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Rotarians On Social Networks 062509


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PowerPoint presentation for Rotary Club about Rotarians on Social Networks

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Rotarians On Social Networks 062509

  1. 1. Rotarians on Social Networks Presentation by Don Higgins Rotary Club of Pinellas Park Rotary Club of Pinellas Park Rotary District 6950 Tampa Bay Florida USA l id USA June 25, 2009
  2. 2. Overview O i •Rotary International •Rotary Global Networking Groups •Rotary on the Internet Rotary on the Internet •Rotary on Social Networks •What are the most popular social networks •What are the most popular social networks •Rotary International on Facebook and LinkedIn ROSNF F ll hi F b k di •ROSNF Fellowship on Facebook pending
  3. 3. Rotary International R t I t ti l •First world wide service organization •1.2 million members and 33,000 clubs •Promote service above self •Community  Service •International Service •Promote world understanding, goodwill, peace •Promote fellowship
  4. 4. Rotary Global Networking Groups Rotary Global Networking Groups •Rotary International Fellowships 64 R i l dV i l f ll hi •64+ Recreational and Vocational fellowships •Enjoy fellowship sharing common interests •Examples – Fl i E l Flying, Skiing, Scouting, Computers Skii S ti C t •Rotary Action Groups (RAG’s) 16 A ti G •16+ Action Groups •Enjoy fellowship supporting common interest •Examples – Prevent Blindness, Disaster Relief •Examples Prevent Blindness Disaster Relief
  5. 5. Rotary on the Internet R t th I t t •Rotary International website •All about Rotary and current news events •Search to find where clubs meet •Fellowships •ICUFR ‐ Fellowship of computer users ICUFR  Fellowship of computer users •ROTI ‐ Fellowship of Rotarians on Internet •ROSNF ‐ Fellowship of Rotarians on SN’s pending ROSNF  Fellowship of Rotarians on SN s pending
  6. 6. Rotary on Social Networks R t S i lN t k •What are the most popular social networks •Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter •What can you do on a social network •Why are social networks growing so fast y •Rotary International on Social Networks • RI Facebook page – 26,000+ fans •RI LinkedIn discussion group – 4,000+ members RI LinkedIn discussion group  4,000+ members
  7. 7. Different Social Networks Diff tS i lN t k • – 200 million users • – for business networking • – for sharing videos for sharing videos • – for bloggers and followers
  8. 8. Facebook F b k f b k •Started at Harvard for college students •Now open to everyone •Now has over 200 million active users Now has over 200 million active users •Growing at over 1 million users a month O 100 illi l i d •Over 100 million users login once a day •Average user has 120 friends 
  9. 9. What you can do on Facebook What you can do on Facebook •Find friends by name or email  •View and share information with friends •Post public messages on “Wall” Post public messages on  Wall •Send private messages  •Upload pictures, videos, links y y, , , y •Stay in touch with friends in family, work, school, Rotary •Average Facebook user has 120 friends • Join pages, groups, and/or  causes of interest • Become fan, member, or supporter of  your favorite interests •Post messages on “Wall” or group discussion topics •Find Facebook applications to do things of interest  •Track travel by city around the world •Instant message and voice chat services such as Skype 
  10. 10. Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship R t i S i lN t k F ll hi •Signing up charter members via •Filing RI application in July for Nov. RI Board  •Planning meeting at Montreal RI Convention Planning meeting at Montreal RI Convention •Why become a ROSNF member H t j i ROSNF F ll •How to join ROSNF Fellowship hi
  11. 11. Why join ROSNF Fellowship Wh j i ROSNF F ll hi •Enjoy fellowship with Rotarians on SN’s •Learn how to safely and effectively use SN’s •Learn about Rotary applications on Facebook Learn about Rotary applications on Facebook •Learn how social networks can help Rotary •Create Facebook page/group for your club/group •Create Facebook page/group for your club/group •Promote Rotary Foundation and other causes
  12. 12. How to join ROSNF Fellowship H t j i ROSNF F ll hi •Go to and submit form •Join •Join the ROSNF Group on Facebook for: Join the ROSNF Group on Facebook for: •Newsletter about ROSNF activities and events •Discussion topics related to ROSNF fellowship Discussion topics related to ROSNF fellowship •Over 200+ charter members currently
  13. 13. In Conclusion I C l i •Join and •Connect with family and friends worldwide •Help promote Rotary fellowship Help promote Rotary fellowship •Questions and Answers