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How to Build A Personal Brand and Advance Your Career with Social Media


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Facebook is not about friends. Or at least it doesn’t have to be. In this presentation, Dennis Shiao provides strategies, tips and tactics for using social media to build a personal brand and advance your career.

Whether you want to build a following online or gain a promotion at work, Dennis’ presentation will cover ways social media can help you, both personally and professionally.

Dennis will first cover some strategies for taking advantage of social networks, including the important activities of listening, connecting and participating.

Next, he’ll draw upon his own experiences and cover specific tips from blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare and Quora, to name a few.

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How to Build A Personal Brand and Advance Your Career with Social Media

  1. How to Build a Personal Brand and Advance Your Career with Social Media <br />West Coast Women’s Leadership Forum<br />09.02.2011<br />
  2. “More than a name or a face in the crowd,<br />I know this is the time, this is the time of my life.”<br />“The time of my life.”<br /> -- David Cook, 2008 American Idol Champion<br />
  3. Let’s Start By Asking You…<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  4. Another Question.<br />Social Media?<br />Personal Brand & Career Advancement?<br />Both?<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  5. Next, a Brief and Personal Story<br />November 17, 2008: @dmscottwrites blog post, “Downsized? Fired? Here are the new rules of finding a job” []<br />December 11, 2008: I was laid off from my job.<br />December 11, 2008: That evening, I attended my first tweetup(#svtweetup). It took place in San Carlos, CA.<br />December 12, 2008: I published my first blog posting. It was titled, “2009: The Year We Go Virtual.”<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  6. Next, a Brief and Personal Story<br />January 5, 2009: My first day at a new job.<br />March 4, 2009: I published my 50th blog posting. It was about IBM’s use of Second Life.<br />October 13, 2010: I published a book, “Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events.”<br />December 12, 2010: I made my first book sale via Twitter.<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  7. Today’s World. Your Brand.<br />“Create information that people want. Create an online presence that people are eager to consume. Establish a virtual front door that people will happily link to. And one that employers will find.”<br />“…her team at Microsoft searches the Web for potential employees. So if you’re not publishing, you won't be found by Microsoft.”<br />“The new rules of finding a job require you to share your knowledge and expertise with a world that is looking for what you have to offer. “<br /><br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  8. What embodies an organization’s brand?<br />What embodies a personal brand?<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  9. Today’s World. Your Brand.<br />Today’s World. Your Brand.<br />Your Brand. Your World.<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  10. Your profile photo is your logo.<br />“So you’re the guy who…”<br />
  11. 5 Tips for Getting Started<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  12. Tip #1: Immerse<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  13. Tip #1: Immerse<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  14. Tip #2: Learn the Customs<br />Photo credit: takomabibelot on flickr<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  15. Tip #3: Share & Engage<br />My tip: curate content in the same way a museum curates fine art.<br />
  16. Tip #4: Be Useful<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  17. Tip #5: Adjust & Adapt<br />“I use Twitter much differently today than I did in 2008 … Fast forward to 2011 and I look to Twitter as a swiss army knife – many, many uses.”<br /><br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  18. Coming Up Next.<br />Blogging.<br />Twitter.<br />Facebook.<br />LinkedIn.<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  19. A Few Tips.<br />“Reserve your names on social networks to protect your brands, even before you get active on them.”<br />Social media is a two-way conversation, NOT a one-way broadcast. Be authentic and be one wants to be tweeted AT, they want to be tweeted TO.<br />
  20. Blogging.<br />“One of my favorite quotes is from the writer Joan Didion, who once said ‘I write to discover what I think.’”<br />-- @AmberCadabra <br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  21. Blogging.<br />Discover your true passions.<br />Share your insights with the world.<br />Reveal your talents. To the world.<br />Teach yourself. About yourself.<br />Build and reinforce…<br />The Brand.<br />Starting a blog is like getting a puppy – both require care, feeding & frequent TLC.<br />
  22. A Blogging Journey to Consider.<br />Find your niche (hint: if you selected “social media,” you’re too late.)<br />As others discover your niche, specialize into a sub-niche.<br />Exchange guest posts with other blogs and web sites.<br />Publish an eBook.<br />Self-publish a printed book.<br />Publish a New York Times best-seller after a book publisher recruits you to write one.<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  23. Great Quote.<br />“It still completely amazes me just how much influence and impact you can have by simply writing stuff on a regular basis. “<br />-- Chuck Hollis, “Celebrating Social Media at EMC”<br /> <br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  24. Top 12 Tips on Twitter<br />Find and follow relevant & active users<br />Find and follow relevant & active Twitter Lists<br />Read an interesting article or blog posting? Look up authors’ Twitter ID and follow them.<br />Find and use the “tweet button” on that article page.<br />Retweet, selectively.<br />Always opt for “share information” over “self promote.”<br />Join and participate in tweetchats.<br />Reply back to users who mention you.<br />Follow back interesting users who follow you.<br />Use hash tags wisely.<br />When sharing content, attribute the original author via “@mention.”<br />When sharing content, include commentary & show some personality.<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  25. Top 7 Tips on Facebook<br />(Tips for your personal account – Facebook Pages require a separate session!)<br />Selectively “friend” business contacts (question: should you “friend” your boss?)<br />Post status updates, links and videos to your Wall that reinforces your brand.<br />Share interesting articles with your Facebook friends by clicking “Like” or using the Facebook Comments feature (if enabled on the article page).<br />Use Facebook Questions to pose a business-related question.<br />“Like” companies and brands that you have an interest in.<br />Use apps that connect you to your friends’ friends (e.g. BranchOut)<br />When posting status updates that mention a brand, “tag” the brand’s page<br />Also: “32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business” by GigaOM <br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  26. BranchOut<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  27. Facebook Comments<br />Social Media | Personal Branding @dshiao | 09.02.2011<br />
  28. Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn<br />Ensure your LinkedIn profile is 110% complete.<br />Seek out and connect with former colleagues and business associates (build your network).<br />Connect your WordPress blog and your Twitter account to your LinkedIn account.<br />Find, join and engage in relevant LinkedIn Groups.<br />Use the “Reading List by Amazon” app to share books you’re reading.<br />Search (and attend) relevant events (both face-to-face and virtual) via LinkedIn Events.<br />Recommendations: give first, then ask for some later.<br />Browse questions in LinkedIn Answers and provide answers to questions in your area of expertise.<br />Follow companies of interest to you.<br />Review job listings (LinkedIn tells you whom in your network can connect you to the hiring company).<br />
  29. Other Social Networks to Explore.<br />
  30. Tie Your Social Networks Together<br />World Wide Web: “a system of interlinked hypertext documents” [Wikipedia]<br />Word Wide Brand: a system that ties together your social presence viathe web.<br />With your world wide brand, the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.<br />
  31. Scoring your Online Influence.<br />Quality<br />Quantity<br />Quality<br />Give me quality over quantity, any day of the week.<br />
  32. Thank You!<br />How to find me:<br />@dshiao| @INXPO on Twitter<br />My blog:<br />My book: “Generate Sales Leads With Virtual Events”<br />