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Google's presentation on the best G+ features for bloggers.

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  • G+ for Bloggers

    1. 1. Google+Search ResultsGoogle+ for Bloggers
    2. 2. Social Layer on Google Products
    3. 3. Within 12 months 250M+ UsersWithin 5 months 1M+ Brand Pages
    4. 4. Social Experience: Like in Real Life Circles Hangouts Events Events
    5. 5. Circles - Share the right things with the right people.
    6. 6. .Hangouts – Hanging out with the people you love
    7. 7. Events – Celebrate before, after &Events .during the event
    8. 8. Events – Celebrate before, after &Events .during the event
    9. 9. Search Results
    10. 10. Google Search, Plus YouProfiles in Search Personal Results People and PagesYour followers can now find Search results now feature Google+ profiles andyour Google+ profile in the Google+ photos and posts. content that relate tosearch box. specific topics are added to search results. Making you highly discoverable, easy to follow, and connected to a community of followers across the globe.
    11. 11. :Visibility in Search Results Easy to discover your page Relevant content in real time Your last post on Google+ Your followers can see Google+ posts in the search results when they are looking for you
    12. 12. Google+ for Bloggers
    13. 13. Add a Google+ badge to your websiteThe Google+ Badge allows followers to add you to theircircles directly from your site and serves as a link toyour Google+ profile. Google+ Badge Google Confidential and Proprietary 16
    14. 14. Share Photos & VideoBuild unique Viewphoto scrapbooks. comments on each uploaded photo. Google Confidential and Proprietary 17
    15. 15. HangoutInteract with followers in Save Hangouts onreal time. YouTube and share them on your Google+ stream. Google Confidential and Proprietary 18
    16. 16. Measure Your Impact Across the WebIdentify influencers with Google+ Ripples.See your posts spread across Google+. Discover who’s sharingyour content and determine your community influencers.
    17. 17. AnalyticsAnalyze the impact of +1 buttons in your website
    18. 18. Google+ PhotoWalks
    19. 19. www.recommendedusers.com/bloggers/
    20. 20. Get Started Sign up Link your content Go to www.google.com/+/ Link to your Google+ profile and create or upgrade to a from your website and vice Google+ account. versa. Build a profile Let people know The more robust your Invite your audience into your profile, the more ways you circles and start sharing. can be discovered. Measure your impact Analyze your data and discover your community influencers.
    21. 21. www.google.com/+/learnmore/ Google Confidential and Proprietary 24