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Wix Apps in WP TLV

  1. 1. Wix Apps
  2. 2. What is Wix?2Need Primary solutionCreate a documentCreate a presentationCreate a blogCreate a web presenceEnable everyone to create amazing websites
  3. 3. Wix.com – The Numbers ~ 35 million websites built with Wix ~ 1.3 million new web sites per month ~ 4 Million visits to the Wix editor per months3
  4. 4. The app marketApp market stats• Released Oct 18• 80 applications available at the market• Installation rate of more than 1,000,000 apps per monthFor Wix users• The more apps we have, the more flexibility they have. Withhundreds of applications coming, Wix users will have practicallyendless possibilitiesFor Developers• Early bird gets the worm• Exposure to 4,000,000 users a month4
  5. 5. Average app in the market – Theindependent developer’s angle• An app is sold for 10$ Freemium monthly recurring model in Wix App Market• Gets 300 installations a day (today’s average)• Gets 2 % conversion rate – 6 premiums a day• Every day- the monthly profit for developer grows in $42 (70% model)• After 1 year- the monthly profit of the developer is more than $15,0005
  6. 6. What are Wix Apps?• Its a web application, built using HTML 5 technologies• Installed into websites• With Deep Linking and SEO support• You can use Wix media servers and site members login• Delivered as multiple Iframes• Full DRM• You can use any programming language you like– Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, C#, Scala, etc.
  7. 7. Widget Application in Live Site
  8. 8. Widget Application in Live SiteWixOur FarmAppYourServersWidget Endpoint– Displayed in livesites– Hosted on yourservers– An IFrame– With dedicatedURL parameters– With Wix.js forcommunicationwith the site
  9. 9. Settings Frame In Wix Editor
  10. 10. Settings Frame In Wix EditorWixOur FarmAppYourServersSettings Endpoint– Displayed in theWix Editor– Hosted on yourservers– An IFrame– With dedicatedURL parameters– With Wix.js forcommunicationwith the editor
  11. 11. TheAPI
  12. 12. Anatomy of a Wix Application• A Wix Application is a Web Application– Built using HTML 5 front end technology– Any backend technology• Two types of applications– Widget Applications– Page Applications– More types will soon follow
  13. 13. Main Capabilities of the API• Widget– Multi-instances on a page• Page– Deep linking (including SEO)• Settings– To manage the application from the Wix Editor• Resize Widget & Page height– To fit dynamic content• Use site owner media– Upload and use pre-uploaded media• Site users– Integrate App users with the Site users
  14. 14. Anatomy of a Wix Application• How it works– You (the App developer) provide IFrame endpoints– A Site Owner uses the Wix HTML5 editor to add Apps to their website• Using drag & drop from the App Market– The Wix Platform generates a new instance for every site– The Site Owner publish their websites– Site Visitors view the Wix users sites with the installed Apps• Endpoints are web URLs that, when called– Render HTML for IFrames (or SEO inclusion HTML)– Accessed with dedicated URL parameters (the Wix endpoint API)• Instance, viewMode, compId, Locale, etc.– Include the wix.js for the use of the Wix JS API
  15. 15. Resources• Wix Dev Center– App registration, documentation, etc.– http://dev.wix.com• GAE Java Sample Apps– https://github.com/wix/wix-gae-sample-app– https://github.com/wix/wix-gae-rss-feed-app• PHP Sample App– https://github.com/wix/wix-php-rss-feed-app
  16. 16. Good UX for Wix App
  17. 17. Settings panel• First impression – make it designed and polish• Less is more- keep it simple stupid• Include design options and transparency- its all about selfexpression• Include login and logout if relevant• Prioritize – most important prominent, less important hidden(submenu, collapsed)17
  18. 18. Dummy data• For app market materials• For First time impression – super important!18
  19. 19. Value To Small BusinessesYou build a web site- what do you need?
  20. 20. Examples• Communicate with your customers– Form builder• Explain your business– Compare Ninja• Promote your business - Get Leads and Customers– Social feeds• Do Business– Simpl-e-Commerce• Wow effect– Texty20
  21. 21. Verticals• Photographers• Music• Restaurants, Hospitality, Tourism• Weddings• Real Estate• Religion and non profit• Design and Art• Education21
  22. 22. Wish List• Printing service for photos• Comments app• Music download• Animated graphics• Picasa• Surveys and polls• Twitter feed• Guest Book• Eventbrite• Skype• Banners creator• Live Video Streaming• Forum22
  23. 23. Thank you!!!