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Mr Copy Solutions Overview


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At Mr Copy / Xerox we specialize in implementing cutting edge technologies (be it hardware, software, VM Ware, SANs and server based solutions) to all companies who are looking for ways to get more for less. Enjoy!

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Mr Copy Solutions Overview

  1. 1. Work Smarter …. Not Harder Adaptive Business Solutions for Today’s On Demand World. Welcome to Your New Work Place! Software makes your work…...flow
  2. 2. Our Mission We help our customers find better ways to do great work – simple. By leveraging your current equipment investments Mr Copy strives to investments, Mr. implement software solutions to help you gain efficiencies, automate manual processes and increase employee productivity. We do all of this to ultimately to help run your company at much lower operating costs. Document Management Digital Archiving Digital Faxing High Volume Scanning Server Consolidation – Virtualization eForms / Digital Workflow Document Output Cost Recovery Storage Solutions (SAN/NAS) Software makes your work…...flow
  3. 3. Cost of Paper Workflow – Industry Facts 1 • The average organization – Makes 9 copies of each document – Spends $20 to file each document – Spends $120 searching for each misfiled document – Spends 25 hours recreating each lost document • 25% of enterprise paper documents are 2 misplaced and will never be located • More than 70% of today's businesses would fail within 3 weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based records • The average employee spends 400 hours 3 per year searching for paper documents 1Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers 2,3Source: Gartner Group Software makes your work…...flow
  4. 4. Can you benefit from Document Management? Can you find the documents • you want … in 60 seconds or less? • Can all the key players access and act on documents quickly? • Are your key documents protected against accidental loss? Software makes your work…...flow
  5. 5. DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT BENEFITS Imagine – never having to get up and go to a filing cabinet to search for a document. 1. Protect your paper documents from a disaster by scanning and making them digital. 2. Find a document in seconds – not minutes, hours, or days. Stop losing documents! 3. Improve customer service by providing customer information on demand. 4. Get rid of your filing cabinets and gain more of your office real estate back! 5. Create a digital archive of your paper documents! 6. Increase employee efficiency – spend less time searching for documents and more 7. time working with them. Ensure regulatory compliancy – HIPAA/SOX 8. On average it takes a person 18 minutes to find a document they are looking for – how much time can you afford searching for documents? A Minute Can Save … A clerical worker paid $14.00 an hour costs 23¢ per minute. If the time to process a document is reduced by one minute per document, and a company handles 2,000 documents per day … one minute can save $460 per day or $115,460 per year. p y , py Software makes your work…...flow
  6. 6. Featured Solutions / Partners 1. Xerox DocuShare Document Management System Browser based document management system with full text searching, check in/out collaboration, digital workflow, email integration and complete content management. 2. Xerox ScanFlowStore Document routing and processing software that allows you to use your Xerox MFD to scan into many popular document management systems, OCR documents on the fly, and BROWSE your network for quick distributed scanning. 3. NSI Autostore Capture. Process. Route. Capture print or electronic documents, process them into various digitized formats, and then route them to virtually any destination – including most of today’s leading document management systems. 4. OpenText RightFax RightFax delivers the most reliable and robust fax software solutions to integrate and automate the flow of a full range of fax, paper and electronic documents and data. Companies can securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any application via fax, email, print devices or over the Internet. 5. Kofax Capture Offering unmatched compatibility with scanners and other capture devices, plus content and document management systems, workflow applications and databases, Kofax Capture delivers powerful, p production-level document , data capture, indexing and validation of your important information. p , g y p Software makes your work…...flow
  7. 7. Featured Solutions / Partners 6. Equitrac Cost Accountability/Recovery Equitrac ill allo o r compan Eq itrac will allow your company to gain the insight and control to minimi e printing costs ma imi e minimize costs, maximize equipment efficiency and ensure document privacy. It can do this, plus allow the Legal industry to increase recovery of client billable expenses without changing the way you work. 7. Nuance ScanToPC Desktop – PaperPort / OmniPage / Image Retriever PaperPort Professional 11 is the most productive and cost effective way for everyone in your office to scan, organize, and assemble paper documents digitally. Combined with OmniPage - this solution provides a quick and easy method of scanning - OCR and the distribution of documents to various locations. 8. VMWare Server/Desktop Virtualization Optimize and manage your IT infrastructure, from the desktop to the data center, by virtualizing your computing, storage and networking systems. Increase server and other resource utilization, improve performance, strengthen security and minimize system downtime. Reduce the cost and complexity of delivering enterprise services with VMware enterprise-class virtual machines. 9. Storage Solutions (SAN/NAS) Solidify, scale and optimize your storage needs with a Storage Area Network. Make all of your servers redundant, your hard drive space unlimited and keep your data safe and secure. Implementing a SAN will change how you look at your IT infrastructure and will help it grow as your business grows. 10. Perfect Forms (eForms) PerfectForms allows businesses to take paper based business process – and convert them to digital. Vacation/Sick requests, expense reports, IT trouble tickets – th list goes on. Graphical f V ti /Si k t t t bl ti k t the li t G hi l form and d workflow editor, notifications, embedded advanced reporting – no coding required! Software makes your work…...flow