How to Generate Registrations and Attendees to Your Virtual Event


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If you produce a virtual event and no one attends, does it make a sound? In this presentation, Dennis provides tips and strategies for generating registrations and attendees for your next virtual event.

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How to Generate Registrations and Attendees to Your Virtual Event

  1. 1. How to Generate Registrations & Attendees to Your Virtual Event<br />Dennis Shiao<br /><br />08.11.2011<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  2. 2. BRIEF INTRODUCTION<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  3. 3. OUTLINE<br />Generating Registrations<br />Value proposition<br />Target audience<br />Finding<br />Communicating<br />Use of social media<br />Converting Registrations to Attendees<br />Content marketing<br />Networking<br />Game mechanics<br />Email reminders<br />“When you convert registrations to attendees, you get to ring the register”<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  4. 4. (GENERATING) First Step: Develop a Plan<br />Value Proposition<br />One sentence<br />Find answer to “WIIFM”<br />Print, hang on wall<br />Ties into promotion<br />Target Audience<br />Precise<br />Quantifiable<br />Ties into sponsorships, success metrics<br />“Think before you act. For your online event, prepare before you promote.”<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  5. 5. (GENERATING) Find Your Target Audience<br />Your own properties<br />Web site<br />Email lists<br />Customer / subscriber lists<br />Social media channels<br />Partner properties<br />Content sites<br />Community sites<br />Paid media<br />Email blasts, SEM, etc. <br />Image source: Wikipedia page for Christopher Columbus<br />“For events, finding your target audience should not be as challenging as Columbus discovering The New World.”<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  6. 6. (GENERATING) Time for 10 Tips<br />Image source: sam_churcill on flickr<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  7. 7. (GENERATING) Tip #1: Leverage Speakers<br />“If you select your speakers well, then your target audience already follows them. Ask speakers to promote your event.”<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  8. 8. (GENERATING) Tip #2: Leverage Exhibitors<br />“Give your exhibitors unique URLs (for tracking) & ask them to promote the event. Reward those who bring in the most…”<br />Note: clicktotweet is a neat tool for distributing tweet-able messages to your exhibitors ( <br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  9. 9. (GENERATING) Tip #3: On Registration, Less is More<br />“Every new field you add decreases the likelihood of registration. Ask yourself, is each additional field worth it?”<br />First Name<br />Last Name<br />Company<br />Title<br />Email Address<br />Address 1<br />Address 2<br />State/Province<br />Country<br />Industry<br />Job Function<br />Company Revenue<br />Annual Budget<br />Purchase Authority<br />Purchase Timeframe<br />Favorite Food<br />Number of Kids<br />Zodiac Sign<br />First Name<br />Last Name<br />Company<br />Title<br />Email Address<br />LESS fields means…<br />MORE registrations<br />Key Point: You can ask for additional information during the event (e.g. require attendees to complete mandatory profile fields upon first login)<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  10. 10. (GENERATING) Tip #4: Social Sharing on Registration Page<br />“Social sharing buttons on your registration page allow your target audience to promote the event on your behalf.”<br />Study which social networks your audience engages in to determine which sharing buttons to include<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  11. 11. (GENERATING) Tip #5: Promotion via Syndication<br />“Provide HTML ‘embed code’, inviting others to promote your event on their web sites!”<br />Example: YouTube (above). YouTube did not reach billions of video views from alone.<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  12. 12. (GENERATING) Tip #6: Start Early<br />Benefits<br />More inbound links<br />More search traffic<br />More opportunities for sharing<br />More time to measure, adjust and adapt<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  13. 13. (GENERATING) Tip #7: Create a LinkedIn Event<br />Benefits<br />Takes 2 minutes.<br />Generate awareness via LinkedIn’s “social business graph.”<br />LinkedIn Events have a “This is a virtual event” checkbox.<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  14. 14. (GENERATING) Tip #8: Promote on Twitter<br />Steps<br />Create a Twitter hash tag for your event.<br />Promote the hash tag on your event registration page.<br />Include the event hash tag in ALL tweets.<br />Tweet about your event’s value proposition, driving traffic to the registration page.<br />Tweet about your keynote speaker.<br />Tweet about sponsors who will be exhibiting.<br />Retweet other users’ comments.<br />“If you want to interest people in your ‘party’, be a friendly and welcoming host on Twitter.”<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  15. 15. (GENERATING) Tip #9: Promote on Your Facebook Page<br />Tips<br />Post videos (related to your event).<br />Run a survey (via Facebook Questions) on what topics attendees would like to see at the event.<br />Got breaking news about your event (e.g. a confirmed keynote speaker)? Post it to Facebook.<br />Take pictures of your online event team and post them. Facebook fans love pictures.<br />Promote speakers and exhibitors in your posts and be sure to tag them in your post.<br />“Fans of your brand should become fans of your event. The key is to convert your Facebook fans into registrants.”<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  16. 16. (GENERATING) Tip #10: Promote via Content Marketing<br />Tips<br />Write blog postings related to the event’s topics.<br />Ask speakers to write blog postings (or author guest postings) on their presentation topics.<br />Share interesting articles and postings that relate to your event.<br />Publish an edition of your e-Newsletter that highlights the event.<br />Publish a Press Release announcing your event.<br />Record short videos related to your event’s topics. Post them on multiple video sites.<br />Ask exhibitors to incorporate event promotion in their own content marketing.<br />“Remember that the end goal of content marketing is to drive traffic to your event’s registration page.”<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  17. 17. CONVERTING<br />“Like shoppers in a store, registrants are less useful if they do not convert.”<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  18. 18. (CONVERTING) Tip #1: Spruce Up the Confirmation Page<br />“The journey of converting a registrant to an attendee begins with the confirmation page.”<br />Tips<br />Embed a video with a “thank you “ from you.<br />Provide links to useful resources related to the event platform.<br />Allow registrants to see which of their LinkedIn Connections has also registered.<br />Embed links to add the event to registrants’ calendars (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.)<br />Provide social sharing buttons [OK, this is to help with registration and not conversion]<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  19. 19. (CONVERTING) Tip #2: More Content Marketing<br />“Guess what? You’re a media company. Your registrants are your readers. Make an impression to get them to attend”<br />Note: The period from registration to “live event date” is an OPPORTUNITY that should not be wasted.<br />Note: I didn’t say this would be easy.<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  20. 20. (CONVERTING) Tip #3: Game Mechanics<br />Tips<br />Deploy single player games.<br />Deploy team-based games.<br />Deploy leaderboards.<br />Incent players and teams with prizes and recognition<br />If you engage registrants in this gaming activity before the event, your attendance (at the live event) will increase.<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  21. 21. (CONVERTING) Tip #4: Automated Email Messaging<br />Tips<br />Week-before reminder email.<br />Day-before reminder email.<br />“Event is now open” email at the start of the live date(s).<br />Mid-day “Don’t miss out: second half schedule” email to registrants who have not yet logged in.<br />Next-day “Thanks for attending” or “Sorry we missed you” emails.<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  22. 22. (CONVERTING) Tip #5: Facilitate Pre-Event Networking<br />“Allow registrants to network beforehand and any event, whether physical or online, will see increased attendance.”<br />Corollary: If I’ve had meaningful dialog with you prior to an event, I’ll go out of my away to attend live, so that the dialog can continue.<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />
  23. 23. SUMMARY<br />GENERATE.<br />CONVERT.<br />ENGAGE.<br />Thank you.<br />Twitter hash tag: #AMAAdobe<br />