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2014.07.22 shorthouse


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Updates to Canadensys network activities at the North America Regional Nodes Meeting to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) in the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario.

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2014.07.22 shorthouse

  1. 1. The Canadensys Network Past successes, Present Challenges, and a Look to the Future David P. Shorthouse
  2. 2. A Successful Network
  3. 3. 30 collections Plants, insects and fungi
  4. 4. Open Communications (news & documentation) s (113 members) @canadensys (300 followers)
  5. 5. Goal Mobilize 3 million specimen records (20%)
  6. 6. Vascular Plants of Canada 32+ citations 1,500 pageviews / day 110 users / day integration in rOpenSci doi:10.3897/phytokeys.25.3100
  7. 7. « Once operational, the network will be available to any collection or researcher that is not part of the initial application. »
  8. 8. Recent Updates DFO Maritimes Region Cetacean Sightings
  9. 9. Recent Updates associatedSequences GenBank:JQ662503…/JQ662503
  10. 10. Contributions Made to GBIF Darwin Core Archive Validator Narwhal Processor IPT Customization Data Licensing Digital Object Identifiers Country Pages Requirements Code DevelopmentConsultations
  11. 11. Data license Use without restriction
  12. 12. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.283.4674 doi: 10.5886/txsd3at3
  13. 13. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.360.4742 doi: 10.5886/998dbs2a
  14. 14. $ java -jar dwca-validator.jar -s CORE : 1698481 ->WARNING,RECORD_CONTENT:The value 79:48 [sic] is not a numerical value ->WARNING,RECORD_CONTENT:The value 44:29 [sic] is not a numerical value CORE : 1698482 ->WARNING,RECORD_CONTENT:The value 79:31 [sic] is not a numerical value ->WARNING,RECORD_CONTENT:The value 44:35 [sic] is not a numerical value CORE : 1002205 ->WARNING,RECORD_CONTENT:The value -123.333º is not a numerical value CORE : null ->ERROR,FIELD_UNIQUENESS:The value null was already used for term coreId CORE : null Darwin Core Archive Validator
  15. 15. IPT Customization
  16. 16. Collaborations Developers & International Projects 17 Canadensys code projects 20 « forks » Working collaborations with GBIF, France, Colombia, Brazil, French Guiana
  17. 17. Present Challenges
  18. 18. Pieris spp. Pieris japonica Pieris rapae Better Fidelity With Taxa
  19. 19. Better Fidelity With Media Harvesting & Caching Processing & Storing OCR Crowd-sourcing Sharing DwC-A Simple Media Extension
  20. 20. Better Fidelity With Reporting Citations of specimens, datasets, checklists Data quality • Collection dates • Georeferencing • Taxon names & concepts
  21. 21. A Look to the Future
  22. 22. « Developing the next generation of IPM tools – mobile applications for pest identification, monitoring and forecasting for sustainable and profitable crop production » Dr. Barb Sharanowski Mobile first Occurrence observations Real-time species distribution modelling Identification keys
  23. 23. CFI Cyberinfrastructure Initiative January 2015 Notice of intent (NOI). The CFI expects all institutions to identify collaboration with Compute Canada June 2015 Full proposal due
  24. 24. Canadensys Wish List 1. Formal representation of NA research projects in GBIF Governance Model 2. Recognition of in-kind support 3. Shared development & hackathons • accelerate delivery of generic solutions • minimize duplication