal for Tulane and displayed in an UNITS PER ACRE: 28 LAFITTE CORRIDOR PLAN exhibit at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans. PEOPLE PER ACRE: 61 FAR .6413 14 LAFITTE CORRIDOR SITE PLAN
  9. 9. Spring 2006 | 9th Ward, New Orleans Community Center STRUCTURAL SECTION A VORONOI DIAGRAM STRANDING 3-D PRINTING J D I STUCTURAL SECTION B ISOPARM DETAIL E B G STRUCTURE15 16 Forms and Tectonics of Cellular Aggregation Using the application Bubble Harp, I created a custom Voronoi diagram, which was used as the foundation of the F design. The diagrammatic strands were derived from the connection of social aspects with and around the site. Playgrounds and open spaces, education, and religious activity form a social hierarchy of functions that define the quality of life. It was then possible to create connections based on the performance and enhancement of the respec- A. Lobby A tive forces which were superimposed on the site. Attention was given to the optimum fit in scale between each B. Basketball court/ Assembly space constituent system in relation to internal and external stimulus, aggregation, flow, and accessibility. C. Restuarant/ Cafeteria H D. Classrooms E. Daycare F. Emergency/ Medical G. Women’s locker rooms H. Men’s locker rooms I. Library J. Offices C