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Frozen dreams small size

  1. 1. Fr oz e n D r e am s“How to Break the Ice”Author, Prophetess Deniece E. Senter
  2. 2. 2 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ This book will enable you to reach the top of your mountainand claim your victory. As you begin reading my story you willfind yourself and watch in awe as the ice surrounding your dreamsbegins to melt. Many of us have gone through life believing that we are nothingand cant seem to find our purpose. As we watch the televisionprograms roll across our screens, we try to imagine how celebritieslive, and we find ourselves asking these questions: "How did theydo it? How did they make their dreams come to life? I wish I coulddo something like that." If you find yourself in this category, asking these samequestions, this book is for you. It is my prayer that by reading thisbook and answering the questions recorded, you will begin to seethings in you that you never thought existed. As you begin todiscover your talents and gifts, God will then breathe on them andmake them come to life. This book is a must for those with visions and dreams. It isespecially designed for the procrastinator, and those who need apush to get them moving in the right direction.
  4. 4. 4 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ DEDICATIONThis book is dedicated to my wonderful husband, Pastor John F. Senter, for all of your loving support, prayers and wisdom. I love you.
  5. 5. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 5______________________________________________________ Table of Contents1. At Birth……..………..………………………..Page 92. The Beginning of Your Destiny………...........Page 173. Character Unthawed………………………….Page 254. Dreams Unthawed……………………………Page 395. Unfolding Season…………………………….Page 596. Submissive Season…………………………..Page 657. Walk Into Your Season………………………Page 798. The Time Is Now……………………………..Page 879. Build the Foundation………….………….…..Page 9310. Your Title………………………………….Page 10111. The Finish Line……………………………Page 107
  6. 6. 6 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ Introduction Healings, miracles and deliverance are not just promises, theyare established facts. In order to use your gift of faith you cannotpray, “Lord if it be your will heal me.” It is always in God’s willthat these things are given to you; therefore, lay your hand on yourbody and command your healing. Speak to your circumstances andcommand your miracle and your deliverance. So many people aretrapped, frozen in one position because they do not understandGod’s will for their life. Put some heat on the situation and thawout, the time is now. But you must run to be obedient and fight todo what is right, whatever God gives you to do. So the question is:what are you waiting for? Sit down at the computer and starttyping, and watch how so many gifts and dreams will begin tounfold. In order to walk in obedience and walk in your divine destiny, itwill require an act of faith. Your faith will be tested and tried; youwill have to become a water walker like Peter. Step out of the boatby faith. Even if the grounds seem to be unstable, keep your eyeson the prize and press toward the mark. Should you stumble ormiss the mark, God will be right there to catch you before yousink. Your obedience will move God, and He will turn His facetoward you and shine upon you. God will then give you all thetools necessary to carry out your assignment. Your calling anddestiny began at birth. This book is designed to help you find your place in God andduring your private devotions God will begin to reveal Himself to
  7. 7. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 7______________________________________________________you. In the pages that lie ahead, you will read about my birth andlife experiences as a guide to help you discover your destiny andpurpose. After you read my experience, find yourself in your ownexperience and follow the directions, answer each question andpray each prayer. Now pray this prayer with me “Father God in the Name of Jesus, I pray that as I answer thesequestions, and as I begin to walk in my high calling that you wouldreveal to me your perfect will for my life. I pray that you wouldlead me in the right direction, make every crooked road straight,and guide my feet so that I would not stumble and fall. I bind thespirit of confusion, and I cast out every false imagination in thename of Jesus. I come up against the spirit of complacency, thespirit of fear, and the spirit of fatigue, and I bind the spirit oflaziness in the name of Jesus. Lord as I begin to answer thesequestions, I ask that the Holy Spirit would rise in me and do thewriting for me. Lord I ask for your forgiveness in wasting precioustime and for not being obedient. In all these things I ask in Jesus’name. Amen.”
  8. 8. 8 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________
  9. 9. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 9______________________________________________________ In His Image Chapter One At Birth March 4, 1969. It was a cold winter morning, ChristinaMartinez stood 5’9 inches tall, and her silky wavy jet-black hairran down the center of her back. As she spoke, her Puerto Ricanaccent would accentuate her beauty; her tanned, smooth, flawlessskin made her beauty radiant. But what was once her tall, lean,beautiful 115 pound body was now stretched out like a balloon. Atnine months pregnant and 170 pounds, her feet were swollen andher head was in terrible pain. Christina lay down next to herhusband for an afternoon nap. All week Christina had beencomplaining about feeling fatigued. Christina sat up in bed, facedher husband, as he too was fatigued after returning home from along trip overseas. “Harold, Harold wake up, my head is pounding and my backhurts!” Christina said. A sharp pain rushed across her pelvic area,and then another one. “Oh!” She cried, “I think it’s time!”
  10. 10. 10 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ Harold, half awake, sat up in bed, “Christina, you have been infalse labor all month, you know what the doctors said, don’t comein until your water breaks.” “I know but this feels different, the pain is shooting from myhead to my back, oh my God! Harold please, call the ambulance,oh, my stomach!” Christina screamed in agony and pain, sheclutched her stomach and slowly stood up, and made a sound as ifshe was trying to push. As she began to walk toward the bathroomshe fell to the floor as water rushed through her legs. Haroldjumped out of the bed and yelled, “Oh my God, Christina, are youall right? Don’t push!” “I can’t help it, My God, it hurts!” She raised her legs upwardand bore down hard and began to push. “Christina,” Harold yelled, “wait, I don’t know what to do.”Still in his boxers he rushed out of the bedroom and ran down thehallway towards the front door, and grabbed the car keys that weresitting on the table next to the door. As he opened the door hequickly noticed six inches of snow had fallen on the ground. Whenhe stepped his foot onto the porch he realized he didn’t have anyshoes on and quickly discovered he didn’t have any pants oneither. He rushed back into the house slipping and sliding acrossthe floor. As he ran down the hallway he heard Christina’s screams,“Harold, it’s coming!” He yelled back, “I’m coming Christina, hold on, I’m coming!” Oh, how he loved her-they had been married for two years.They lived in a small duplex apartment numbered 1638 on 16th
  11. 11. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 11______________________________________________________Street in Chicago, Illinois. Christina was his first love; her radiantbeauty captured his heart. She was very elegant, but shy. Hershyness is what drew him toward her. Harold Bridges loved a mildtempered woman with flair, one who could hold her own.Christina was all that and above. Harold was stationed in theUnited States Army and was home on leave. One of his prayerswas that he would be home during the birth of his first child.Christina had a one-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.Harold loved her as if she was his own, but now he was about tosee what his own seed could produce. Harold came from a mixedbackground. His father was African American and his mother wasCaucasian. Harold stood six feet tall with beautiful silky, naturallycurly dark hair. His smooth tan skin color was Christina’s favoriteattraction. Now married to a Puerto Rican he often wondered whathis child would look like. At any given moment, Harold was aboutto find out. He rushed back into the bedroom, there Christina lay with herlegs spread apart, and what was once water, was now blood.Harold began to shake; he could feel his knees buckling beneathhim. He fell on the floor beside her, and held her in his arms. Christina lay helplessly on the floor soaked in perspiration,water and blood. In excruciating pain she whispered, “Did you callthe ambulance?” Harold snatched the phone cord and pulled the phone off thedresser toward him and quickly dialed 911. While he was waitingfor the person on the other end to answer, Christina screamed andbegan to push. Harold dropped the receiver and rubbed her back.
  12. 12. 12 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________Oh, how he wished he could help her and take the pain for her.She pushed again and yelled, “it’s coming!” Harold rushed toward her legs and pulled her panties off to seehow far along she was, but all he could see was blood. He racedtoward the end of the bed and grabbed his shoes; he slipped on apair of Army fatigues and ran back toward Christina. The pain hadsubsided some but was still there. “Do you think you can standup?” Harold asked. “I don’t know,” said Christina. “Here, let’s try to get you on thebed.” Harold positioned his hands under Christian’s arms, and ashe slowly raised her up blood flushed out like a water faucet.Christina’s tan colored body began to look an ash brown color.Christina yelled, “Harold, I feel the head!” She clutched herstomach and gave a final push, and screamed a loud cry. As soonas Harold looked down, he froze in shock as this tiny little bodycame out covered in blood with a long cord attached to it; its headhit the floor. Both Christina and Harold fell backwards onto thefloor and Christina began to sigh in relief. Harold began to tremblein fear because the baby didn’t cry. Harold regained his balance,and placed a pillow under Christina’s head. Very carefully, hepicked up the little body, reached his arms out toward the bed andquickly pulled the sheet off. As he gently wrapped it in his arms,he discovered it was a girl. She began to wiggle in his arms. Hethen took a deep breath and blew it out as he was relieved of hisworry; his baby girl was okay. “Hello, is everything alright? Hello,hello, hold on, help is on the way,” a voice said through thereceiver.
  13. 13. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 13______________________________________________________ Christina sat up, still in pain and eased her way onto the bed.Harold held the baby close to her, as the umbilical cord was stillattached. As she sat in the bed he placed their new arrival in herarms. Harold picked up the receiver and began to talk: “We have abeautiful bouncing baby girl.” The operator had stayed on thephone the entire time. As Harold was talking the doorbell rang. He finished talking tothe operator, placed the phone back on the handset, and gaveChristina a warm kiss on her forehead and left the room to answerthe door. When he opened the door there stood two men in blueuniforms with a red cross on their shoulder holding a stretcher intheir hands. Behind them, parked on the curb was an ambulancetruck with lights flashing. One of the men said, “We got anemergency call that there was someone at this address needingemergency care.” “Yes sir, come this way,” Harold said, and led the men into thebedroom where his wife and new baby girl lay. “Congratulations!” said one of the attendants. He looked atChristina and their new arrival and noticed that the umbilical cordwas still attached. He commanded the other attendant to get somehot water and towels. The man nodded his head and looked towardHarold, who led him toward the kitchen. They came back into thebedroom with a small tub filled with warm water and towels. Theman attending to Christina reached toward Christina with his armspositioned outward; Christina carefully placed her baby in hisarms. He took a pair of sheers out of his emergency bag and cut theumbilical cord, then gave the baby to the other attendant. He
  14. 14. 14 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________placed the baby into the small tub and began to wipe her body off.He reached into the emergency bag and pulled out a long tubing,and began suctioning out the baby’s nose, and for the first time shecried. “Is she okay?” asked Christina. “She’s fine,” the attendant said. Once he finished suctioning hernose, he turned her upside down and gave her one spank on herbottom; she let out a loud scream and cried uncontrollably.Everyone in the room laughed. “That’s my girl!” yelled Harold. Then he said, “She’s strong asan ox.” The attendant gave the baby to Harold to help his partner workon Christina and positioned pillows to support her back, as she layback on the pillows and positioned her legs upward. The attendantpressed down on her pelvic area and pulled out this small sackfilled with liquid and blood, and placed it in the small tub. Haroldstared in amazement as he watched everything that was happening,while bouncing his baby girl in his arms. The attendant graciouslylooked back at him with a warm smile. He cleaned Christina up,asked his partner to hand him a hospital gown from his bag andhelped Christina put it on, then gave her some instructions. “Doyou feel like you need to go to the emergency room?” he asked. “No,” she said. “That’s if everything is okay.” He replied, “Yes, everything is fine, but for precaution we haveto ask.” He pulled out his clip board and began writing, thenlooked up toward Harold, and asked, “so what time would you sayshe was born?”
  15. 15. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 15______________________________________________________ Harold replied with a proud voice, “1:20 p.m.,” then gave thebaby back to Christina. “Is that the birth certificate you’re fillingout?” Christina asked. “Yes it is,” he said. She then looked up toward Harold and said,“Honey, what should we name her?” He quickly answered as if he was already prepared: “DenieceEloise Bridges.” Eloise was his mother’s name. So her birthcertificate read, Deniece Eloise Bridges born March 4th 1969 at1:20 p.m. to Christina and Harold Bridges. Just as they were talking, a baby’s cry came from another roomacross the hall. The attendant writing said, “Oh, you have anothersmall one in the house.” “Yes,” answered Christina, “that’s my one year old daughterRegina. I was wondering when she would awake, and she sleptthrough the whole thing.” Harold went into her bedroom to check on her. He reached intoher baby crib and placed her into his arms. Her cries ceased as sherecognized his touch. He walked back into the room whereChristina, their new baby and the two men were. “Hi Regina, look-you have a new baby sister; her name isDeniece,” said Christina. Harold stood close to Christina and theirbaby, and stooped down toward them so Regina could get a closerlook. As little Regina looked at the baby she made a baby’s giggleand laughed. Everyone in the room laughed. “Ah, she’s so cute,” said the other attendant. “Here’s your birthcertificate, and instructions on how to take care of yourself for thenext six weeks. Do you have any questions before we leave?”
  16. 16. 16 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ “No sir, I think we’ll be fine. As you can see we haveexperience,” Christina said as she looked into her new baby’s eyes.Harold placed Regina down on the floor and walked the twogentlemen out the door. “Thanks for all your help,” Harold said, “Icouldn’t have done it without you.” “You’re a brave man, congratulations,” said one of thegentlemen. “Thanks,” said Harold, and closed the door behind them. When Deniece began to cry, Christina unbuttoned the first threebuttons on her night gown and pulled out one of her breasts andplaced her nipple into Deniece’s mouth. The baby began to suck onher breast in a speedy motion. “Ouch,” said Christina, “Slowdown.” This was her first time breast-feeding. She wanted to breastfeed her oldest daughter Regina, but at the time it was moreconvenient for her to bottle feed. Harold walked back into theroom with a proud look on his face. He was now a father, and hisoffspring was hard at work feeding off her mother’s milk, and hewas the one who delivered her into this world. What a beautiful sight; this was a picture perfect moment.Harold wished he had a camera. This moment was one of the greatest moments in his life, andbecame a topic of discussion throughout his generation.
  17. 17. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 17______________________________________________________ Born to Be King Chapter Two The Beginning of Your Destiny In reliving my birth I discovered I came into this world in ahurry, born at home to a multi-cultured couple into the arms of mybiological father. On a positive note, throughout my life I soughtthe approval of my natural father, and had a unique bond with him.I’m a “daddy’s girl.” I loved and respected him deeply. To this dayI’m a mover and a shaker, always in a hurry to get things done. Iam not a procrastinator. I’m quick to obey the voice of the Lordand seek His approval. I am culturally diverse. I can hold aconversation with anyone of a different background. I have norhythm, but I am very creative and have the strength of an ox. Ilove colors and enjoy all of God’s finest foods cooked in a varietyof ways. Just like falling to the floor and hitting my head at birthwithout crying, God has equipped me to stand against all odds andbreak through every barrier without a scratch. My natural fatherreceived me into his arms and blessed me from the very beginning.And guess what? The same is true for you. Even if your natural
  18. 18. 18 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________father wasn’t there, you have to believe in your heart that yourheavenly Father was there. If He weren’t, you could have beenaborted. On a negative note, the devil was standing right beside mymother while she was giving birth to me, desiring to take my life.Satan knew God’s plan for my life, and sought to kill me bythrusting my head against a hard wood floor hoping the blow to thehead would destroy me or cause major brain damage. But instead, Iwithstood the blow, and live to testify today that with the Lord onmy side I am more than a conqueror. What the enemy failed torealize is God had angels positioned ready to help and aid me indelivery, whispering into my father’s ear telling him what to donext. And you too had an angel at your birth, and that angel is stillwith you today. At Christmas time I love to watch the movie Scrooge. Scroogewas a wealthy old man who owned a business in a small town. Buthe was very selfish, stingy and mean, and he hated Christmas.Everyone in town knew of his reputation and would try to avoidhim. But one day while he was asleep, a friendly ghost visited him,woke him from his sleep and took him on a trip into the future tovisit people he had been mean to. As they arrived to each home,they would look through the windows and see the pain in the livesof people caused by this evil old man. When the friendly ghostreturned him back to his home, Scrooge had learned a valuablelesson, and changed his mind about Christmas. He made a point tovisit those whom he had been mean to and gave them gifts, andgave raises to his employees. Everyone in town was amazed at his
  19. 19. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 19______________________________________________________change of heart, and couldn’t believe this was the same man. Fromwatching this movie, I discovered that even the meanest person isassigned an angel. It is God’s desire to reach the hearts ofeveryone. From the very beginning God has released His angels to standalong your side throughout your entire life to see that His purposefor your life is accomplished. So the question is: have you calledon your angels today to help aid you in your life? Have you prayedout to the Lord and asked Him to guide you in your purpose? Ifnot, let’s begin today. Let’s consider our Heavenly Father and the birth of His SonJesus. Revelation 12:3 says, “And another sign appeared inheaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads andten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third ofthe stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragonstood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour herchild as soon as it was born.” The attempt of the dragon to devour the newborn child revealsthat the strategy of Herod to kill the baby Jesus was satanicallyinspired by Satan himself (ref NKJV). Matthew 2:1-16 says, “Nowafter Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herodthe king, behold wise men from the East came to Jerusalem,saying, Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For wehave seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and allJerusalem with him. And when he had gathered all the chief priestsand scribes of the people together, he inquired of them where the
  20. 20. 20 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________Christ was to be born. So they said to him, In Bethlehem of Judea,for thus it is written by the prophet. But you, Bethlehem, in theland of Judah, are not the least among the rulers of Judah; for outof you shall come a Ruler Who will shepherd My people Israel.”Then Herod, when he had secretly called the wise men, determinedfrom them what time the star appeared. And he sent them toBethlehem and said, “Go and search carefully for the young Child,and when you have found Him, bring back word to me, that I maycome and worship Him also.” When they heard the king, theydeparted; and behold, the star which they had seen in the East wentbefore them, till it came and stood over where the young Childwas. When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly greatjoy. And when they had come into the house, they saw the youngChild with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him.And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts toHim: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Then, being divinely warnedin a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed fortheir own country another way. Now when they had departed,behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream,saying, “Arise, take the young Child and His mother, flee to Egypt,and stay there until I bring you word; for Herod will seek theyoung Child to destroy Him.” When he arose, he took the youngChild and His mother by night and departed for Egypt, and wasthere until the death of Herod that it might be fulfilled which wasspoken by the Lord through the prophet saying, “Out of Egypt Icalled My Son.” Then Herod, when he saw that he was deceivedby the wise men, was exceedingly angry; and he sent forth and put
  21. 21. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 21______________________________________________________to death all the male children who were in Bethlehem and in all itsdistricts, from two years old and under, according to the timewhich he had determined from the wise men.” Jesus’ birth meant trouble for Satan and his kingdom; thereforehe sought to kill Him before He could even get a chance to speakHis first words. Satan also knew the bond that Jesus and His Fathershared. “Born King of the Jews,” These words struck terror andfury into the heart of Herod. King Herod killed every male childtwo years old and under to make sure he would kill baby Jesus.Yet, through God’s divine intervention, King Herod’s attemptfailed. Five dreams of divine guidance emphasize God’sorchestration of these perilous events (ref NKJV). God went through extreme measures to protect His Son.Angels were positioned around and during the birth of baby Jesus.In obedience to God, Joseph and Mary’s life was interrupted andchanged forever; they were forced to live in a foreign country.Can you imagine the stress level this may have caused them? Maryhad to quiet baby Jesus at certain times in order to protect his life.She had to go to the market with Him wrapped tightly, praying thatno one would want to play with or touch Him. Joseph and Mary’spride level had to drop to zero; they couldn’t tell a soul about theirnew arrival’s purpose or name. The King of the Jews was born tosave the world and God chose this couple to bring in the greatestgift to the world, all to be revealed at a specific time. Knowing thisthey remained silent, for too much was at stake. God wasn’t goingto let anyone or anything interrupt His plan He designed for HisSon’s destiny.
  22. 22. 22 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ To make a long story short Jesus’ life was protected, and Hereached His destiny. Hebrews 12:2 says, “Looking unto Jesus, theauthor and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set beforeHim endured the cross despising the shame, and has sat down atthe right hand of the throne of God.” God chose Him to show theworld His glory, to show the world love, joy, peace, longsuffering,kindness, gentleness, faith, hope and patience. Through manytrials, tribulations, pains and hurts, Jesus endured and finished Hisrace. And when it was time for Him to lay down His life to die forour sins, love was manifested in its most perfect form just for youand me. God then took His most precious gift and ascended it backto heaven to sit at the right hand of His throne. He sits with HisFather in His glorified body with the nail prints in His hands andfeet, waiting until you and I meet him face to face. Thank youFather for the birth and life of your Son; teach us how to love Himthe way You do. As you have read, Jesus’ birth was unique, and His life was themost valuable life that was ever born to this earth. I have sharedwith you His beginnings as well as mine to help you discoveryours. By reliving your birth, you too can begin to understand yourpurpose. You too may have something in your birth that is unique,and as you discover what your beginning was, you will begin todiscover your birth was the beginning of your destiny. You willalso discover why you do things the way you do, and how God’sdivine providence protected your life.
  23. 23. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 23______________________________________________________ Take a moment to relive your birth. If your parents are livingask them to explain to you your birth in detail, and answer thefollowing questions:Where were you born?___________________________________________________What is the meaning of your name?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What is your nickname?___________________________________________Why were you named this nickname?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________If you were to rename yourself, what would your new name be,and what is the meaning of it?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are you named after a member of your family? If yes, what is theircharacter like?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  24. 24. 24 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________Did both parents raise you? If not who raised you?______________________________________________________What were some of your struggles while growing up?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Do you like to be around people? Yes _________ or No ________Do you like to speak in front of people? Yes ______ or No ______ Now pray this prayer with me “Father in the Name of Jesus I pray for your anointing to fall onmy life; anoint every gift, anoint every person who will come incontact with me. Close every door that needs to be closed and openevery door that needs to be opened. Give me wisdom andknowledge through Your Word that I may apply it daily. Call meto the things that are mine and show me how to capture everydream and take by force all things that belong to me. In Jesus’name I pray. Amen.” Now you are ready for step two.
  25. 25. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 25______________________________________________________ The Secret is Out Chapter Three Character Unthawed Your memory is the sharpest at the age of five. Not only that,but at this age you obtained information at a fast pace and askedmany questions concerning your surroundings. And the enemy isonce again quick at work to try and destroy you while your thoughtprocess is being developed. Through my own experience, let meexplain. By the time I was five years old my mother Christina and fatherhad given birth to three more children. My father became veryfrustrated with working long hours trying to make ends meet.Being enlisted in the Armed Forces made things more difficult,and it seemed like every time he was home on leave, Christinawould become pregnant. He would return to duty having to ask fora promotion and look for other ways to make money. His familywas in great need, he could no longer keep the duplex apartmentwe were living in, and he had a difficult time finding a new placefor us to live. However, he was determined to find us shelter since
  26. 26. 26 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________being outdoors was not a part of his plan. Due to only one incomehe was forced to rent a tiny three bedroom apartment in one of thenastiest projects in Chicago. The complex was infested with ratsthe size of cats, and roaches were everywhere. Oh, how he hated toleave his family in such ruins. But he thought to himself at least itwasn’t outdoors, and decided to make the best of it. Christina on the other hand became resentful and complainedevery waking moment-the responsibilities of motherhood weregetting the best of her. Five children and a husband in the armedforces was not what she intended for herself in life. My fatherwould send money home to her every month, but unfortunately shewould waste it on meaningless things trying to satisfy heremotions. The small amounts of food she brought home wouldonly last for a week. Two children in pampers were gettingexpensive. This once happy family was beginning to fall apart. Harold would often call home only to discover that she wasnever there. Instead I would answer, “Hi daddy, I miss you.” He would answer, “Is that my Niecy?” This was a nickname hehad given me. “Yes daddy, it’s me.” I always knew what was to follow. He would reply, “Is mommy home?” I would always answer, “No.” I could feel the disappointmentin his voice. Oh, how I wished he were home, and so would he. The phones were soon shut off for non-payment. Consequently,hearing my daddy’s voice and waiting for the phone to ring ended.My mother was never at home: where she would spend her time,no one knew. I became the baby sitter and taught myself how to
  27. 27. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 27______________________________________________________cook hot dogs and make syrup sandwiches, tea and cheese toast.Milk was rarely in the house and my baby brother would often cryfor his bottle. I would fill it with water, but the plain taste wouldn’tsatisfy or ease his hunger pains: instead he would throw it down onthe floor and cry uncontrollably. I didn’t know what to do, I wasafraid to ask the neighbors for help. Before my mother would leavehome, she would always threaten me by saying, “Never answer thedoor, or go outside: if you do, DCFS (Department of Children’sFamily Services) is going to come and take you away, and you willnever see each other again.” With those words in mind, I would tryto keep my brothers and sisters quiet. My stepsister Regina was theoldest but the laziest. Instead of helping she would always cry outto me for everything, and I had to do it all: change pampers, cook,pick up after my brothers and sisters, and find ways to entertainthem. I remember one incident as if it were yesterday: my babybrother was crying so hard he became red and his navel wouldstand out. His stomach was swollen: I began to cry and said tomyself, “Oh God! What am I going to do? He won’t be quiet andhe looks sick.” At the age of five I remember saying, “Lord helpme.” At that moment, I picked up his bottle and put some water init and looked at the sugar jar, and something inside me said putsome sugar in the water. I did so, and gave it to my brother. Guesswhat? He drank it and stopped crying. Oh how relieved I was, Iwill never forget that day. For months he survived off of sugar andwater. Thank you Jesus. One day someone became suspicious. I remember one of ourneighbors coming over asking my mother questions. She made up
  28. 28. 28 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________stories about her being home and said we were just being loud andnoisy kids. Unfortunately the neighbor believed her, and mymother was never questioned again. My mother began to actstrange toward us and became abusive. She would always hit mybrother Harold, Jr. I would say to myself, “Why is she acting likethis? What did we do?” Regina was her favorite: she would takeher with her, and I would be left in the house to take care of mybrothers and other sister. Regina would come home bragging to usabout where she had been. I cried so much on my pillows at night until my face becamescaled and flaky. Oh, how I wished my daddy were home. I wouldpray every night for months begging God to send my father home.Although we’d never been to church, from watching TV I wouldoften hear somebody mention God, or watch movies with peoplesitting on long benches in a tall building with a sharply pointedroof with a big cross on it. They would begin shouting as a manstood behind a wooden stand with a microphone in his handshouting, “If the Lord’s done anything good for you, you ought toshout amen!” And they would do as he commanded, and I would alwaysshout “Amen” with them. At the age of five, God became my bestfriend, and I would often daydream and wish that I could see Himface to face. My prayers were finally answered. My mother said, “Yourdaddy’s coming home. Are you satisfied?” “Well I am,” she continued, “because I’m tired, I can’t do thisanymore.” I remained quiet as I listened trembling, afraid she
  29. 29. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 29______________________________________________________might strike at any moment. She packed her and Regina’s bags andgrabbed the rest of our coats. “Hurry up-put these on, he’ll be home soon.” I was thinking to myself, “If he’s coming home then why is shepacking and putting our coats on?” Then my imagination ran wild. Maybe daddy is coming to takeus away from here. So I asked my mom, “Are we moving?” “I don’t know, and I don’t care,” she said, as she continued topack her and Regina’s things. That’s when a knot developed in mystomach. I felt sick as if I was about to throw up, and I felt astrange sense of separation. My mother finished packing and puttheir things into the car: that’s when I knew that my other sister,brothers and I weren’t going with her. She yelled, “Niecy, go getJoseph: Harold, Jr. and Lou come out here, now!” We hurried outof the house as she told us to sit on the front porch. “Oh no!” I said to myself. “It’s freezing out here, what is shedoing?” She looked at me and said, “Niecy, I’m sorry, you may notunderstand now, but some day I hope you will.” She said, “Meamour (I love you).” And she left. “Mama, Mama, Mama!” I cried! And she never came back. Iwrapped my baby brother in my coat and rocked him to sleep, andasked my dear friend God to please send my daddy home quickly.My friend then blew warm air on us in the midst of the cold.Thank you God, thank you. A few hours later my dad drove up, I was so glad to see him.“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” we all yelled! Tears streamed down hisface. His fatherly instincts had warned him that something was
  30. 30. 30 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________wrong. I didn’t have to say a word, he knew she was gone. Myfriend had once again answered my prayers. He wrapped us intohis arms and held us close to his warm body. We all hopped intohis blue 1972 Impala. One Unforgettable Night My father later remarried and things began to improve. Our newmother was very loving, as she did not have children of her own.She loved us as if we were her own. But we would often talk aboutChristina and Regina wondering what they were doing and if wewould ever see them again. Later we learned not to mention theirnames too much, as this was a subject our stepmother didn’t wantto hear. Money was still scarce. My father was discharged from theservice and finding a job was very difficult. Our new mother wasforced to work outside the home and had to work long hours tohelp make ends meet. Once again I was left to baby sit, andbecame a pro at it. Still at the age of five I often wondered, whyme? Our new mother had to work night shifts to get extra pay. Soshe decided to ask her brother to baby sit us, as she would feelguilty about leaving us alone at night. My father found a job andalso worked night shifts. That’s when the worst of my troublesbegan. “Hey kids come in here, I’m going to be your baby sitter. Theseare the rules, I don’t want no mess out of you all, or else,” saidUncle Pete. We all looked at each other with confusion. A part ofme wanted to shout for joy as I thought now I can be a kid and play
  31. 31. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 31______________________________________________________outside with the other children. But another part of me didn’t trusthim. He would often look at me while licking his lips and say,“You sure are a pretty girl, what color did your daddy say yo’mama was?” I would quickly drop my head toward the floor anddetested the way he looked at me. Every night before going to bed, with laughter and joy wewould jump up and down in our beds throwing pillows across theroom, and with every leap I would feel like we didn’t have a worryin the world. Until one night Uncle Pete pushed in our bedroomdoor and screamed in a lazy slurred speech, “What ya’ll doin, stopall dat noise.” At the sound of his voice we instantly stoppedjumping and turned toward him. “Neicy, get o’er over here, now!” I slowly jumped down from the bed; the closer I got to him Icould smell this awful smell of whiskey coming off of his body.He grabbed me tightly around the arm and turned the lights off andtold the other children to go to bed. “Uncle Pete, you’re hurting me,” I said as he pulled my arm anddragged me down the hallway. “Shut up,” he snapped and shoved me into one of the otherbedrooms and threw me hard onto the bed. He began to look at mestrangely, again licking his lips. I sat up in the bed, and my heartbegan to pound as if it was going to come out of my chest. I looked up at him trembling with fear and said, “Uncle Pete Ipromise I won’t do it again, please don’t hurt me.” “Don’t talk back to me!” He yelled and raised one of his handsand slapped me across my face throwing my 44-pound body across
  32. 32. 32 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________the bed and onto the floor. He walked over to the television set,turned it on and turned up the volume. Lying on the floor with my face in my hands I began cryingsaying, “I want my daddy, I want my daddy.” “Shut up!” he screamed as he raced back toward me and pulledme up by both hands and slammed my body hard onto the bed.And with all my might I began to scream as loud as I could, but thetelevision set was overriding my voice. He pounced on top of me,placed his hand over my mouth, unbuckled his pants and did theunthinkable. He raped me. His breath reeked with alcohol and sounded heavy as he tookshort breaths pounding hard against my body. For a few secondsmy mind went blank, and I felt nothing. My body felt numb andlimp. I lay there wishing that none of this were happening. I gazedinto space wondering what I had done that was so horrible for himto do this to me. After he finished he got up and buckled his pants, and said, “Ifyou tell anyone, I’ll kill you, and besides you’re not my real nieceanyway. Get up.” I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even raise my head. He pulled meup off the bed and noticed blood on the sheet. He quickly wrappedthe sheet up and placed it under his arm. My legs felt weak, but Ifound enough strength to stand. I looked down and noticed that myunderwear was torn and soaked in blood. I remember askingmyself why he did this to me. He strolled me down the hallwayinto the bathroom, ran some water in the bathtub, stripped me ofmy long pajama top and bloody underwear and placed me in the
  33. 33. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 33______________________________________________________tub. He found a plastic bag under the counter, took the sheet fromunder his arm along with my underwear and placed it in the bag.“Hurry and wash up and come into the kitchen when you’refinished,” he said. As soon as he exited the bathroom, I placed my hands on myjaw and slowly moved it up and down. The pain in my jaw hurt sobad I thought it was broken. I set in the cool water looking for myfriend God; I raised my head up toward the ceiling and asked,“Where are you? Can you see me?” I began to cry. I finished bathing myself and dried myself off; I was inexcruciating pain. With his words, “If you tell anyone, I’ll killyou,” in my mind, I remained silent and told no one. This remainedmy secret for years. I eased my way into the kitchen where he was standing over thestove making some tea. He turned toward me while pulling theoven’s door down and turned it on. He reached across the roomand pulled a chair close to the oven’s door. He said, “Here, sit inthis chair and have some tea, get nice and warm then you can go tobed.” He looked me over to see if he had done some damage. “Ah,you’ll be alright,” he stated as he turned toward the kitchen sink,got a cup and poured some tea into it and placed it in my hand. Isat there hating I was born, hating my life, and hating my birthmother. That night made me into an angry, bitter little girl. Every timemy uncle would become angry or have too much to drink, hewould take me into that room, turn up the volume on the televisionand do the same thing over again. I had become his rag doll to do
  34. 34. 34 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________with me whatever he pleased. I began to wet the bed and wouldsuffer with constipation, and when my bowels did move, theywould move too fast to give me enough warning, soiling myunderwear. And this would always happen while at school. I wastoo embarrassed to tell anyone, but the stench would raise aquestion. I would ask to go to the bathroom and would throw myunderwear away. The other children in the classroom would pointtoward me and make fun of me. That’s when I began to lie, and sayit wasn’t me, and put the blame on someone else. And theirattention would quickly turn away from me toward the otherperson. That’s when I discovered the power in a lie. I became ahabitual liar. I lied when I became fearful, I lied about my birthmother, I lied about us living in a different place. If attention werecoming toward me in any way, I would make up a lie just to get theattention off me not caring who I hurt, even my brothers and sister. One day something happened and our uncle was asked not tobaby sit us again. “Thank you,” I said to my friend God. The dayhe left I made my friend God my best friend and would often talkto Him whenever I pleased. Occasionally someone would see metalking to my invisible friend and comment about it. I would justsmile and quiet myself and wink with one eye at my friend and goon about my business. I quickly discovered that people would notunderstand my relationship with my friend and decided to speak toHim when no one was around. And to this day I still speak to myfriend. This incident made me bitter but it also brought me closer toGod, and from then on when I got into trouble, speaking to Him
  35. 35. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 35______________________________________________________and Him answering my prayers made me into a believer. You toomay have experienced trauma in the early years of your life as Ihave. They were meant for you to get close with God and look tothe hills, from which comes your help. Yes, even at the age of five.The devil intended for me to be broken into pieces and thrownaway hoping I would be forgotten. But God has proved him to bewrong again. I am still here, writing books about my experiencesand spreading the gospel to all nations because my best friend isstill with me. You have the same privilege. If you’ve lived a hard,miserable life it is because the enemy knew that your life posed athreat to his kingdom. So he decided to stand next to your motherwhile giving birth, to snatch her seed. He puts snares and obstacles,rejections and pains in our way from the very beginning. Andguess what? He never quits; these struggles remain throughout ourentire lives. But God kept you alive in spite of your trials,obstacles, miseries and pains to show the enemy that you are morethan a conqueror. Through my horrible experience, my character was revealed. Iloved to believe in what I could not see. I didn’t know then, but Iknow now that is called faith. Because of my destiny, God wantedme to know from the beginning who He was so I would neverdoubt Him. And my faith had to be stretched to its limits becauseof the obstacles I must confront in order to be used for thekingdom of God. The Bible says, without faith it is impossible toplease God. No matter what happened to me, He was there.Maybe God knew that if I didn’t have such a difficult life, I wouldhave never turned toward Him the way I did and call Him my best
  36. 36. 36 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________friend. Through many trials and tribulations, when I couldn’tdepend on my biological parents, I could depend on God. Even atthe age of five, He communicated with me in a way that only Icould understand, just to let me know that He was there. The Bible doesn’t reveal to us Jesus’ fifth birthday but the Bibledoes reveal to us His twelfth year, which we will discuss in thenext chapter. But you can rest assured that Joseph and Mary wentthrough extreme measures protecting Him. I believe Mary didn’tdepend on others to take care of her child. He was the Savior of theworld, a precious gift given to her by God Himself. She lovedHim, and she knew His purpose even before He was born. Godchooses certain parents for certain children to make up his perfectgift He wants to present to the world. If you are a parent, I urge you to love your gift from God.Protect and cherish it. Circumstances today don’t always allow usto be home with our children; we are forced to depend on others tohelp care for them. It is our duty to investigate those who arehelping with our children, including relatives. Remember that Godtrusts you to protect His gift. Ask plenty of questions, ask forreferences and have background checks done. Your child is tooprecious to be thrown into the hands of an abuser. If you too werea child who was a victim of abuse use your experience to warnothers. Pay attention to gestures and the ways that your child orsomeone else’s is being touched. God has given you discernmentin this area. You are able to detect an abuser, and when in doubtthe answer is always, no. If you have been abused, God needs youin His Kingdom to warn parents to help them protect their gift. In
  37. 37. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 37______________________________________________________today’s society the hustle and bustle of the world keeps us so busyuntil this area is often left with little concern. The enemy wantsyou so busy that you work harder in your jobs and busy routines,rather than what’s more important-your gift, your babies, yourcherished ones. God has entrusted you with their lives. What aresponsibility, but also what a joy. No one is perfect and we allmake mistakes, just do your best and ask God for help. It’s nevertoo late to keep trying over and over again. The powerful tool oflove will change any circumstance. Find your character in your circumstances, and rather thanbecome bitter you should become useful. Forgive all those whohurt you, and ask your friend God to deliver and save their souls.
  38. 38. 38 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________
  39. 39. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 39______________________________________________________ Truth Revealed Chapter Four Dreams Unthawed Later my father’s job moved us to Fort Worth, Texas into abeautiful home to call our own. At the age of nine, I finally askedmy friend God the question: “Friend, is God your name or do youhave another name?” Later my parents converted their faith to Jehovah Witnesses. Inthe beginning I was excited because I had asked God for His realname, and through their teachings I learned His name was Jehovah.He had a Son named Jesus whom they referred to as being justanother man. I would look at Jesus’ picture in a Jehovah’s WitnessParadise book nailed to a stake with blood running down His armsand wonder, why did this happen to Him? When I read the story itwould mention His birth, His mother and father Mary and Joseph,the three wise men, His twelve disciples, and Him as being a greatteacher. It even mentioned His death. But it never mentionedsalvation, or the real reason why He died. That’s when confusionabout our faith began to unsettle with my spirit. I raised a lot of
  40. 40. 40 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________questions but no one could answer them, including my parents. Infact they taught us to never call on Jesus’ name. We were taught toonly use Jehovah’s name. “Why would God let this happen to Him? Was this all fornothing?” I would ask. So I decided to ask my best friend nownamed Jehovah, who was Jesus, and why did He die? My friendremained quiet on this subject until two years later. At the age of eleven, we went to my Grandmother’s house onone of our visits to Chicago. Like all of our other visits she wouldwait until my parents left and would put some oil on her hands,wipe it on our foreheads and begin to pray this long prayer. Butthis time was different: she kept saying Jesus’ name over and overagain. I said to myself, “Wow, she must know who He is, maybe Ican ask her.” “Grandmamma, can you tell me who Jesus is?” I asked. All of a sudden out of nowhere she began to jump up and downand started yelling, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.” I lookedat my brothers and sister and asked is she alright, but they seemedto be uninterested and went outside to play. She continued on with her jumping and yelling for whatappeared to be a very long time. Finally she calmed down and satin a chair, gasping for breaths of air. Come here she waved, let meshow you something. She opened up her Bible and turned to John1:1-3; 14 and it read, “In the beginning was the Word, and theWord was with God, and the Word was God. He was in thebeginning with God. All things were made through Him, andwithout Him nothing was made that was made. And the Word
  41. 41. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 41______________________________________________________became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, theglory of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth.”She said, “Now listen to me very closely. God is the Word, and theWord was with God since the beginning when God made theheavens and the earth and all creation through His Word. Hewrapped His word up in flesh, which is His body born to a womannamed Mary and named Himself Jesus. This was the only way hecould live with His people so they could see His glory throughmiracles, signs and wonders He performed without them becomingafraid, and He taught them how to love one another.” As she was explaining this to me my heart began to pitter-patterand a warm feeling came over me. Tears began to fall from myeyes. She looked at me first with concern but then she smiled andsaid, “I know honey, the same thing happened to me.” “Grandmamma, if the Word is God and the Word is Jesus thenthat makes Him God.” “Yes it does honey,” she said. “Oh no!” I said, and began cryingeven harder. “We believe in something that’s not true. We believeJesus is dead and he is not God. We can’t even say His name.What am I going to do? I have to warn my parents.” I began to cryuncontrollably: she handed me some tissues, I wiped my face andlooked at her. She went on to say, “That’s not all. Jesus allowed people totreat Him cruel and mean: he even let them kill Him in order tosave our lives.” “I don’t understand, how can somebody who isdead save someone who is alive?” I asked. She went on to say,“That’s it honey, He is not dead, he’s alive.”
  42. 42. 42 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ She knew how much I loved the Bible, and how much I lovedto talk to my invisible friend. Although she never expressed it, Ibelieve she knew that God was going to use me to work in HisKingdom. Her long wrinkled slender fingers turned the pages ofher Bible to John 20:11-18 and it read, “But Mary stood outside bythe tomb weeping, and as she wept she stooped down and lookedinto the tomb. And she saw two angels in white sitting, one at thehead and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain.Then they said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping?” She saidto them, “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do notknow where they have laid Him.” Now when she had said this, sheturned around and saw Jesus standing there, and did not know thatit was Jesus.” Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping?Whom are you seeking?” She, supposing Him to be a gardener,said to Him, “Sir, if You have carried Him away, tell me whereYou have laid Him, and I will take Him away.” Jesus said to her,“Mary!” She turned and said to Him, “Rabboni!” (which is to say,teacher). Jesus said to her, “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yetascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, Iam ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God andyour God.” Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that shehad seen the Lord, and that He had spoken these things to her.” After reading this I was in total shock. I sat back in my chairstunned and said, “Grandmamma, Jesus is alive and He lives inheaven with His Father. Is He still alive today?” “Yes, He is, and He also lives in you.”
  43. 43. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 43______________________________________________________ “Grandmamma, if Jesus is God then who is His Father? Is HisFather also God? Do we have two God’s?” I asked. “No, honey, there is just one God: you see, God can beeverywhere at once. While he was busy working in heaven, at thesame time He was busy being God on earth as Jesus just to save us.That’s just how much He loves us.” She explained that Hismajesty, His power and what He is capable of doing cannot becompared to human living. Everything began to make sense to me. I asked, “Grandmamma,what does it mean to be saved?” She explained, “After Adam andEve sinned in the Garden things became very bad for us, manbegan to sin and do wicked things in the eyes of God. Our sinscaused us to be separated from God. Because of God’s holiness,the only thing that could bring us back to Him was a bloodsacrifice, which meant something had to die. When Jesus died onthe cross, His death represented a spotless lamb offered up to theLord as a sacrificial offering. And by His stripes we are healed,and by His sacrifice we are saved into the kingdom of God. Oneday we will live with Him in heaven and see Him for ourselves.He committed no sins, and did no wrong. His main purpose forcoming to earth was to bring us back to God and save us from thismean, hateful world.” She went on to say, “But for now, you areable to speak to Him anytime you please, kind of like yourinvisible friend,” she smiled. With excitement I said, “But Grandmamma my friend is real.He speaks to me in different ways and He answers my prayers.”
  44. 44. 44 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________Then all of a sudden it dawned on me, everything she had told mewas true. He is alive and He lives in me. I said, “No one will ever believe me, how do I explain this tothem.” She rubbed her hand across my hair and smiled and said, “Mychild all you have to do is introduce Him to them and Jesus will dothe rest. Kind of like what I have done for you today.” Now repeatafter me, and together we said, “Lord Jesus, please come into myheart, and forgive me for my sins, I believe that You died for me,and rose again with all power in Your hands. Amen.” “There, you are now saved into the royal Kingdom of the Lord,and shall meet Him face to face,” she said. About one month later my grandmother died. Oh, how I missedher, especially now when I had so many new questions to ask.Something inside me began to melt. What was once cold as ice andhard as a rock was turning soft and warm. The Lord had taken mystony heart and turned it into flesh. I became compassionate andwanted to please God like never before. I had learned the truth andcouldn’t wait to tell the world. I thought things would get betterwith this good news I had to share but instead they grew worse.Every time I tried to tell someone this good news, they would askme to be quiet, or say, “don’t let your parents hear you talk likethat.” So I would go to my friend, now in His new name. To meHis first name was Jehovah and last name was Jesus. I would say,“Jehovah Jesus, Why doesn’t anyone want to hear about you? AndI hate having to be quiet, and I hate standing on the corner everySaturday with these magazines: they don’t tell the truth about
  45. 45. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 45______________________________________________________you.” But when I would ask these questions my friend wouldremain quiet. Then I remember asking Him if He was sad aboutthis. And for the first time I heard Him weep. And tears began toroll down my face. For some reason our parents love for us was beginning to feeldifferent. Being the oldest I was often left in charge of my brothersand sister when our parents weren’t home. We would do thenormal kids stuff and play with our toys or go outside to ride ourbikes. Until one day my parents came down hard on us with strictrules: we weren’t allowed to play outside the yard anymore norride our bikes off the block. We were never allowed phone calls,but at least we could go next door to play with the neighbor’schildren. Now that was forbidden. What had we done? School became our only outlet. We became the smartestchildren in the school district. My brother Harold, Jr. and I wouldmake straight A’s and would rush home with excitement about ourreport cards. I remember us going into the principal’s office to betested and because of our high I Q scores we were advanced to thenext grade. My parent’s were praised on our efforts and were oftenasked how they got us to be so interested in school. Reading bookswas one of my favorite hobbies. I would find a quiet space andread as often as I could. The Jehovah’s Witnesses were talking ofthe world ending soon and we were taught not to invest in theworld or save money for the future, but instead to live each day asif it were our last. My parents took that literally and did just as theelders commanded. Not investing in the world to them meant onlybuying necessities; name brand clothes were out of the question.
  46. 46. 46 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________Popular items were looked at as being worldly and materialisticand not spiritual. We would go to school and see children step outof their parent’s luxury cars dressed in name brand clothing andwish we were them. I thought to myself, “Why change the rulesnow?” Our home was beautiful, and we lived in a niceneighborhood. Were those things now considered sins? Will wehave to move? The more involved my parents were in the Jehovah’s Witnessesfaith the more strict they became. My father was determined toprotect us from the world and he took this assignment to theextreme. There were no balance, it was strictly Jehovah,Watchtowers and Awake magazines and field service. Televisionwas not allowed. We were forced to live this make believe perfectlife we could not live up to. Things I used to get praised forbecame useless. My parent’s expectations were too high for me toreach, and now I could never please them. I stayed in trouble andwould always be on punishment. I was labeled as being a habitualliar and people were told not to trust me. My life was beginning tofall apart. I began to think of ways to kill myself. On the way toschool while sitting in the back seat of the car I would attempt toopen the car door while on the highway so I could jump out hopinga car would run me over, but the safety locks were always on. Ibecame withdrawn and isolated myself. The only friend I had wasGod, and He is the only reason I survived. Surviving through your trials and tribulations is not for yourown pleasure but for the pleasure and Glory of God. If you’vefound yourself in these similar situations or have felt like I once
  47. 47. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 47______________________________________________________did, then this scripture applies to you. Romans 8:37-39 says, “Yetin all these things we are more than conquerors through Him wholoved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angelsnor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things tocome, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall beable to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesusour Lord.” You are more than a conqueror, and cannot beseparated from the love of God. As it was for me the same appliesfor you. The safety lock that was on to protect you from hurt, harmand danger is called God’s grace. The greater your obstacle, the greater your blessing. To helpyou discover your character answer the following questions.Where do you currently work?______________________________________________________What is your job description?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Can you see this job as your career?Yes_______ No _______Do you believe that God has called you to this job?Yes _______ No _______
  48. 48. 48 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________If you answered No to the last two questions then why are youworking at that job or in that field?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Do you like your current job? If yes, why?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What are your hobbies?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What things do you like to do in your spare time?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Do you like to read? If yes what types of books?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Who is your favorite author?______________________________________________________
  49. 49. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 49______________________________________________________Make a list of everything that comes to you naturally that does notrequire a lot of work.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Have you ever been convicted of a crime or done something youknow should have gotten you convicted but somehow you escapedpunishment? Please explain in detail.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Is your character like your father or your mother?_____________________________________Which parent are you close to?_____________________________________Are you a daydreamer? Yes _______ No _______Are you a procrastinator? Yes _____ No _______Do you get things done quickly? Yes _______ No _______Are you a leader or a follower? ____________________________
  50. 50. 50 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ Now look through your answers and pick out every gift orhobby and all things that come to you naturally and ask God toanoint those gifts and talents. The questions you have just answered apply to your character.Who you are and what has been passed down to you through yourbloodline or generational curses. If the questions you have justanswered are not appealing to you, or you detect generationalcurses that may have attached themselves to you, pray this prayerwith me: “Father in the name of Jesus I come up against everygenerational curse, I bind the enemy right now in the name ofJesus and command him to flee and never return. Lord I stand onYour word: everything that the enemy means for bad I ask that youwould turn it around for my good. Show me through your wordhow to break free from the claws of the enemy and press towardmy destiny. Lead and guide me that I may know that it is yourhand protecting me from all hurts, harm and danger. In Jesus’name I pray. Amen.” You have the power to change your life and turn it around sothat you may become prosperous and live life abundantly. Yourcharacter and your nature come from God. You cannot change that,but work them for your good. Use your character to the best ofyour advantage. If you are an outgoing and courageous person, youhave the ability to conquer and triumph, therefore you are a leaderand can lead leaders. Use your courageous personality to possess,dominate and claim territory, and don’t be afraid to take chances.Faith and trust play an important part in this person’s life.
  51. 51. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 51______________________________________________________ The danger in having this type of character is obtaining toomuch at one time. Without wisdom and knowledge from God, thistype of person can have tremendous downfalls that can keep themfrom recovering. It is vital to your future that you read your Worddaily, and remain faithful and pray daily for wisdom. God honorsfaithfulness. If you are one whose life is headed for doom and destruction,you have the power to change it right now in the name of Jesus.The devil is a liar; your trials and tribulations are designed tostrengthen you and equip you for what’s to come. That sametenacious, bold and daring spirit that caused you to get into troublecan be used for your advantage. Put it in the spirit, and use it forthe kingdom of God. God is looking for people who are not afraidto fight. The Bible says the people of violence ought to take it byforce. You can forcefully snatch back from the enemy all that wasstolen by never giving up and demanding your goods. A people ofviolence in the spirit means prayer warriors, those who are notafraid to stand on the front lines of the battlefield and help fight forthose who are wounded. In the army of the Lord, there arepositions and levels we must obtain in order to reach our goals andour destiny. If you are chosen to be a squad leader (a person whoranks or rules over a small group of people in his/her section) thenbe the best leader you know how to be to your squad, and don’t tryand lead someone else’s. When at war, know when to call for acease-fire and know when to fight. I would choose a tenacious andbold person to become a member of my team before one who’s
  52. 52. 52 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________fearful or too sweet. When your life is in danger or in jeopardy,you need a fighter. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, your personality and yourcharacter came from God. God accepts you just the way you are.Have no fear, He will shape and mold you for His kingdom. To all those who have lived dangerous and hard lives, thekingdom of God needs you. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of yourpast, instead stand and let the enemy know that you are now on theLord’s side. Pray this prayer with me: “Lord, please forgive me ofmy sins, and come into my heart. I believe that you died for mysins and rose again on the third day that I might live. Save meJesus and guide every day of my life. Use me for your kingdom, inJesus’ name I pray. Amen.” You have just accepted Jesus into your heart and are saved.From this day forward your life has changed, and God has thrownyour past sins into the sea of forgetfulness. You have been given asecond chance, and have been given the right to inherit thekingdom of God. Beware, the devil is angry-he is going to put up a fight andcome up against you. But know this, you are not in this fight alone.When you accepted Jesus into your heart, God released angelsfrom His heavenly kingdom to stand and fight with you. There is acloud of witnesses in heaven cheering you on, and coaching you.They have one goal in mind and that’s to see that you make it tothe finish line. To better understand your salvation here are the key terms ofyour salvation.
  53. 53. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 53______________________________________________________ The Key Terms of Salvation(NKJV Romans reference guide)Faith (Romans 1:17;4:9;12:6) “Belief trust:” faith is the means bywhich sinful people can experience and enjoy all the blessings ofsalvation. It is a complete trust in Jesus for salvation from sin andthe coming judgment.Gospel (Romans 1:16;11:28) “Good News:” Paul uses this wordto refer to the wonderful message of forgiveness and eternal life inChrist.Grace (Romans 1:5;5:2;12:3) “The unmerited favor of God:”this term refers to God’s inexplicable giving of good things(especially salvation) to undeserving people who could never earnit. Salvation is a free gift made possible by Christ’s death on ourbehalf.Justification (Romans 4:25;5:18) “The act of being declaredrighteous:” a legal term used by Paul to describe the spiritualtransaction whereby God (the judge) declares those who trust inChrist and what He has done for them on the Cross, to beacceptable before Him. Such a verdict is possible only becauseChrist has settled all the claims of the Law against sinners.Law (Romans 2:12;4:13;7:12;10:4;13:8) “The commandmentsgiven by God:” Paul emphasizes both the holy character of theLaw and the inability of sinful people to live according to it. TheLaw becomes a burden and a curse until we allow it to point us toChrist, who perfectly fulfills all its requirements.
  54. 54. 54 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________Propitiation (Romans 3:25) “The satisfaction of God’s holywrath against sin:” rebellion against God results in the wrath ofGod and must be met with judgment. By dying in our place andtaking our sins upon Himself, Jesus satisfies God’s righteous angeragainst all who believe.Redemption (Romans 3:24;8:23) “The act of freeing someone bypaying a purchase price:” this economic term is used by Paul in atheological sense to describe how Christ paid the penalty requiredby God for our sins (that is, death) by giving His own life on theCross. When we believe, Jesus frees us from sin.Righteousness (Romans 3:5;5:17;9:30) “God’s standard ofpurity” or “God’s own truthfulness and faithfulness:” God isholy, therefore, He cannot tolerate sin. It is through Jesus Christthat we can find righteousness that is acceptable to God. Christ notonly takes away our sin, but He grants us His perfect purity.Salvation (Romans 1:16;10:10) “Deliverance:” this word is oftenused in the Bible to describe someone being rescued from physicalharm. The word is used by Paul chiefly to denote deliverance fromsin and its deadly consequences.Sin (Romans 3:9;5:12;7:11;8:2;14:23) “Missing the mark” or“disobedience to God’s law:” several different Greek words areused by Paul to describe the tendency of humans to rebel againstGod. Sin can be broadly defined as any attitude or action thatopposes the character and will of God. Sin is what brings death-that is, separation from God. That my friends, sums up your Salvation. How priceless it is.You should value your salvation with your life and stake your life
  55. 55. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 55______________________________________________________on it. No one person or thing can undo what God has done.Hallelujah! Now that you have accepted Christ into your life or rededicatedyour life back to Christ, it’s time to establish your purpose.Because once you discover Christ He has a plan and a purpose inmind for you. The only way to find out why you were created andwhy you are here is to know Christ. Without Him it is impossibleto live out your destiny. Look through your first set of questions in this chapter and pickout the answers to the questions that came to you the easiest.These answers should have been some of your natural talents.Now ask God to anoint these talents. This is the first step towalking into your calling, your purpose and your season. Beware of strange people who try to attach themselves to you.The enemy recognizes that you are ready to fulfill your dreams andpurpose, so he will try and attach ungodly soul ties to you to causeyou to delay your pursuit. Ungodly soul ties enter into your seasonwith one purpose in mind, and that’s to rob you of your valuablesand replace them with junk. In other words they will come onboard pretending to have answers to unsolved problems, when inreality they are relying on you and others to bring them success. Maintaining your season requires strength and endurance,strength to fight against the enemy and endurance to overcome.These next sets of questions will show you your weaknesses andyour strengths. But before answering these questions, pray this prayer with me.“Father in the name of Jesus I pray for strength and endurance.
  56. 56. 56 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________Lord I ask that you will guide me through my season. It is myheart’s desire to please you in all of my endeavors. Let your wordbe my protector and attack unseen dangers. At this level God Itrust and depend on you for all of my help. I pray that you wouldgrant me favor and a peace that surpasses all understanding. InJesus’ name I pray. Amen.” Watch in anticipation and see how your season will begin tounfold before your eyes.Where do you live?______________________________________________________Is it suburban or city?______________________________________________________Are you acquainted with your neighbors? If no, explain.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are you currently on any church committees? If yes, pleaseexplain.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Who is your mentor?______________________________________________________
  57. 57. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 57______________________________________________________Why is this person your mentor?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are you an only child? Yes _______ No _______Are you the oldest? Yes _______ No _______Are you the youngest? Yes _______ No _______Are you a middle child? Yes _______ No _______What is your favorite animal?______________________________________________________Why is this your favorite animal?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are you trustworthy? Yes _______ No _______ Can you feel the ice melting? Is your dream finally becoming areality? As the ice breaks, open up your heart and let your dreamsunfold.
  58. 58. 58 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________
  59. 59. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 59______________________________________________________ It’s Your Turn Chapter Five Unfolding Season Let’s define season. According to the Merriam WebsterDictionary, season means one of the divisions of the year (as inspring or summer), a special period. Your season is a specialperiod which God divided from the other times in your life. Myfriend you are reading this book because this is your season. Thisis your special period. Your spring has come. It’s time to blossomand move forward. It’s now time for you to apply everythingyou’ve learned to your advantage. People, places and things willbegin to come to your memory to help you through the process.Your season is designed for your success; increased favor will bebestowed onto you. This is the time to beware of new attachments or ungodly soulties. People want to be involved with people who are going places,there is nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrongwith those who come to drain you and take from you. If they can’tadd to your success or help push you forward, then they are not
  60. 60. 60 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________allowed to be a part of your season. They are simply poisonousweeds looking to smother and devour the roses. It has nothing todo with you, but it has everything to do with your season. Believe it or not your success can start as early as age twelve.As you have read, around the time of my twelfth year, truth wasbeing revealed to me and I was able to discern right from wrong.Unknowingly my season had just begun. Let’s discover the twelfthyear of Jesus’ birth. Luke 2:41-52 NKJV says, “His parents went to Jerusalem everyyear at Feast of the Passover. And when He was twelve years old,they went up to Jerusalem according to the custom of the feast.When they had finished the days, as they returned, the Boy Jesuslingered behind in Jerusalem. And Joseph and His mother did notknow it; but supposing Him to have been in their company, theywent a day’s journey, and sought Him among their relatives andacquaintances. So when they did not find Him, they returned toJerusalem, seeking Him. Now so it was after three days they foundHim in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, bothlistening to them and asking them questions. And all who heardHim were astonished at His understanding and answers. So whenthey saw Him, they were amazed: and His mother said to Him,“Son, why have you done this to us? Look, Your father and I havesought you anxiously.” And He said to them, “Why did you seekMe? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’sbusiness?” But they did not understand the statement, which Hespoke to them. Then He went down with them and came toNazareth, and was subject to them, but His mother kept all these
  61. 61. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 61______________________________________________________things in her heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, andin favor with God and men.” Can you imagine the fear that gripped the hearts of Jesus’parents? Where was their precious gift? They must have felt likeHe was out of their safety, out of their reach. Jesus was missing forthree days. Mary must have been pacing the floors up all nightwondering where He might have been. We must understand theiractions. Any mother or father would have been worried. Afterthree long days, Jesus was found at the temple in His Father’shouse sitting among teachers. The teachers were Jewish rabbis.Jesus was not lecturing, but engaging the rabbis in theologicaldiscussion. Even at the age of twelve, Jesus knew that God hadcommissioned Him to accomplish certain tasks on this earth. Hisstatement, “about My Father’s business” was evidence that Heknew He had a unique mission and a unique relationship to theFather. His questions to His mother were not disrespect, but weretruth revealed. He was letting her know He knew His purpose. Hethen subjected Himself to her authority until it was time to carryout His mission. As He subjected Himself He grew in wisdom andknowledge and found favor with God and men. At the age of twelve you are capable of knowing right fromwrong. You are able to distinguish between a lie and truth. At thisage you are held responsible for your actions. Even Jesus was heldresponsible. His mother asked Him questions for an explanation.Your twelfth year of your life is a new season of new revelations.To help you break the ice and completely unthaw your dreams,answer the next set of questions and pray this prayer with me.
  62. 62. 62 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________ “Father in the name of Jesus I ask that you would reveal to methe things learned and the things applied to me during this stage ofmy life to better equip me for the work of Your Kingdom. Father Ipray for wisdom and knowledge and increase in favor andunderstanding. I thank you for allowing me to experience what Ihave, and I thank you for bringing me through the fire; yourprotective hands lifted me above my storms. In Jesus’ name I pray.Amen.”What were your talents at the age of twelve?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________What were your favorite subjects in school?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Were you always into trouble? Yes _______ No _______What were your dislikes?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Who encouraged you?______________________________________________________Who was your favorite teacher?________________________________Were you ever in the principal’s office? Yes ______ No ______
  63. 63. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 63______________________________________________________If yes, please explain.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What were some of your struggles?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Do you still struggle with these same issues today?Yes _____ No _____What sports did or do you play?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Did you have many friends? Yes _____ No _______At the age of twelve who was your best friend? _______________Why?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have answered all of the questions asked to this point,then you are halfway through your biography. Have you everwanted to write a book on your life and didn’t know how to getstarted? Or are you a procrastinator? Now you have a head start.Surf through your answers and write the first few chapters of yourbook. Are you ready for the second half? Let’s discover the power in submission.
  64. 64. 64 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________
  65. 65. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 65______________________________________________________ Answer the Call Chapter Six Submissive Season As we have previously read, Jesus was submissive to Hisparents. After he submitted to them, He grew in wisdom andstature. He also received favor from God and men. Submission willgain you access to the Father, it will also gain you unmerited,uncommon favor. A person who submits to authority is a humbledperson. Submission allows you to glean from kings and queens. Italso allows you to gain wisdom and knowledge. It’s hard to teach aperson something when they already know everything. Have youever known a person who had a story to tell about every topic orclaims to be involved in everything under the sun, or they knowsomeone who has? This type of person has wisdom but has notapplied that wisdom to their life. Unapplied wisdom does no oneany good. It’s better not to do something because you did not havethe wisdom or knowledge to get it done rather than have wisdomand knowledge and not apply it. Only a humble, submitted personcan apply wisdom and knowledge to their life. 1 Peter 5:5 says,
  66. 66. 66 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________“Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders.Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed withhumility, for God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”Humble yourselves, show humility and serve your elders. Godespecially honors servants; their servant lifestyle pleases Him. Itshows Him their heart. A servant’s heart does the work of theministry joyfully, not merely as a duty. Not for dishonest gain.Christian leaders need to make sure that their work is notmotivated by money, but by a passion for the good of thosebelievers put in their charge. If you are going to be a leader youmust first be a submitted, humble servant. Matthew 20:25-28, “But Jesus called them to Himself and said,“You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, andthose who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall notbe so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you,let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first amongyou, let him be your slave just as the Son of man did not come tobe served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” God called His Son to die in order to gain an eternal positionwith Him in Heaven. He died to gain. He told His disciples, “I goto prepare a place for you in my Fathers’ house where there aremany mansions.” Jesus is on an assignment right now for you andI. He is interceding our case before the Lord. You were called toserve Christ. He does not require that we return His favor. Yet youshould at least show Him that you are grateful for how He hasserved you and you should serve Him. How can you serve the
  67. 67. Author, Prophetess Deniece Senter 67______________________________________________________Lord? You can serve Him by following His commandments, andby studying His teachings and following Him. In this next phase I will explain to you in detail my calling. Asyou read mine, I pray you will find yours. The Call As my life progressed with pain and tribulations, I rememberasking God, “Why me?” I began to ask Him questions. If He wasmy friend then why did I have to suffer so much rejection? Whydid He take my grandmother? Why did my birth mother walk outon us? Why do I have to believe in the Jehovah Witness faith?And why did He allow me to know the truth and not be able toshare it with others? My mind was full of confusions; I had no oneto turn to. God would always answer, “It’s all for a purpose my child, youwill understand more later.” I wanted to understand now; I didn’twant to wait until later. But God would say, “Be patient, goodthings come to those who wait.” I felt like I didn’t have a way out. I felt as if I couldn’t turn tothe left or right. No one understood me. I buried my head in mybooks and became a straight “A” student. One day when I receivedmy report card I ran all the way home and rushed through thedoors to show off my success; instead I got disappointed. My parents said, “Neicy, don’t get caught up in worldlypossessions, only the kingdom of God will last.” Although theirstatement was true, I felt like my achievements weren’t
  68. 68. 68 Frozen Dreams______________________________________________________appreciated. To me this was not the time for religious paranoia.All I wanted my parents to say was, “Well done.” Instead I tookmy grades and placed them back in my pocket and went in mybedroom and cried all evening. In the eighth grade and excited about graduation, I couldn’t waitfor my turn to walk across the stage. We practiced our graduationceremony for weeks. Everyone was discussing their plans for highschool. Girls were talking about dating and wearing makeup. Onthe other hand, I would always talk about schoolwork or what newclasses I wanted to attend. Yes, my friends, as much as I hate toadmit it, I was a nerd, a bookworm, as this was my only outlet orcontact with the “real world.” Graduation day came and went. Thesummer had passed, it was now time for me to enter into thisunknown world called high school. But just as I was gettingenrolled into this new high school atmosphere, my dad rushed intothe office. “I’m sorry sir, but she won’t be attending this school,you’ll have to un-enroll her.” “Why dad?” I shouted. “What’s going on? I want to go here,please daddy let me stay.” “I’m sorry honey, but we’re moving back to Chicago,” heanswered. “What? But dad, I’ve worked so hard to attend this school.” “Iknow honey, but things took a turn for the worse. I lost my job, wehave no other choice.” It felt as if a thousand bricks fell on me atonce. I hung my head down and walked out of the school with mydad. What’s the point of trying to get somewhere only to getdisappointed again? From that day forward I hated my life. At the