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Linked In Pg Customer Contact Offering Base Mkt Ver Nov 091[1]


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Customer Contact Strategy Assessment and Approach

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Linked In Pg Customer Contact Offering Base Mkt Ver Nov 091[1]

  1. 1. Principles Group Customer Contact & Call Center Offerings<br />December 2009<br />Focused on: Enterprise Applications Solutions – Customer Contact – Change Management<br />Specializing in:Process Improvement, Business Change Integration & Call Center Operations<br />
  2. 2. Customer<br />Contact<br />Strategy<br />Why PG Is The Right Choice For YourCustomer Contact Strategy Effort<br />Proven record with Fortune 500 for real, actionable results<br />Extensive expertise in customer contact strategy design<br />Senior-level consulting talent performs the work<br />Proven ability to develop strategies that <br />improve performance and the quality of the interaction<br />Ability to begin NOW with your knowledgeable <br />team!<br />
  3. 3. More Specific Areas of PG of Focus – Customer Operations & Account Management Solutions<br /><ul><li>Customer Operations Strategy Assessment & Approach</li></ul>Customer Contact rules for engagement (How customers contact Co. & how Co. contacts customers)<br />Customer Relationship Management – CRM <br />Database & Interactive Marketing<br />Competitive Analysis/Assessment<br />Governance for initiatives and ongoing processes<br />Customer Operations Planning & Tactics<br />Call Center Operations Strategy, Consolidation & Execution<br />Customer Satisfaction Results & Analysis<br />Customer value chain outsourcing, off-shoring and co-sourcing <br />Billing Integration & Execution<br />Self Service Technology & Design<br />Automated Workflow<br />Call Center Operations Support/Logistics (business of running a center)<br />Hiring & Training Practices<br />Training Design, Delivery & Support<br />Business Performance & Metrics<br />Technology<br />Call Center<br />Company Wide Integration <br />Network, Hardware, Software, Applications, Tools<br />SAP/EA Change Integration & Execution<br />SAP/CRM Module Implementation<br />Business evaluation and utilization improvement<br />
  4. 4. Can Customer Value be Created<br />Key Questions<br />For <br />Customer Management<br />& Marketing<br />*CPIs = Customer Performance Indicators<br />
  5. 5. Customer Contact Strategy Approach<br />Enterprise Approach<br />Establish the Baseline <br />Process & Architecture Improvements<br />Discover,<br />Understand & <br />Document “As Is”<br />Process <br />Evaluate “As Is”<br />State & Develop<br />Target State<br />Determine<br /> Opportunity Areas<br />& Perform Gap<br />Analysis<br /> Develop<br /> Recommendations<br /> & Obtain Initial <br />Buy In<br />Develop<br />Roadmap & <br />High level<br />Business Case<br />Stakeholder Management<br />Assessment & Baseline *<br />Roadmap & Business Case<br />* Where we identify the “What” that needs to be accomplished based upon the actual current enterprise operational environment, Customer data and Customer interaction<br />
  6. 6. Customer Centric Strategic Approach<br /> During tougher economic times, making a business case for the value of customer experience is more important than ever. That&apos;s why our approach to the Customer Contact Experience assessment is designed to help you prove the dollars and cents value of great customer-centered design.<br /><ul><li>We start with a current business enterprise assessment
  7. 7. We work with you to provide a first cut at a Customer Centric Strategy
  8. 8. We develop a specific Strategy Roadmap for your business designed to achieve the end state goals
  9. 9. The Strategy Roadmap defines the key business alignment areas, provides key objectives and provides the start of what needs to be measured at what level
  10. 10. The Roadmap clearly and visually depicts the specific cause and effect links to achieve these goals
  11. 11. Develop a high level Business Case with benefits to support the Roadmap </li></li></ul><li>The Focal Point for Our Approach & Success is Customer Data & Knowledge<br />We can help you <br />answer these!<br />?<br />Customer Service<br />Marketing & Sales<br />Why do your customers contact you?<br />What are the most valuable customer segments?<br />What the cost to serve service each customer segment?<br />What will influence the behavior of these customers?<br />What does the current total interaction feel like to the customer?<br />What are the customer’s needs, priorities, and purchase criteria?<br />What are the key cost drivers influencing my unit cost per contact?<br />Business Intel<br />What is the expected life time value of my customers?<br />What is my unit cost per sale?<br />Why do our customer’s leave to competitors?<br />What opportunities do we have to provide self-service <br />options to our customers?<br />Do we capture key data and information on our customers? <br />And do we do it at each customer contact point?<br />What % of the time does my Customer receive a “perfect order”?<br />
  12. 12. Critical People, Process and Technology Questions We Must Address <br />Customer facing organizations need to continue to adapt, measure & improve<br />How well do we satisfy our customer’s requirements?<br />How quickly do we respond to new business events?<br />How repeatable are the work steps we have?<br />How well have we assigned process ownership and Accountability?<br />How well do our employees work together managing change?<br />How do we measure, manage and correct these processes?<br />How well do our systems help us with all of the above?<br />People<br />Customer Data<br />Process<br />Technology<br />
  13. 13. Getting Started<br />
  14. 14. Specific Deliverables from PG Customer Contact Strategy Assessment Engagement<br /><ul><li>Providing a complete listing of in scope business areas/processes and key sub-processes
  15. 15. Identification of recommended key improvements to the areas related above
  16. 16. Quick Hits listing and description
  17. 17. Identifying high level description of benefits to be realized for an engagement to document PP processes
  18. 18. A KPI/metrics assessment & recommendations for enhancement
  19. 19. A Customer Contact Strategy Roadmap
  20. 20. A high level architectural solution platform with Roadmap
  21. 21. A high level Business Case with TCO and ROI*
  22. 22. A summary Project Plan for Roadmap Next Steps - execution
  23. 23. A PG SOW for any Next Step engagements</li></ul>Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment<br />
  24. 24. We want to hear from you!<br />Contact us<br />Phone – +1-508-553-9008 or 973-795-2232 x104<br />Email –<br />Web –<br />